Thursday, May 23, 2013

Imp Inforamtion for Formation of Various Councils......inf. by Ashok Hindocha M -94262-54999

UNITED FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS BSNL EMPLOYEES UNION TELECOM EMPLOYEES PROGRESSIVE UNION BSNL MAZDOOR SANGH (BTEF) NATIONAL FEDERATION OF TELECOM BSNL EMPLOYEES FEDERATION OF NATIONAL TELECOM ORGANISATION BSNL EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION SC/ST EMPLOYEES WELFARE ASSOCIATION OF BSNL Agreement between the affiliates of United Forum for the VI Membership Verification In order to serve the best iinterests of the BSNL and iits workers and to promote the iindustriiall rellatiions iin BSNL, the under mentiioned uniions agree to contiinue the alllliiance to face the Siixth Membershiip Veriifiicatiion joiintlly and to become successfull. The alllliiance agreement iis as follllows: 1) The name of the alllliiance contiinues as, “Uniited Forum of BSNL Uniions”. Accordiinglly, the members of the alllliiance uniions / Associiatiions shallll vote iin the name of “BSNL Emplloyees Uniion” iin the ellectiion symboll of “Cellll Phone” iin Sll. No.9. 2) A Common Miiniimum Programme and Joiint campaiign wiillll be fiinalliized and iimpllemented. 3) The Natiionall Steeriing Commiittee of Uniited Forum wiillll contiinue wiith Generall Secretariies / Nomiinees of allll alllliiance uniions for allll iissues connected wiith the veriifiicatiion as allso post veriifiicatiion siituatiion. 4) In viiew of the changed Recogniitiion Rulles and consequent reductiion of seats for BSNLEU iin the Counciills, iit iis agreed that alllliiance partners wiillll be proviided wiith Natiionall Counciill as follllows: ( TEPU: 1 ) ( BSNLMS: 1 ) ( SEWA BSNL: 1 ) ( NFTBE: 1 ) ( FNTOBEA wiillll be giiven seats iin those ciirclles where they are present. ) 5) The shariing of seats at ciirclle and Locall llevells wiillll be regullated as follllows: a. Wherever the Ciirclle Branch of any alllliiance uniion exiists before veriifiicatiion and partiiciipates iin the veriifiicatiion joiintlly, miiniimum one seat wiillll be allllotted. If a Ciirclle Branch iis formed after veriifiicatiion allso, one miiniimum seat wiillll be allllotted. More seats can be allllotted based on proportiionate membershiip. b. If a formall uniion wiith a miiniimum of ten members iis exiistiing / formed iin a Diistriict, miiniimum one seat wiillll be allllotted. More seats can be allllotted based on proportiionate membershiip. c. Nomiinatiion at allll llevells of the counciills iis to be furniished by Generall Secretariies concerned to Generall Secretary, BSNLEU, wiithiin one month of the resullts. Generall Secretary, BSNLEU, wiillll nomiinate the names to Management at allll llevells. 6) There shoulld not be any flloor crossiing. No counciill seats shoulld be allllotted to any member who have crossed flloor from one alllliiance uniion to another tiillll next veriifiicatiion. 7) Allll efforts shoulld be made to get miiniimum Trade Uniion faciilliitiies to allll regiistered uniions. 8) Allll alllliiance partners shoulld make siincere efforts for success iin the veriifiicatiion and ensure cordiiall and coordiinated functiioniing. V.A.N. Namboodiri P. Abhimanyu R.Venkataraman Suresh Kumar Convener General Secretary General Secretary General Secretary BSNLEU BSNLEU TEPU BSNLMS (BTEF) R. Raveendran R.K. Kohli P. Andiappan General Secretary Secretary General General Secretary SEWA BSNL NFTBE FNTOBEA New Delhi 18.03.2013 M -94262-01999

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