Friday, June 3, 2011

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02.06.2011: GS, President and AGS (GD) met Shri A K Jain, Sr.GM (Pers) and discussed the following issues: Shri R S Nair AGS (TEAM), MTNL, Mumbai also attended the meeting.

1. Early settlement of pay anomaly cases of Sr. SDEs / Sr. A.Os / AAO / PS /P.As cases. GS requested for an early settlement of the cases in order to avoid the embarrassment of pay reduction, etc by holding the committee meeting immediately. Sr. G.M.(Pers) assured us that, in consultation with PGM (FP), the committee will hold its meeting in the next week.

2. Inter � circle transfer cases of P.Ss/P.As : GS explained that even though, the inter � circle transfer cases in the cadre of PA / PS are to be regulated by the corporate office, non of the cases are considered so far, inspite of several requests from various circles. Sr. G.M. (Pers.) assured to look into and requested to submit the consolidated list of such requests for its consideration.

3. Common R.R. in the cadre of PA / PS with respect of field units and Corporate office: GS pointed out that inspite of various requests to consider the amalgamation of both the R.R. of PA / PSs, the issue is still pending. GS also informed that this issue is also pending in the agenda items of the meeting held with AIBSNLEA v/s Admn on 14.12.2010. Sr. G.M. (Pers) assured to look into.

4. Creation of the Post of PPS / Sr. PPS in the field units at par with Corporate office. GS demanded the creation of the posts of PPS and Sr. PPS at par with corporate office, as the promotional avenue available to field PSs are �nil�. Sr. G.M. (Pers) assured to examine the creation of PPS posts in the field units.

02.06.2011: GS, President and AGS (GD) met Shri K.C.G.K. Pillai, PGM (FP) and discussed the following issues: Shri R S Nair AGS (TEAM), MTNL, Mumbai also attended the meeting.

1. Restoration of Counting of Residency period in the case of PA/PSs and expediting the committee report . GS explained about the very purpose of introduction of residency period based on the committee report, restructuring of all the cadres viz. JAO/JTO/JE (Civil) / JE (Electrical)/ Arch. / PS / PA and board decision in granting the higher scale with effect from 1.10.2000 counting the residency period for these cadres. It was also explained how, the personnel branch issued a clarificatory order over looking the decision of the BSNL board in granting the residency period and how the PA / PS cadres facing the recovery in lakhs. PGM(F) assured to look into the matter and promised to expedite it.

2. Early settlement of Pay anomaly cases wherein senior Executives are drawing less pay than their juniors and withdrawal of clarification issued on Sr. SDE/Sr. AO time bound promotion. PGM (FP) assured to hold the Committee meeting in the next week to discuss regarding Pay anomaly cases of senior executives drawing less pay than their juniors and withdrawal of clarification issued on Sr. SDE/Sr. AO time bound promotion.

02.06.2011: BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding retirement on superannuation on 31.05.2011 in respect of (i) SDEs (Telecom)/PS (ii) AFS Executives (iii) Executives of DGM/AGM/DE equivalent grade.

01.06.2011: MEETING WITH DIRECTOR(HR),BSNL,CO AT BANGALORE:- Com H Y Andeli, CS,Com M R Nagaraj Pres,Com S Rajasekar ACS and Com Huliraj DS, BGTD met Director (HR),at Bangalore and welcomed him by presenting bouquet to Dir(HR). We have requested him to sanction a special Packages of Money, Material and Men for Karnataka Circle to meet the demand of BSNL services. We have discussed about shortage of Cables, Type-II Modems, Instruments and drop wire etc. We have requested to consider and sanction the proposal of additional 67 posts of DETs based on justification sent to Corporate Office during 2010 as a special case. This will help in retaining SDEs in Karnataka circle on their promotion as DETs. (Memorandum submitted ) .We have discussed about withdrawal of Time Bound Promotion for PAs ,recovery of arrears in lakhs together etc. (Memorandum submitted ) and requested to restore Time Bound Promotion for PAs. Director (HR) assures to look into.

01.06.2011: GS and President met Sr.GM(Per) and discussed:-

a) DPC from SDE(T) to DE Adhoc:-We requested to initiate DPC to fill-up about 1000 vacant DEs Posts on adhoc basis. Sr.GM (Per) assured an early action.

b) DPC from AO to CAO:-We requested to give clearance to hold DPC from AO to CAO to SEA section.Sr.GM mentioned that SEA section has been asked some clarifications and on receipt of the reply case will be sent to competent authority for approval to initiate DPC.

c) Settlement of TF executives grievances:- we requested for early settlement of the pending issues of Telecom factory executives. Sr.GM (Per) mentioned that DPC from SDE(TF) to AGM/DE(TF) is being initiated shortly and action for DPC from JTO to SDE(TF) will also be taken immediately.

31.05.2011: GS and President met Sr.GM (SR) and expressed serious concern against non-settlement of the long pending issues and requested to have follow-up action of the minutes issued for the meeting held on 14-12-2010 with AIBSNLEA. Sr.GM assured to hold internal meeting and thereafter a meeting with AIBSNLEA. M-094051 45990

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