Friday, November 19, 2010

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Scam after scam in the Telecom
Siince the iimpllementatiion off the polliiciies off Glloballiisatiion and Liiberalliisatiion,,
the tellecom sector has become a golld miine ffor the biig busiiness houses..
They have successffulllly used variious tellecom miiniisters to ciircumvent the
rulles ffor theiir personall gaiins.. It started wiith Shuk Ram iin 1995 when the
Natiionall Tellecom Polliicy was iintroduced.. It was thiis polliicy whiich enviisaged
the partiiciipatiion off priivate operators iin proviidiing tellecom serviices.. Ever
siince then,, the nexus between biig busiiness houses and the miiniisters iis
contiinuiing and the publliic money iis beiing llooted.. Shuk Ram hiimsellff
amassed huge weallth and became notoriious iin corruptiion..
When Jagmohan became the tellecom miiniister,, he ffiixed deadlliine ffor the
priivate tellecom operators to cllear theiir lliicense ffee arrears.. However,, the
priivate operators diid not cllear theiir lliicense ffee dues.. What happened was
Jagmohan was unceremoniiouslly shunted out ffrom the tellecom miiniistry by
the then Priime Miiniister,, A..B.. Vajjpayee.. Thiis hiighlliighted the enormous cllout
that the biig busiiness houses have iin the government..
When Pramod Mahajjan was the tellecom miiniister,, he openlly patroniized the
Relliiance Communiicatiions.. It was thiis Relliiance Communiicatiions whiich
cheated BSNL iin ADC.. It maniipullated iincomiing iinternatiionall calllls as llocall
calllls and thereby cheated BSNL off hundreds off crores off rupees.. Despiite
thiis,, Relliiance Communiicatiions was iin the good books off Pramod Mahajjan..
Fiinalllly a Publliic Interest Liitiigatiion was ffiilled agaiinst pramod Mahajjan iin the
Supreme Court,, allllegiing that he got ffiinanciiall beneffiits ffrom Relliiance,, ffor
ciircumventiing rulles iin ffavour off the llatter..
Arun Shouriie was allso accused off ffavouriing priivate tellecom companiies
when he was the tellecom miiniister duriing 2003-04.. The llatest to llose hiis jjob
on corruptiion charges iis A.. Rajja.. Off course,, the vollume off money iinvollved iin
the 2G spectrum scam iis very huge.. It iis the biiggest scam that has ever
taken pllace iin iindependent Indiia and iis riightlly calllled as the mother off allll
It can be seen that ever siince the iimpllementatiion off the economiic refforms,,
one affter another many scams have taken pllace iin the tellecom sector.. Biig
busiiness houses have llooted huge amounts,, iin collllusiion wiith the miiniisters..
However,, none has so ffar been puniished ffor these corruptiions.. Atlleast iin
the 2G scam we hope that the cullpriits wiillll be brought to the books..
[[Editorial – Telemessage, December, 2010]]

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