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5 th membership verification in BSNL-Latest News by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999 M-09426201999

5th Verification Polling

As per the report received from whole of the country, the total polling was 95% to 96%. We congratulate the United Forum Team for their effective role. As per schedule, counting will be on 3.2.2011 and declaration of result on 4.2.2011.

Pension Revision of Pre 1.1.2007 Retirees

DOT has processed the file for issue of orders. The file is under vetting of Telecom Finance. Release of orders expected at any moment.

Meeting with Member Services, DOT

Working President RV and General Secretary Subburaman met Sri S C Misra, Member(Services), DOT at New Delhi on 1.2.2011. They held discussions with on various issues of the workers and also over the crisis of BSNL.

Good For Whom

All over the country it is propagated that Honourable Ernakulam High Court passed interim orders on the Writ Filed by NUBSNLW(FNTO). The Union has published the following as the contents of the interim order.

"The main contention raised by the petitioner is that the code of discipline, which was framed way back in the year 1958, is not in tune with the policies in other industrial establishments and organizations which recognized more than one Trade Union. The main relief sought in the writ petition is to frame a new code of discipline before holding the referendum proposed to be held to morrow. The entitlement of the petitioner to relief prayed for can be decided only after arguments are addressed on the issues arising for determination in the writ petition. The entitlement of the petitioner to have another recognized union would depend on code of discipline presently in force being held to be arbitrary. In such circumstances I am of the opinion that no grounds have been made out to stay the referendum proposed to be held to morrow. In my opinion the interest of the petitioner can be safeguarded by directing that the result of the referendum being held to morrow will be subject to the out come of the writ petition".

From the interim order it is visible that the relief sought by the union was to stay the 5th Membership Verification pending formulation of a new code of Discipline.

Existing Code of Discipline is the one brought in by National Trade Union Centres, way back in 1958, after deliberations in the Indian Labour Conference. Morover, it is uniform for all the Industries. However, through bilateral understanding, some National Trade Union Centres were internally adjusting to share within for years together without any election. When new National Trade Union Centres have started for inclusion of them was denied by those who were hither to enjoying as monoploy. Even in some Industries, though the marginal difference is about 7 Votes, the age old National Trade Union Centres oppose the plea of such Unions as a second one. While the situation is so, a demand in exclusion in BSNL alone does not seem to be worthy.

It is pertinent to point here that none of those National Trade Union Centres approached the issue or raised a demand on change of code of discipline even in the recently concluded 43rd Indian Labour Conference.

As per The Judgement of Supreme Court of India in FCI Case, one Union concept alone is applicable in any Industry in the absence of consensus. In BSNL, the request for Second Union was in toto rejected by the erstwhile partners, Viz.NFTEBSNL, of the Petitioner Union at the time of I Verification itself.

Is it not a fact that those who advocate now for one or more unions, have unhesitatingly accepted the concept of one Union during the past ten years, both on post / pre poll, by pledging their loyalty to one union and enjoyed all privileges? Why this sudden "Gnanodhaya" or attempt to achieve second position status for not themselves but for the benefit of someone else?

In their website, the Petitioners themselves have observed as under :

If final verdict goes in favour will help all applicant unions to get minimum trade union facilities, proportionate representation in council etc.

Now the question is, what will be the future position, "If the verdict goes the other way". In such an eventuality, the possibility of the management to deny even consideration of the demand by locking their minds cannot be ruled out. M-09426201999

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