Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bonus for BSNL Employees- Inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999 M-9426201999
Recogniised Uniion iin BSNL
((Regiisttered Under IIndiian Trade Uniion Actt 1926.. Regn..No..4896))
CHQ::Dada Ghosh Bhawan,, Opp.. Shadiipur Bus Depott..,, New Dellhii – 110008
Emaiill::,, websiitte::
P.. Abhiimanyu Phone:: ((O)) 011--25705385
Generall Secrettary Fax :: 011-- 25894862
BSNLEU/ 404 ((Bonus)) 06..10..2010
Shrii Gopall Das,,
Bharat Sanchar Bhawan,,
New Dellhii-- 110 001
Sub:: -- Payment off PLII/Bonus – reg..
II wiish to draw your kiind attentiion to the above subjject..
IIt iis a matter off concern that the BSNL management has not taken any deciisiion so ffar,, on the matter
off payment PLII/bonus,, eventhough the ffestiivall season iis ffast approachiing.. IIt iis true that BSNL’’s
ffiinanciiall posiitiion not satiisffactory.. But management has to take iinto consiideratiion the ffact,, that the
emplloyees off our organiizatiion have been accustomed to the payment off PLII/bonus duriing ffestiivall
season,, riight ffrom the days off DoT.. Any negatiive deciisiion taken by the management on thiis iissue,,
ciitiing the ffiinanciiall posiitiion off the company,, wiillll demoralliize the emplloyees and iin turn wiillll have a
negatiive beariing on theiir productiiviity..
Hence,, II request you to kiindlly make a riight assessment off the siituatiion and to make payment off PLII /
bonus,, equiivallent to the quantum that was paiid llast year..
Thankiing you,,
Yours siincerelly,,
Generall Secretary
Copy to:: ((ii)) The Executiive Diirector ((Fiinance)),, BSNL,, New Dellhii – 110 001
((iiii)) The Sr..GM ((Estt)),, BSNL CO,, New Dellhii – 110 001

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