Thursday, July 8, 2010

JAO Part-II -Review of Result M-09426201999
(A Governmenot f India Enterprise)
DepartmentaEl xaminationsB ranch
RoomN o.222,2nfdlo or, EasternC ourt,
Janpath*.,T D*elhi-l 100 01.
No.1 0-612010-DE
Dated: 8th July, 2010
Yours faithfullv. w(R.S.Malik)
Asstt.G eneraMl anager( DE)
All Headso f TelecomCirclesB, SNL
Headsof Telephones Distts., Chennai/Kolkata
Chief General Manager Mtce., NTR, New Delhi.
Subject: Review of result of JAO Part II40% quota held in the year 2010.
Some Circles have sought clarification as to whether the instructions issued vide this
office letter no.l A-412006-DE dtd.8.1.2007 regarding review of results of failed SC/ST
candidates of JAO Part II Examination under old (DOT) syllabus to be held in the month of
March, 2006 and next JAO Part II Examination to be held after conduct of Screening Test are
applicable in the result of JAO Part II Examination held on 4'h, 5th and 6tr January,2010 or not.
2. In this connection, I am directed to inform that the matter was referred to the concerned
cadre branch i.e., the SEA Branch, BSNL CO who have opined that "....the subject of the letter
dated 08.1.2007 itself states that instruction are applicable to JAO Part II examination held in
March 2006 and the next JAO Part II examination to be held after conduction of screening test.
In view of above, since subject itself is self explanatory, it does not require any clarification."
3. Further necessary action in the matter ffioy, therefore, please be taken accordingly. M-09426201999

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