Friday, July 2, 2010

National Council Addional Agenda sbmitted by CHQ-ND-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999

Addiittiionall iittems giiven tto tthe 24tth
Nattiionall Counciill by Sttaffff Siide
1.. Grantiing pay protectiion by allllowiing the ffiitment beneffiit to the non--executiive emplloyees
recruiited on and affter 01..01..2007 and up--to the date off order off 2nd Wage reviisiion agreement
iin BSNL..
As per the order off the 2nd Wage Reviisiion ffor BSNL Non--Executiives,, the pay off the emplloyees
appoiinted on or affter 01..01..2007 was ordered to be ffiixed at the entry llevell off the pay scalle.. IIn
these cases the totall emolluments iin the pre--reviised basiic pay exceed the totall emolluments iin
the reviised basiic pay.. Such cases were to be compensated by way off personall pay,, whiich wiillll
be absorbed iin the ffuture iincrements.. Even thiis wiillll resullt iin lloss off sallary to these categoriies off
emplloyees whiich iis nothiing but a wage reductiion iin the name off wage reviisiion..
Government off Tamiillnadu viide iits Order No.. G..O.. Ms.. No.. 258,, Dated:: 23rd JJune,, 2009,, has
rectiiffiied the same anomally by grantiing pay protectiion off allllowiing ffiitment beneffiit to these
emplloyees as ffollllowed iin the previious pay commiissiions.. The order reads as ffollllows::--
“9)) Fiixatiion off pay off emplloyees appoiinted on or affter 1----1----2006..
Fiixatiion off pay iin the reviised pay structure off emplloyees appoiinted as ffresh recruiits on or
affter 1----1----2006 and beffore 1—6----2009,, theiir pay iin the reviised pay structure shallll be ffiixed as
per Rulle 4((1)) above wiith effffect ffrom the date off theiir jjoiiniing serviice..”
The rulle 4 ((1)) refferred above iis as ffollllows::--
“ 4.. Fiixatiion off Pay iin the reviised pay structure:: ---- The iiniitiiall pay off a
Government emplloyee who ellects to be governed by the reviised pay structure ffrom 1st
January 2006 shallll be ffiixed separatelly iin respect off hiis substantiive pay iin the permanent post
on whiich he hollds a lliien or woulld have had a lliien iiff iit had not been suspended and iin respect
off hiis pay iin the offffiiciiatiing post helld by hiim,, iin the ffollllowiing manner,, namelly ::----
((1)) IIn the case off allll emplloyees::----
((ii)) The pay iin the pay band / pay scalle shallll be determiined by mulltiipllyiing the exiistiing basiic
pay as on 1—1—2006 by a ffactor off 1..86 and roundiing offff the resulltant ffiigure to the next
mulltiiplle off 10..”
BSNL shoulld allso ensure that these emplloyees are giiven ffiitment beneffiit on siimiillar lliines as iis
giiven by the Govt.. off Tamiillnadu.. Thiis wiillll sollve the iissue off negatiive arrears and lless
emolluments to such categoriies off emplloyees wiithout creatiing any ffurther anomalliies..
2.. BSNL emplloyees Diistance Learniing scheme may be extended to the non executiive
The new projjects viiz.. Shiikhar,, Viijjay,, Kubera etc.. beiing fformullated by BSNL requiires the Non--
Executiives to have management skiilllls.. They are allso beiing giiven the responsiibiilliitiies off
managers iin these projjects.. Thereffore,, the Non--Executiive emplloyees shoulld allso be extended
the beneffiits off the BSNL Emplloyees Diistance Learniing Scheme..


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