Monday, November 22, 2010

[22.11.2010]Signing of fresh Mou with Canara Bank

CHQ has urged upon Corporate Management to sign a fresh MoU with Canara bank without further delay. GM (BBF) has assured that immediate steps would be taken for signing fresh MoU with Canara bank.

[22.11.2010]Decisions taken in the meeting of the JAC held on 22.11.2010<>


[22.11.2010]National JAC meets and decides to organize the 3 day strike effectively

The National JAC meeting was held at New Delhi today the 22.11.2010 under the chairmanship of Com. Chandeswar Singh. All the General Secretaries / representatives of the constituent unions participated. After elaborate discussions the following decisions were taken unanimously:-

1) The National JAC decided unanimously to make full preparations for making the 3 day strike successful.

2) It was decided that the strike will start at 0600 hrs on 1st December, 2010 and will end at 0600 hrs on 4th December, 2010.

3) It was decided to call upon all the Circle and District level JACs to immediately convene their meetings and draw plans for making the strike successful.

4) Gate meetings should be conducted at circle and district levels on 29.11.2010, for mobilizing the employees.

5) Press conferences should be conducted at circle levels for mobilizing public opinion.

Worker’s Unity Zindabad !

Inquilab Zindabad ! !


[20.11.2010]Review committee for medical policy - CHQ writes to BSNL CO <>

[20.11.2010]March to parliament on 23.02.2011 - call by Central Trade Union<>

[20.11.2010]2G Spectrum Scam - The most benefited is Anil Ambani <>

[19.11.2010]Scam after scam in the Telecom <>

[19.11.2010]CHQ circular No.9 - dated 18.11.2010 <> <>

[18.11.2010]United Forum pledges to fight the Vth verification unitedly

The meeting of the United Forum took place on 16.11.2010 at TEPU’s office, under the Chairmanship of Com. V. Subburaman. All the constituents attended the meeting except SNATTA. Since the meeting is called at short notice, SNATTA could not attend. General Secretaries of the constituent unions expressed their satisfaction over the settlement of wage revision, promotion policy etc. They also expressed their confidence in the United Forum and resolved to fight the 5th Verification unitedly under the banner of the United Forum. It is also decided that next meeting of the United Forum will take place at 1500 hrs on 04.12.2010.

[18.11.2010]Curtains for A. Raja - The nation requires a fair and speedy investigation <>

[16.11.2010]CHQ has received donations as follow, towards, building Fund.

S.No. SSA Circle Building Fund
1 Muzaffar Nagar UP (West) 33,000
2 Varanasi UP (East) 30,000
3 Amritsar Punjab 25,000
4 Lucknow UP (East) 10000
5 Mau SSA UP (East) 7,000
6 Mohamadabad Branch, Ghazipur SSA UP (East) 5,100
7 Orai SSA UP (East) 5,000
8 Com. Anil Kumar Gupta, O/o SDE(P), Kanpur UP (East) 3,100

CHQ congratulates the above District Unions.

[16.11.2010]Filling up the post of GM (SR) immediately with a full fledged incumbent - CHQ writes to BSNL CO <>

[15.11.2010]March to Parliament is a grand success <>

[15.11.2010]Memorandum from the Joint Action Committee of BSNL Unions/Associations of Non-Executives / Executives on the issue of financial viability of BSNL and other demands <>

[13.11.2010]Resolution on Bonus <>

[13.11.2010]JAC Press release dated 13.11.2010 <>

[12.11.2010]Parliament march on 15.11.2010 - Comrades to note please

The procession for Parliament March will start from BSNL Corporate Office at 11 AM sharp. All the Circle Secretaries & District Secretaries are requested to intimate the participants to reach BSNL C.O., Janpath, New Delhi in time. The participants should bring their Banners and Flags with them. Please ensure maximum participation.

Accommodation has been arranged for Comrades coming from far away circles. Please contact CHQ for details.

[12.11.2010]A new union is formed in BSNL, with Com. R.K. Kohli (Ex. Secretary, NFTE) as Secretary General

Com. R.K. Kohli, a prominent leader of NFTE BSNL, has left that union and has started a new union, together with his followers. The name of the new union is NATIONAL FEDERATION OF TELECOM BSNL EMPLOYEES. Registration number of the new union is RTU/11/NDD dated 11th November, 2010. The following are the key office-bearers of the union.

President : Com. Utpal Ghosh (Kolkata Telephones)

Secretary General : Com. R.K. Kohli (Delhi)

Treasurer : Com. R.S. Negi (Haryana)

For viewing the Registration Certificate <>

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