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Demonstartion Throughout Country on 5-4-2011-BSNL-JAC -Decession-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999

kindly see the photograph & details of program-conducted on 5 th April at Lal-Tekri Telephone Exchange Bldg-BHUJ Kutchh

Programe was conducted by BSNLEU-BHUJ Kutchh & Jt.action committee as per direction of CHQ-ND

Demonsration progrramme was held successfully & the News with Photographs published in Kutchh-Mitra News papaer

Gujarat Samachar-Divya Bhasker with detail report & local News chanel also given coverage for the same

Thanks a lot

SUNIL Thakar-Bhupendra Ganatra

& Ashok Hindocha


Attack on job security?

On 22/03/2011 the principal general manager (Corporate planning& Monitoring) has issued a letter to all concerned for compliance to the minutes of 86th meeting of the Board for reconstruction of public sector enterprises (BRPSE) held on 21/12/2010. The said letter indicated the following recommendations of BRPSE meeting held on 21/12/2010.

1. Merger of ITI with BSNL

2. Merger of MTNL & BSNL.

3. VRS plan to rationalize the Man power at employees & management level.

4. Reducing the retirement age to 58 years.

5. Reduction of allowances.

6. Division of activities of BSNL into strategic & Non-strategic categories.

7. Implementation of measures for improving the performances of BSNL as enumerated by the CMD, BSNL on 21/12/2010.

8. Capitalize surplus assets including land & building.

9. Out sourcing the works of the company to reduce the cost for maintenance.

The board meeting of BRPSE held on 21/12/10 was attended by Shri Gopal Dass, CMD, BSNL, Shri R.Wadhwa, Director (CFA) and R.K. Agarwal, Director (CM&E). We all know already a VRS committee has been formed by the management under the chairmanship of the Executive director (Finance) on 01/02/2011. We understood, the said committee is finalizing the recommendations for VRS. As per our information, nearly 79% our employees/executives are above the age of 45 years and nearly 53% employees/executives are above the age of 50 years. The management wants to implement the Sam pitroda committee recommendations for reducing at least one lakh employees immediately.

The management & the govt always cite the private sector telecom company’s which spends only 6% for employee’s salary compared to 42% expenditure in BSNL. They erroneously think that due to the high cost of salary/ allowances the BSNL has come the present difficult position. This is not true. There are various reasons for the reduction of revenue and profit in BSNL. Mainly the policies of govt to pamper the private sector telecom companies at the cost of BSNL/MTNL is the main reasons for the bad financial position of BSNL/MTNL. Instead of correcting the wrong polices, the management/govt trying to reduce the workforce which is nothing but a policy of retrenchment which no union should allow. NFTE BSNL vehemently oppose the policy of CRS in the name of VRS in BSNL.

We all know in Sep-2000 due to our three days historic strike the govt gave three soloumn assurances on the eve of corporatization.

1. Job security of all DOT employees/officers who opt for BSNL Company will be protected.

2. Central govt will continue to pay govt pension from consolidated fund of India to all those employees/officers who opt for BSNL Company.

3. The financial viability of the proposed company (BSNL) will be safeguarded by the govt of India.

But now the Govt of India has gone back on all its promises and betrayed the employees/executives in BSNL. To save the future of both the employees/executives & the company all should bury the differences and join hands to defeat the sinister attempts of the Govt/Management through sustained struggles and agitations.

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