Thursday, August 18, 2011

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The Communist Party of India condemns the preemptive arrest of Sri Anna Hazare, this morning. It is illegal and undemocratic. One may differ with him. But every body agrees that there is a need for a strong Lokpal Bill to curb corruption, and to include the Prime Minister under the Lokpal Act. Corruption is on raise in political bureaucratic, corporate level in an alarming way in the country. People are justifiably angry and demand firm action to curb corruption. Like anybody else Anna Hazare has got right to protest. Powerful people’s movement along with Left and Democratic forces is needed to get effective Lokpal Act passed in the Parliament.

Instead of starting discussions with Sri Anna, Congress started attacking him, targeting his personality and integrity, which is totally unjustified. It shows the panic and bankruptcy of Congress politics.

Communist Party of India is relentlessly fighting against corruption and black money and will continue its struggle on this issue inside the parliament and out side.

Communist Party of India demands Anna’s immediate release.

CPI calls upon the Party units and people to protest the undemocratic actions of Government on 17th August.


Arrest of Anna Hazare Condemned

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) condemns the arrest of Anna Hazare and the ban on the hunger strike in Delhi. This is an attack on the democratic rights of citizens to protest peacefully. It shows how the Congress leadership is intolerant to any anti-corruption movement as their government is itself steeped in high-level corruption.

The Polit Bureau reiterates that the official Lok Pal Bill presented in parliament is weak and inadequate. A strong popular movement has to be built up to ensure that an effective legislation is adopted by parliament.


BJP tore into Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's statement over Anna Hazare's arrest saying UPA government's restrictions on public protests were unheard of even during the British period and demanded "bold decisions" to tackle corruption.
Terming the statement as "disappointing" and "not inspiring confidence", Leader of the Opposition Arun Jaitley said in Rajya Sabha that the country was exasperated with the government and the level of corruption in UPA's rule and hence people were protesting in streets.
Jaitley said the problem with the government is there are too many lawyers advising the Prime Minister and nobody understands that political problems have to be solved politically and not by police.
"Do you even recollect from British regime when these kinds of restrictions were imposed on freedom fighters and cannot impose such unnecessary conditions," Jaitley said denouncing the 22 restrictions by the Delhi police on Hazare's protest fast.
The BJP leader was critical of conditions like limiting the number of people attending the protest, its duration and the number of vehicles at the protest site.

 On Lokpal Bill  
The Lokpal Bill has become a controversial issue with UPA-II insisting to keep the prime minister out of its purview, while Anna Hazare and his team keep insisting to include the PM, as well as judiciary and Parliament members’ activities inside Parliament within its ambit.

Communist Party of India is for the inclusion of PM in the purview of Lokpal Bill. This may create some inconvenience and embarrassment to PM at times. But now with so many allegations on PMO and PM on their omissions and commissions, it is better to have the PM under Lokpal. But Judiciary should be under Judiciary Accountability Act. Parliament is the supreme body of Indian democracy and it has got its own mechanism to check and settle the corruption charges of MPs. Lok Pal should not be an extra-Constitutional authority. The threat of Anna Hazare for indefinite fast from August 16 has to be viewed in this perspective in mind. We certainly need a strong, powerful Lokpal Bill but there should be some flexibility on both sides. All powers should not be vested with a single body.

Lokpal alone is not going to eradicate corruption. There should be strong will on the part of the government to curb it. Morals should be restored in our Executive, Judiciary and Legislature.   (Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy  DY GS CPI)

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