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Recognised Union in BSNL

(Regiistered Under IIndiian Trade Uniion Act 1926.. Regn..No..4896)

CHQ:Dada Ghosh Bhawan,, Opp.. Shadiipur Bus Depot..,, New Dellhii – 110008

Emaiill:,, websiite:

P.. Abhiimanyu Phone:: ((O)) 011--25705385

Generall Secrettary Fax:: 011-- 25894862

BSNLEU/124 ((UF)) 28..06..2011


Shrii A..K.. Garg,,

Diirector ((HR)),, BSNL,,

Bharat Sanchar Bhawan,,

Janpath,, New Dellhii – 110 001

Sub:: Submiissiion off memorandum on some off the pressiing iissues off the emplloyees – reg..


II am encllosiing herewiith a memorandum on some off the pressiing iissues off the emplloyees.. The

Natiionall Steeriing Commiittee off the Uniited Forum,, whiich helld iit’’s meetiing on 25..06..2011,, has

expressed concern over the iinordiinate dellay iin the settllement off some off the pressiing iissues off the

emplloyees.. The meetiing has giiven diirectiion to submiit a memorandum off such iissues to the

management.. The meetiing has allso deciided to resort to trade uniion actiions,, iiff the iissues are not

settlled wiithiin a reasonablle tiime..

Thankiing you,,

Yours siincerelly,,


Generall Secretary

Encll:: AA

Memorandum submiitted to the Diirector (HR),, BSNL,, on some of

the pressiing iissues of the emplloyees

(1) Voluntary Retirement Scheme

IItt iis llearrntt tthatt BSNL has sentt a VRS prroposall fforr tthe apprrovall off tthe DoT.. BSNLEU and tthe

Uniitted Forrum sttrronglly oppose tthe iinttrroducttiion off any VRS iin BSNL.. The arrgumentt tthatt BSNL

has gone iintto lloss because off tthe huge wage biillll off tthe emplloyees iis unttenablle.. We wiish tto

poiintt outt tthatt iitt was wiitth tthe same numberr off emplloyees,, BSNL earrned Rs..10,,000 crrorre prroffiitt

iin 2004--05.. We allso wiish tto poiintt outt tthatt iitt was tthe wrrong polliiciies off tthe govtt.. tthatt has putt

BSNL iintto ttoday’’s miiserrablle condiittiion.. When morre tthan 10,,000 emplloyees arre rrettiirriing everry

yearr,, absolluttelly ttherre iis no necessiitty tto brriing iin a VRS.. The ffactt tthatt VRS coulld nott sallvage

MTNL ffrrom iitt’’s crriisiis shoulld serrve as an eye--openerr fforr tthose who wantt VRS iin BSNL..

Hence,, we urrge upon tthe BSNL managementt and DoT tto giive up tthe pllan tto iinttrroduce VRS

iin BSNL..

(2) Productivity Linked Incentive

The emplloyees who arre worrkiing iin BSNL have been gettttiing PLII allmostt fforr tthe pastt 30 yearrs..

Forr tthe ffiirrstt ttiime,, tthey werre deniied PLII iin 2010.. PLII paymentt was deniied on tthe pllea tthatt

BSNL diid nott earrn any prroffiitt iin 2009--10.. The emplloyees arre verry much diisappoiintted due tto

tthe non--paymentt off PLII.. IIn no way tthe emplloyees arre rresponsiiblle fforr tthe ffiinanciiall crriisiis

ffaced by BSNL.. IItt iis tthe wrrong polliiciies off tthe govtt.. and tthe iineffffiiciiency off tthe managementt

tthatt have lled BSNL iintto lloss.. Hence,, a new PLII fforrmulla shoulld be evollved so tthatt tthe

emplloyees gett PLII,, iirrrrespecttiive off tthe ffactt tthatt tthe company earrns prroffiitt orr nott..

(3) Provision of SC/ST reservation in Non-Executive Employees Promotion

Policy and conducting a drive to fill up the SC/ST back log vacancies

((ii)) BSNL has iinttrroduced tthe Non--Executtiive Emplloyees Prromottiion Polliicy,, viide

7//2008--TE IIII datted 23..03..2010.. As perr parra 6..2 off tthe polliicy,, tthe prroviisiions rrellattiing tto

applliicattiion off rroastterrs arre nott applliicablle.. Howeverr,, as a concessiion tto tthe SC//ST

emplloyees,, onlly tthe grradiing crriitterriia have been rrellaxed,, iin comparriison tto tthe OC

emplloyees.. Thiis has nott giiven rrelliieff tto tthe SC//ST emplloyees.. Hence,, we demand tthatt

tthe prroviisiions rrellattiing tto tthe applliicattiion off rroastterrs shoulld be made applliicablle iin tthe

Non--Executtiive Prromottiion Polliicy..

((iiii)) Postts meantt fforr tthe SC//ST emplloyees arre llyiing unffiilllled iin varriious Non--Executtiive cadrres..

We rrequestt tthatt tthe managementt shoulld conductt a speciiall drriive tto ffiillll up tthose back--llog


(4) Implementation of DPE OM dated 02.04.2009 regarding increasing fitment

benefit from 68.8% to 78.2% w.e.f. 01.01.2007

The DPE has iissued orrderr,, viide iitt’’s OM datted 02..04..2009 fforr merrgerr off 78..2% IIDA,, w..e..ff..

01..01..2007.. IItt has been iimpllementted iin ottherr PSUs.. Butt iin BSNL wage rreviisiion has been

done by merrgiing 68..8% IIDA onlly.. Thiis iis viiollattiion off tthe DPE orrderr.. The emplloyees arre putt

tto much lloss due tto non--iimpllementtattiion off tthe saiid DPE orrderr.. On many occasiions ourr uniion

has rraiised tthiis iissue,, howeverr iitt rremaiins unsettttlled.. Hence,, merrgerr off 78..2% IIDA,, w..e..ff..

01..01..2007 may be done..

(5) Introduction of NE 12 pay scale

As perr tthe Non--Executtiive Prromottiion Polliicy agrreementt siigned on 30..10..2008,, NE--12 pay

scalle iis tto be iinttrroduced fforr tthe ttiime bound upgrradattiion off tthe offffiiciialls iin tthe NE--11 pay

scalle.. Afftterr prrollonged dellay,, tthe BSNL CO,, viide iitt’’s lletttterr no..BSNL//39--3//SR//2006//Voll--IIIIII

datted 08..09..2010 has prroposed tthe pay scalle off NE--12 scalle Rs..16380--30640 fforr NE--12

scalle.. BSNLEU,, viide iitt’’s lletttterr no..BSNLEU//506 ((NEPP)) datted 10..10..2010,, demanded tthe

scalle off Rs..16390--40490 as NE--12 scalle.. IIn tthe diiscussiion helld bettween tthe uniion and tthe

managementt,, on 22..06..2011,, an underrsttandiing has been rreached tthatt tthe NE--12 scalle shallll

be Rs..16390--33830.. The uniion has allso demanded tthatt tthiis pay scalle shoulld be made

effffecttiive ffrrom 01..01..2007,, ii..e.. tthe datte ffrrom whiich rreviised pay scalles arre iimpllementted iin

BSNL.. IItt iis rrequestted tthatt BSNL shoulld apprrove tthiis scalle wiitthoutt ffurrttherr dellay..

(6) The BSNL CO implemented the NEPP w.e.f. 23.03.2010. However, in the

order issued by BSNL, many conditionalities which were not accepted by

the union have been inserted. These conditionalities are creating hardships

to the employees. Hence, we have sought the following modifications which

have already been discussed with the management on a number of

occasions. But no improvement has come.

((a)) Postt based promottiion on 1--10--2000:: Prromottiion polliicy agrreementt,, viide parra 8 says ““afftterr

1--10--2000 and befforre nottiiffiicattiion off tthiis polliicy”” and nott ““on orr afftterr 1--10--2000 and befforre

nottiiffiicattiion off tthiis polliicy”” and tthe same was menttiioned iin parra 6..4 off tthe prromottiion polliicy

orrderr datted 23--3--2010 whiich says ““afftterr 1--10--2000 and befforre nottiiffiicattiion off tthiis polliicy””,, and

nott ““on orr afftterr 1--10--2000 and befforre nottiiffiicattiion off tthiis polliicy””.. Therrefforre any postt based

prromottiion orr ttiime bound prromottiion giiven on 1--10--2000 shoulld nott be countted as prromottiion

underr NEPP and allll such offffiiciialls shoulld be grrantted ffiirrstt NEPP on 1--10--2004..

((b)) Postt based promottiion afftter 1--10--2000 and beffore 1--10--2004:: IIn tthe prromottiion Polliicy

agrreementt no wherre has tthe uniion agrreed fforr counttiing postt based prromottiion as NEPP

prromottiion.. IIn tthe phrrase ““OTBP//BCR//Grrade--IIV//ACP ettc..,,”” iin tthe agrreementt tthe worrd ““ettc””

does nott giive any scope fforr iinclludiing postt based prromottiion fforr counttiing agaiinstt prromottiion

underr NEPP.. IItt means any prromottiion off ttiime bound natturre jjustt lliike OTBP//BCR //ACP ettc.. No

wherre iin tthe agrreementt iitt was menttiioned tto ttrreatt postt based prromottiion as parrtt off NEPP.. IIn

case tthe postt based prromottiion has tto be ttrreatted as NEPP prromottiion,, tthen,, as perr tthe

prroviisiions off tthe Agrreementt as wellll as tthe Orrderr on NEPP,, tthe offffiiciiall shoulld have tthe opttiion

tto fforrgo such prromottiion he gott iin orrderr tto gett hiis ffiirrstt prromottiion as perr NEPP on 1--10--2004..

Butt tthiis iis nott possiiblle siince postt based prromottiion cannott be surrrrenderred.. Hence postt based

prromottiion shoulld nott be ttrreatted on tthe same ffoottiing as tthatt off OTBP//BCR//ACP.. Therrefforre

fforr tthe offffiiciiall who gott postt based prromottiion afftterr 1--10--2000 and befforre 1--10--2004 shoulld be

giiven hiis ffiirrstt prromottiion underr NEPP,, ffourr yearrs afftterr such postt based prromottiion..

As perr tthe cllarriiffiicattiions iissued iin case off tthe prromottiion polliicy fforr executtiives,, viide BSNL No..

400--29//2007--Perrs--II dtt 30--5--2007 iitt was cllarriiffiied tthatt iin case off tthe executtiives who avaiilled postt

based prromottiion on 1--10--2004 orr befforre,, tthe ffiirrstt up grradattiion elliigiibiilliitty shoulld be detterrmiined as

perr tthe prroviisiions conttaiined iin Parra 1..0((ii))((b))((3..1)) off tthe Prromottiion Polliicy orrderr off tthe executtiives

as perr whiich tthe ffiirrstt up grradattiion woulld be due fforr consiiderrattiion on compllettiion off ffourr yearrs off

serrviice iin tthe currrrentt IIDA scalle ii..e..,, iin tthe scalle off tthe postt tto whiich tthe executtiive gott prromottiion

on 1--10--2004 orr befforre.. Therrefforre fforr non--executtiives allso tthiis same rrulle has tto be applliied and

tthose who gott postt based prromottiion on orr befforre 1--10--2004 shoulld be giiven ffiirrstt up grradattiion on

compllettiion off 4 yearrs serrviice iin tthe prromotted postt’’s pay scalle..

((c)) Postt based promottiion ffrom 1--10--2004 tto 23--3--2010 :: The offffiiciiall shoulld be giiven hiis ffiirrstt

up--grradattiion as perr NEPP on 1--10--2004 iin case he diid nott gett any prromottiion underr

OTBP//BCR//GR--IIV//ACP afftterr 1--10--2000 and befforre 1--10--2004.. On compllettiion off tthe

prrescrriibed rresiidency perriiod iin tthe currrrentt pay scalle afftterr such postt based prromottiion,, he has

tto be giiven second up--grradattiion as perr NEPP.. Had tthe orrderrs fforr NEPP werre iissued allong

wiitth tthe orrderrs fforr converrsiion ffrrom CDA scalles tto IIDA scalles w..e..ff 1--10--2000,, tthese offffiiciialls

woulld have gott NEPP prromottiion on 1--10--2004 and ttherreafftterr tthey woulld have gott ttheiirr postt

based prromottiion.. Morreoverr,, grranttiing NEPP on 1--10--2004 fforr tthose who gott postt based

prromottiion on 24--3--2010 and denyiing tthe same tto tthose who gott postt based prromottiion on 23--

3--2010 wiillll be iirrrrattiionall.. IItt iis allso tto be notted tthatt tthe BSNL iissued cllarriiffiicattiion No.. 3 viide iitts

ciirrcullarr No.. 13--2//2010--TE datted 6--1--2011 as perr whiich iin tthe case off tthe offffiiciiall who gott

prromottiion underr OTBP//BCR//Grrade--IIV//ACP ettc bettween 1--10--2000 and 30--9--2004 and gott

postt based prromottiion on orr afftterr 1--10--2004,, tthe OTBP//BCR//Grrade--IIV//ACP ettc prromottiion

avaiilled befforre 30--9--2004 iis tto be ttrreatted as ffiirrstt up grradattiion and tthe postt based prromottiion

on orr afftterr 1--10--2004 iis tto be ttrreatted as second up grradattiion underr NEPP.. On siimiillarr

grrounds tthe offffiiciiall who gott postt based prromottiion on orr afftterr 1--10--2004 has tto be giiven ffiirrstt

up grradattiion on 1--10--2004 underr NEPP iin case he diid nott gett any up grradattiion afftterr 1--10--

2000 and befforre 1--10--2004..

(7) Conversion of LDC TA to TOA and subsequent promotion to Sr. TOA

The LDC TA converrtted tto TOA on 1--7--2004 and prromotted tto Srr..TOA iin 2007 have nott

complletted tthe qualliiffyiing serrviice prrescrriibed iin NEPP fforr ttiime bound up--grradattiion,, iin any pay

scalle.. The converrsiion tto TOA and tthe prromottiion tto Srr..TOA cannott be accountted agaiinstt

OTBP//BCR//GR--IIV//ACP ettc as dettaiilled above,, and hence shoulld nott be countted as ttiime

bound up--grradattiion as perr NEPP.. Hence tthey shoulld be giiven ffiirrstt up--grradattiion underr NEPP

on compllettiion off prrescrriibed qualliiffyiing serrviice off 4 yearrs ((siince allll off tthem arre DoT rrecrruiitted))

afftterr Srr.. TOA prromottiion..

(8) Upgradation of Driver’s pay scale on account of change in RRs not to be

counted as NEPP promotion.

The drriiverrs’’ pay scalle was upgrraded ffrrom 3050--4590 tto 3200--4900 as perr tthe rreviised RRs,,

wiitth effffectt ffrrom 28--1--2002 and allll tthe Drriiverrs iin tthe orrdiinarry grrade werre pllaced iin tthiis

upgrraded scalle.. No agrreementt iis ttherre bettween managementt and uniion tto countt such

pllacementt on accountt off change iin RRs as tthe ffiirrstt up grradattiion underr NEPP.. IItt cannott be

ttrreatted as ttiime bound up grradattiion.. Therrefforre allll such drriiverrs shoulld be giiven ttheiirr ffiirrstt up

grradattiion underr NEPP ffourr yearrs afftterr such pllacementt ii..e on 28--1--2006.. ((Thiis poiintt was nott

diiscussed iin tthe meettiing helld on 26--4--2011.. We arre now submiittttiing fforr consiiderrattiion..))

(9) The extra increment granted in lieu of Grade IV promotion, one year before

retirement, should not be denied in case of the officials who wish to

continue in the OTBP, BCR and Grade IV.

Siince tthiis one iincrrementt iis parrtt and parrcell off tthe OTBP,, BCR and Grrade IIV Scheme,, and

DoT acceptted iitt and grrantted pensiion on iitt,, iitt cannott be deniied,, iiff an offffiiciiall optts tto conttiinue

iin tthe scheme.. The agrreementt diid nott prroviide fforr such wiitthdrrawall and any exiisttiing prriiviillege

cannott be wiitthdrrawn uniillatterralllly.. IItt iis rrequestted tto conttiinue tthe iincrrementt fforr such offffiiciialls

and allso one morre chance tto change opttiion fforr tthe elliigiiblle offffiiciialls afftterr accepttiing fforr

conttiinuattiion off tthiis iincrrementt..

(10) Upgradation of TTA pay scale on 1-10-2000

The pay scalle off TTA cadrre was upgrraded ffrrom NE--8 tto NE--9 w..e..ff 1--10--2000 as perr tthe

earrlliierr deciisiion off tthe DoT.. Thiis pay scalle rreviisiion off tthe TTA cadrre does nott ffallll wiitthiin tthe

cattegorry off ““ttiime bound up grradattiion off pay scalle””.. Hence,, tthiis pay scalle rreviisiion off TTA

cadrre w..e..ff.. 01..10..2000,, shoulld nott be ttrreatted as a parrtt off tthe NEPP.. The prromottiion polliicy

agrreementt as wellll as tthe orrderr iissued on iitt on 23--3--2010 prroviide fforr counttiing

OTBP//BCR//Grrade--IIV//ACP ettc as ffiirrstt up grradattiion underr NEPP iiff iitt iis giiven ““afftterr”” 1--10--

2000 and nott ““on 1--10--2000”” ((see parra 8 off tthe prromottiion polliicy agrreementt and parra 6..4 off

tthe NEPP orrderr datted 23--3--2010)).. Therrefforre tthiis cllarriiffiicattiion fforr counttiing TTA pay scalle up

grradattiion on 1--10--2000 as ffiirrstt NEPP iis viiollattiion off tthe Agrreementt on NEPP and allso

viiollattiion off tthe orrderr iissued on iitt on 23--3--2010.. Hence tthiis up grradattiion as wellll as any up

grradattiion on 1--10--2000 shoulld nott be countted as ffiirrstt up grradattiion underr NEPP..

(11) TSM regularized as RM on 1-10-2000

Siince tthey arre ttrreatted as Goverrnmentt emplloyees and arre grrantted Goverrnmentt pensiion and

GPF,, fforr prromottiion purrposes underr NEPP allso tthey arre tto be ttrreatted as Goverrnmentt

emplloyees onlly.. Morreoverr ttheiirr TSM serrviice was countted fforr iincrrementts whiille ffiixiing ttheiirr

pay on appoiinttmentt as RM and tthey werre grrantted EL durriing TSM serrviice whiich was ttaken

iintto accountt even afftterr appoiinttmentt as RM.. The counttiing off TSM serrviice fforr iincrrementt,, GPF,,

lleave and pensiion cllearrlly esttablliish tthatt tthey have perrfforrmed dutty iin DoT and hence arre tto

be ttrreatted as DoT appoiinttees onlly.. Thiis iis conffiirrmed by DoT iittsellff.. The DoT Orrderr No.. 22--

2//2006--SNG datted 20--10--2006 confferrrriing elliigiibiilliitty fforr tthese offffiiciialls fforr Prresiidenttiiall Orrderrs

cllearrlly menttiioned,, ““IItt iis ffurrttherr cllarriiffiied tthatt iin rrespectt off tthose Casuall Labourrerrs who werre

nott haviing TSM sttattus as on 30--9--2000 and who have been rregullarriized iin BSNL afftterr 1--10--

2000,, ttheiirr sttattus wiillll be off a PSU appoiinttee and ttherrefforre no Prresiidenttiiall Orrderrs need be

iissued iin such cases..”” The iimplliicattiion iis tthatt tthe TSMs rregullarriized as RM on 1--10--2000 arre

nott PSU appoiinttees and hence arre DoT appoiinttees and tthe casuall llabourrerrs rregullarriized as

RM on 1--10--2000 arre PSU appoiinttees.. Therrefforre,, siince tthe TSM rregullarriized as RM on 1--10--

2000 iis DoT appoiinttee,, he has tto be giiven ffiirrstt upgrradattiion underr NEPP on 1--10--2004,, on

compllettiion off 4 yearrs serrviice iin BSNL..

(12) When the official forgoes promotion he got to a higher scale as per the

earlier scheme in order to get promotion under NEPP, as a special case the

NEPP promotion be given to the same higher scale he got earlier.

As perr parra 6..4 off tthe NEPP,, iiff an offffiiciiall who had allrready avaiilled up grradattiion underr

OTBP//BCR//Grrade--IIV//ACP,, afftterr 01..10..2000 and befforre nottiiffiicattiion off NEPP,, wiishes tto optt

fforr ffiirrstt up grradattiion underr NEPP,, tthen he//she has tto fforrego tthe up grradattiion allrready avaiilled

underr OTBP//BCR//Grrade IIV//ACP.. As perr tthiis prroviisiion iiff a Srr..TOA who has allrready avaiilled

OTBP afftterr 01..10..2004 wiishes tto optt fforr NEPP,, tthen he//she has tto fforrego tthe 7100--10100

scalle and wiillll be pllaced iin tthe 5700--8100 scalle.. Subsequenttlly,, he//she wiillll be prromotted tto

6550--9325 scalle.. Ullttiimattelly,, iin tthiis way tthe offffiiciiall iis acttualllly ffaciing demottiion ffrrom 7100--

10100 scalle tto 6550--9325 scalle.. Thiis iis a rrarre case arriisiing outt off tthe above narrrratted

siittuattiion.. You wiillll agrree tthatt such a demottiion orr rreverrsiion tto a llowerr scalle shoulld nott happen

wiitthoutt a dully giiven puniishmentt orrderr.. Hence iitt iis rrequestted tthatt iin tthiis case tthe 7100--10100

scalle off tthe Srr..TOA shoulld be prrottectted,, even iiff he//she optts fforr NEPP..

(13) Extra Increment granted in lieu of Grade-4 promotion after reaching the

maximum of the pay scale

Varriious CCA offffiices have soughtt cllarriiffiicattiions ffrrom DoT askiing whettherr tthe exttrra iincrrementt

tto be grrantted iin lliieu off Grrade--4 prromottiion iis admiissiiblle fforr tthe offffiiciialls who rreached

maxiimum off tthe pay scalle//allrready drrawn sttagnattiion iincrrementt afftterr rreachiing tthe maxiimum

off tthe pay scalle and allso whettherr afftterr tthiis grrantt off exttrra iincrrementt afftterr rreachiing maxiimum

off tthe pay scalle,, ffurrttherr annuall iincrrementt iis admiissiiblle.. IItt iis underrsttood tthatt tthe DoT rrefferrrred

tthiis matttterr tto BSNL fforr iitts viiew,, siince tthe grrantt off exttrra iincrrementt iis a scheme off BSNL..

IIn tthiis connecttiion iitt iis submiitttted tthatt tthiis exttrra iincrrementt beneffiitt iis allllowed tto tthose offffiiciialls

who do nott gett Grrade--IIV prromottiion,, keepiing iin viiew ttheiirr llong yearrs off good serrviice,, afftterr

jjudgmentt off tthe ffiittness off tthe offffiiciiall by a scrreeniing commiittttee and allso tthe cllaiim iis nott

allllowed on any ottherr grround exceptt keepiing iin viiew off tthe llong yearrs off good serrviice off tthe


Siince iitt iis grrantted as a speciiall case keepiing iin viiew tthe llong yearrs off good serrviice rrenderred

by tthe offffiiciiall and afftterr jjudgmentt off ffiittness by scrreeniing commiittttee,, and siince iitt iis nott any

annuall iincrrementt tto be sttopped afftterr rreachiing tthe maxiimum off tthe pay scalle and ttherreafftterr

tto be grrantted biienniialllly,, iitt has tto be grrantted even afftterr rreachiing maxiimum off tthe pay scalle//

afftterr gettttiing tthe sttagnattiion iincrrementt and siince iitt has tto be grrantted wiitthoutt any lliink tto

sttagnattiion,, tthe sttagnattiion iincrrementt has tto be giiven as perr prrocedurre tto such offffiiciialls even iiff

tthey gett tthiis exttrra iincrrementt afftterr rreachiing tthe maxiimum off tthe pay scalle.. Any ottherr viiew wiillll

be conttrradiicttiing tthe muttualllly agrreed prriinciiplle off grranttiing tthiis iincrrementt iin viiew off tthe llong

yearrs off good serrviice rrenderred by tthe offffiiciialls concerrned..

Therrefforre iitt iis necessarry tto upholld tthiis muttualllly agrreed and iimpllementted prriinciiplle and save

tthiis exttrra iincrrementt grrantted tto allll tthe concerrned offffiiciialls.. The BSNL managementt iis

rrequestted tto upholld tthiis iincrrementt grrantted afftterr rreachiing maxiimum off tthe pay scalle and tto

send a posiittiive viiew tto DoT fforr iitts conttiinuattiion..

******** M-094262 54999

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