Saturday, February 4, 2012

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6th Punjab Circle Conference of BSNLEU  
[04.02.2012]Minutes of the meeting held on 03.02.2012 regarding 28th February strike <>
[03.02.2012]Non-Executive Unions / Associations of BSNL decide to successfully conduct February 28th strike <>
[02.02.2012]Corporate Office letter on holding of LDCE for TTA under 40% quota for the recruitment year 2011 <>
[02.02.2012]National Council meeting to take place on 27.02.2012
The 26th meeting of the National Council will take place on 27.02.2012. As a prelude to this, the pre-National Council Staff Side Meeting will take place on 26.02.2012. All National Council members are requested to make note of this. 

[02.02.2012]Date of the meeting of the Designations Committee changed
Due to administrative reasons the date of the meeting of the Designations Committee has been changed from 09.02.2012 to 15.02.2012. All Designation Committee members are requested to make note of this.

[02.02.2012]Building Fund received 
Raigad SSA (Souvenir) Raigad Maharashtra 51000
Bijapur SSA (Souvenir) Bijapur Karnataka 10000
Gulbarga (Souvenir) Gulbarga Karnataka 5000
Ahmednagar SSA (Souvenir) Ahmednagar Maharashtra 5000
Com. M.B. Lad, Circle Vice President, Gujarat Gujarat Gujarat 1111
[02.02.2012]2G - Historical verdict of Supreme Court - JAC press release <>
[02.02.2012]Supreme Court cancels all the 122 2G licenses granted by A. Raja – A major blow to the UPA govt.
In a major blow to the UPA government, the Supreme Court has ordered cancellation of all the 122 2G licenses issued by A. Raja, in January, 2008. The Supreme Court has observed that the licenses were granted in “arbitrary and unconstitutional” manner. The Court has asked the TRAI to recommend a new process of allocation of licenses, along with guidelines for auctioning the spectrum. The Supreme Court has left it to the trial court to decide, whether P. Chindambaram should be investigated by the CBI or not.

[02.02.2012]BSNLEU does not believe in mudslinging.
BSNLEU is for greater unity. But it does not mean that it should allow false propaganda. When a picture is painted that workers are leaving BSNLEU in big number, it is our right to expose the false propaganda. BSNLEU never believes in mudslinging and character assassination. The leadership of NFTE should make a self introspection, as to who is indulging is mudslinging and character assassination, and should come forward to correct them.

[01.02.2012]Maharashtra Circle Executive Committee meeting <>
[01.02.2012]Telephone Subscribers' Base in India for the month of Dec' 2011<>
[31.01.2012]Conciliation meeting with CLC
Conciliation meeting, called on by the Chief Labour Commissioner, took place today. The JAC leader, including Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU and Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, Convener, JAC, participated in the meeting. However, shortly after the meeting started, the CLC had to leave, due to unavoidable circumstance. Hence, the meeting is postponed to 01-03-2012.
[31.01.2012]Tall claims of new members.
NFTE, in it’s website updating on 19-01-2012, has claimed that 194 new members have joined that union at Indore, in Madya Pradesh. Now, subscription deduction has taken place from the salary for the month of January, 2012. Subscription has been deducted from the salary of only 120 employees in favour of NFTE at Indore. At the same time subscription has been deducted from the salary of 574 employees in favour of BSNLEU. If 194 new members have joined NFTE in the month of January, then why subscription has been deducted only from 120 members?

[31.01.2012]Size of the govt. employees: Myth and the truth <>
[30.01.2012]Conciliatory meeting with Chief Labour Commissioner tomorrow 
The Chief Labour Commissioner will hold a conciliatory meeting tomorrow, the 31.01.2012, between the JAC, BSNL management and the DOT. This meeting is the continuation of the one held on 22nd December, 2011. The issues contained in the Charter of Demands of the JAC, for the 15th December, 2011 strike, will come up for discussion in the meeting. M-094051 45990

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