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Recognised Union in BSNL
(Regiistered Under IIndiian Trade Uniion Act 1926.. Regn..No..4896)
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BSNLEU/102(CircularNo.5) 12thAugust,2010
The Uniited Forum callll ffor agiitatiion and settllement
Dear comrades,,
The Uniited Forum iin iit’’s meetiing helld on 20..07..2010 deciided to giive callll ffor agiitatiionall
programme,, ii..e..,, holldiing demonstratiions on 05..08..2010 and holldiing dharna on 12..08..2010.. The UF
was compelllled to giive thiis callll,, due to the suffffocatiion created by the non--iimpllementatiion off the
Non--Executiive Promotiion Polliicy ((NEPP)).. Order ffor NEPP was iissued on 23..03..2010.. However,, iit
remaiined uniimpllemented iin most off the ciirclles.. The dellay was maiinlly due to the non--iissuiing off
cllariiffiicatiions by the BSNL CO,, whiich had been sought by most off the ciirclle offffiices.. BSNLEU had allso
requested the BSNL CO to iissue cllariiffiicatiion,, giiviing the riight to the emplloyee,, to exerciise hiis optiion
ffor pay ffiixatiion on the date off next iincrement ((DNII)),, iinstead off on the date off promotiion..
Our repeated representatiions and requests made wiith the BSNL CO ffaiilled to evoke any
response.. Under these ciircumstances,, the UF was compelllled to giive callll ffor agiitatiions.. However,,
on 05..08..2010 morniing,, Shrii Gopall Das,, who has newlly assumed charge as CMD,, iintervened and
iinviited ffor tallks,, wiith a request to deffer the agiitatiions.. As per hiis request the UF defferred the callll
ffor demonstratiions to be helld on the same day.. BSNL CO allso iissued notiiffiicatiion on the same day,,
iinviitiing the UF ffor tallks on 09..08..2010..
IIn the tallks helld on 09..08..2010,, management assured that the necessary cllariiffiicatiions on
NEPP woulld be iissued iin thiis week iitsellff.. They allso accepted our demand to giive the riight to
an emplloyee,, to exerciise hiis optiion ffor ffiixatiion off hiis pay on the date off next iincrement,,
iinstead off on the date off promotiion..
Management allso assured to wiithdraw the BSNL CO order to restriict the BSNLMRS to two
chiilldren.. Regardiing our demand ffor iimprovements iin BSNLMRS,, management assured to
fform a commiittee,, and a deciisiion to thiis effffect woulld be taken iin the comiing Natiionall
Counciill meetiing..
On ffiilllliing up off the back llog vacanciies off SC/ST posts iin variious cadres,, management tolld
that order iis allready iissued iin respect off TTA cadre and order wiillll allso be iissued ffor other
cadres,, affter assessment off vacanciies.. Regardiing our demand ffor iintroductiion off
reservatiion iin the NEPP,, detaiilled diiscussiion took pllace.. Fiinalllly iit was deciided that Staffff Siide
woulld giive a note to the management on thiis iissue..
On New Staffffiing Norms,, management assured that detaiilled diiscussiion woulld be helld wiith
the staffff siide beffore iimpllementatiion..
Regardiing reductiion iin emolluments off those who are appoiinted on or affter 01..01..2007,,
affter detaiilled diiscussiion,, management agreed to diiscuss our proposalls iin the comiing
Natiionall Counciill meetiing..
On the iissue off regullariizatiion off llefft out casuall llabourers,, affter diiscussiion iit was deciided to
holld separate diiscussiion on the subjject..
As regards the non--settllement off anomally,, management was not ablle to giive any concrete
replly.. We made iit cllear that thiis iissue was non--negotiiablle and that order shoulld be iissued
iimmediiatelly.. However,, on the next day,, ii..e.. on 10..08..2010,, management conveyed to us
that the order on anomally woulld be iissued beffore the fforthcomiing meetiing off the Natiionall
Counciill ((31..08..2010))..
On 10..08..2010 a meetiing off the UF took pllace.. The meetiing expressed satiisffactiion over the
iimprovements made on variious iissues and deciided to deffer the dharna programme,, schedulled ffor
Extended Centrall Executiive Commiittee meetiing
The Centrall Secretariiat has deciided to conduct the next meetiing off the CEC as an Extended Centrall
Executiive Commiittee,, consiideriing variious requiirements.. Apart ffrom the Centrall Executiive
Commiittee members,, allll our Diistriict Secretariies shallll allso partiiciipate iin thiis Extended CEC.. IIt wiillll
be conducted ffrom 27tth to 29tth off September,, 2010 at Nagpur.. CHQ requests allll the CEC members
and the Diistriict Secretariies to book theiir tiickets ffor the jjourney wellll iin advance.. The notiiffiicatiion off
the Extended CEC wiillll be iissued shortlly and the Centrall Secretariiat woulld determiine the dellegate
ffee to be paiid by the Diistriict Secretariies.. The Receptiion Commiittee off the Extended CEC at Nagpur
has iinfformed the CHQ that no viisiitor can be allllowed due to ffiinanciiall straiin..
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78..2% IIDA merger
The JJAC diiscussed thiis iissue wiith Shrii Kulldeep Goyall,, CMD,, on 20..07..2010.. The present CMD,, Shrii
Gopall Das was allso present iin that meetiing.. Affter protracted diiscussiions,, iit was assured by Shrii
Kulldeep Goyall,, CMD,, that the iissue woulld be pllaced ffor the approvall off the next Board meetiing..
Later on,, we came to know that the Board meetiing helld on 30..07..2010,, diiscussed the iissue but
postponed takiing a deciisiion.. The iissue wiillll be persued wiith allll seriiousness through the JJAC..
Thankiing you,,
Yours ffraternalllly
(G(GPE.ANbEhRhRiAmLaSnEyCuR)ETARY Copy to:: Allll CWC Members and Diistriict M-09426201999