Tuesday, June 29, 2010

National Council Agnda submitted by BSNLEU-CHQ-ND-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999-094638-78966

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BSNLEU/204 ((NC)) 19..06..2010
Shrii Shakeell Ahmad,,
GM ((SR)),, BSNL,,
Secretary,, Natiionall Counciill,,
Bharat Sanchar Bhawan,,
JJanpath,, New Dellhii – 110 001
Sub:: IItems ffor diiscussiion iin the 24tth Meetiing off Natiionall Counciill submiitted
The ffollllowiing iittems are submiitttted ffor diiscussiion iin tthe 24tth meettiing off tthe Nattiionall Counciill..
IItt is requestted tthatt tthe datte of nextt meettiing be fiixed earlly..
Thankiing you,,
Yours Siincerelly,,
Secretary,, Staffff Siide,,
Natiionall Counciill
Encll:: AA
- 2 -
Items for 24th Meetiing of Natiionall Counciill
1)) Reviiew off resulltts off JAO Partt III Examiinattiion by granttiing off grace marks
The JAO parrtt--IIII Deparrttmenttall Exam,, botth 40% and 10% was helld ffrrom 4th tto 6th
Januarry,,2010.. Resulltts arre allrready decllarred iin allll ciirrclles exceptt iin AP ciirrclle.. A llarrge numberr
off vacanciies rremaiin unffiilllled,, because off llow perrcenttage off passiing.. Thiis was llarrgelly due tto
tthe wrrong questtiions and outt off tthe syllllabus questtiions asked iin tthe exam.. IItt can allso be
seen tthatt a llarrge number off candidattes have faiilled by jjustt a few marrks,, whiich iis due tto verry
sttrrict valuatiion.. JAO exam was not conductted forr tthe pastt so many yearrs.. By the ttiime tthe
exam iis conductted,, so many prreciious yearrs have passed away and tthiis iinorrdiinatte dellay
has iitt’’s own iimpactt on tthe perrfforrmance off tthe candiidattes who appearred tthe exam.. Had tthiis
exam been helld a ffew yearrs ago,, tthe perrfforrmance off tthe same candiidattes woulld have been
deffiiniittelly betttterr tthan tthiis.. Thiis ffacttorr may be apprroprriiattelly ttaken iintto consiiderrattiion by tthe
managementt.. Furrttherr,, tthiis was tthe llastt chance fforr tthe deparrttmenttall candiidattes tto appearr
the exam iin tthe olld sylllabus. Hence, tthe rresults may be reviiewed by grranttiing grrace marrks
tto tthe exttentt off 10% tto 15%..
IItt iis perrttiinentt tto menttiion tthatt tthe managementt has giiven grrace marrks tto tthe exttentt off 10%
tto tthe ffaiilled candiidattes off tthe TTA Diirrectt Recrruiittmentt.. Therre can be no ttwo opiiniions tthatt
tthiis was done onlly tto ffiillll up morre numberr off vacanciies.. Now tthe siimplle questtiion tthatt arriises
iis tthatt,, when tthe managementt was so kiind and consiiderratte tto tthe outtsiide candiidattes,, why
the same kiindness and consiiderrattiion iis not being shown tto tthe iinterrnall candiidattes who had
ttoiilled allll tthese yearrs fforr tthe betttterrmentt off tthiis orrganiizattiion? The ttwo diifffferrentt yarrdsttiicks
beiing adoptted by tthe managementt -- one fforr tthe outtsiide candiidattes and anottherr fforr tthe
iintterrnall candiidattes – iis deffiiniittelly crreattiing hearrtt burrniing among tthe emplloyees who have putt
iin llong yearrs off serrviice..
The compllaiintts tthat receiived iin rrespectt off wrrong and outt off sylllabus questiions are as
1.. As perr Ciirrcullarr No..4--29//2003--SEA((BSNL)) datted 12//10//2009 iitt was speciiffiicalllly
menttiioned iin Subjjectt--II Paperr IIII wiillll be prracttiicall paperr wherreas allll tthe questtiions asked
iin tthe Paperr IIII werre ttheorry questtiions..
2.. IIn tthe above subjject in ““Secttiion ‘‘A’’ ”” questiion No.1 tto 4 arre perrtaiiniing tto Tellecom
Accountts IIII ii..e.. Paperr IIII..
3.. IIn Paperr II Theorry Questtiion No..1 Sub questtiion 1 tto 8 ((2 ½ X 8 = 20 marrks)) perrttaiins tto
Tellecom Accountts IIII ii..e.. Paperr IIIIII..
4.. IIn Paperr II Theorry Questtiion No..4 Sub Questtiion 1 tto 8 ((2 ½ X 8 = 20 marrks)) perrttaiins tto
Telecom Accountts IIII ii..e.. Paperr IIII..
5.. IIn Paperr No..V Ciiviill Worrks as perr page No..5 Parra No..1 off Questtiion Paperr assessed
vallue off Brriicks was giiven Rs..320 perr % ((ii..e.. 100 Brriicks)) iitt iis conttrrarry as dettaiilled
IIn tthe Fiirrst Runniing Accountt Biillll it was sttatted Rs.120000//-- was grrantted as Securred
Advance forr 500000 ((5 Lakh)) Brricks as worrked outt bellow.. Assessed value Rs..320..75%
off Assessed vallue iis 240..240 x 500000 // 1000 = Rs..120000.. Thiis miisttake commiitttted iin
tthe questtiion paperr crreatted conffusiion among tthe candiidattes..
- 3 -
6.. Paperr II and Paperr whiich werre supposed tto be prracttiicall paperrs as perr ciirrcullarr datted
12..10.2009 off SEA,, alll questtiions underr Paperr IIII werre ttheorry and majjorriitty questtions
underr Paperr II werre off tthe sylllabus off Paperr IIIII (Telecom Accountts))..
Morreoverr,, tthe candiidattes tthough have securred qualliiffyiing marrks iin allll tthe paperrs coulld
nott securre tthe rrequiirred aggrregatte off 45% and hence decllarred unsuccessffull.. Even a
candiidatte whose aggrregatte was 44..9% was decllarred unsuccessffull due tto a shorrttage
off 0..1%..
Allll paperrs unlliike objjecttiive ttype werre off descrriipttiive ttype rresullttiing iin varriied valluattiion..
Outt off tthe 2950 vacancies onlly lless tthan 50% werre decllarred successfull..
IIn consiiderrattiion off avaiillablle off adequatte numberr off unffiilllled vacanciies,, iin viiew off tthe
ffacttorrs expllaiined above,, and iin consiiderrattiion tthatt tthiis examiinattiion happened tto be tthe
llastt chance,, tthe miiniimum qualliiffyiing marrks iin allll paperrs and aggrregatte marrks may be
rrellaxed,, and rresultts reviiewed..
2)) Reducttiion iin emollumentts tto tthe Non--Executtiives jjoiiniing on or afftter 01..01..2007
IIn tthe wage rreviisiion orrderr,, a prrottecttiion iis giiven fforr tthe Non Executtiives,, who arre
appoiintted on orr afftterr 01--01--2007 and who arre ffaciing rreducttiion iin emollumentts.. As perr
the order tthiis rreducttiion iin arrrearrs iis to be trreatted as perrsonall pay,, whiich wiilll be
absorrbed agaiinstt ffutturre iincrrementts.. Parra 2..2 off tthe wage rreviisiion orrderr rreads as
2 ““Non--Executtiives jjoiiniing on orr afftterr 1--1--2007 wiillll be pllaced iin tthe iiniittiiall sttage off tthe
rreviised pay scalle iin whiich tthey arre appoiintted.. IIn case wherre emollumentts iin tthe prre--
rreviised pay scalle ((s)) on tthe datte off jjoiiniing BSNL [[ ii..e..BasiicPay + DP//DA applliicablle
on tthe datte off jjoiiniing]] exceeds tthe sum off tthe pay ffiixed iin tthe rreviised pay scalle and
applliicablle IIDA ttherre on tthe same datte,, tthe diiffferrence wiillll be alllowed as Perrsonall Pay
and iitt wiillll be absorrbed iin ffutturre iincrrementts””..
Parra 2..2 off tthe wage rreviisiion orrderr speaks onlly aboutt tthe offffiiciialls who fface
rreducttiion iin emollumentts on tthe datte off ttheiirr jjoiiniing.. Butt ttherre arre offffiiciialls who
fface rreducttiion iin emollumentts nott on tthe datte off ttheiirr jjoiiniing,, butt on a llatterr datte..
Siince tthe worrds ”date off jjoiiniing”” arre speciffiicallly menttiioned iin tthe orrder,, offfiicerrs iin
tthe ffiielld uniitts arre rreffusiing tto exttend tthe beneffiitt off perrsonall pay tto tthiis cattegorry off
emplloyees.. Hence suiittablle iinsttructtiions in thiis rregarrd may be iissued.
3)) Prottecttiion ffor negattiive arrears iin respectt off Non--Executtiives appoiintted on or
afftter 1--1--2007--..
The emplloyees who arre appoiintted on orr afftterr 1--1--2007 arre drrawiing negattiive arrrrearrs iin tthe
wage rreviisiion.. As iin tthe case off ottherr BSNL Non--Executtiive emplloyees,, tthose who arre
appoiintted on orr afftterr 1--1--2007 werre allso paiid rrecoverrablle sallarry advance,, butt on prro rratta
basiis.. These emplloyees arre now conffrrontted wiitth a prrobllem.. The emollumentts tthatt tthese
emplloyees arre drrawiing iin tthe rreviised pay scalles arre llesserr tthan whatt tthey werre drrawiing iin
the prre-rreviised pay scalles.. Wiith a viiew tto ensurre tthatt none off tthose who are appoiintted on
or afftterr 1--1-2007 drraws llesserr emollumentts afftterr wage reviisiion,, a prrottecttion is giiven iin tthe
wage rreviisiion orrderr,, viide parra 2..2.. Accorrdiing tto tthiis parra,, tthe rreducttiion iin tthe emollumentts
off tthose who arre appoiintted on orr afftterr 1--1--2007 iis compensatted by way off perrsonall pay,,
whiich wiillll be absorrbed iin ffutturre iincrrementts..
The drrawall off negattiive arrrrearrs by tthiis cattegorry off emplloyees iis notthiing butt an offff shoott off
the reducttiion iin emolluments afftterr wage reviisiion.. Had tthe rreducttiion in emolumentts aftter
wage rreviisiion nott arriisen,, tthe prrobllem off negattiive arrrrearrs allso woulld nott have come..
BSNL has iinttrroduced tthe ellementt off perrsonall pay iin tthe wage rreviisiion orrderr,, tto ensurre tthatt
no emplloyee iis ffaced wiitth rreducttiion iin emollumentts due tto wage rreviisiion.. IIn tthe siimiillarr way
- 4 -
BSNL shoulld allso ensurre tthatt no emplloyee iis ffaced wiitth any rrecoverry,, due tto negattiive
4)) Reviiew off BSNL Mediicall Polliicy
BSNL managementt consttitutted a commiittttee forr reviiewiing the mediicall pollicy.. The commiitttee
is fforrmed aftter perrsistentt demands ffrom the Sttafff Siide tto rreview tthe BSNL MRS,, in viiew off
tthe harrdshiips experriienced by tthe sttaffff.. Howeverr,, tthe purrpose off fforrmiing tthe commiittttee was
deffeatted due tto tthe arrbiittrrarry and hiigh handed deciisiions off tthe chaiirrman off tthe commiittttee..
Fiinall meettiing off tthiis commiittttee iis helld iin tthe absence off tthe nomiinee off tthe rreprresenttattiive
uniion,, iinspiitte off hiis rrequesttiing tto posttpone tthe meettiing by a ffew days.. IItt iis allso llearrntt tthatt
deciisiions werre ttaken iin tthatt meettiing tthrrough vottiing.. When tthe numberrs off tthe sttaffff siide and
managementt siide rreprresentattives iin tthe commiittttee are nott equal,, how decisiions can be
taken tthrough vottiing?
The Recogniised uniion has drrawn tthe attttenttiion off tthe CMD,, BSNL and Diirrecttorr ((HR)),, BSNL
on tthiis matttterr viide iitt’’s lletttterrs datted 05..11..2009,, 06..11..2009 & 18..02..2010.. Howeverr,, no
acttiion iis ttaken.. Underr tthese ciirrcumsttances,, BSNL iissued an orrderr datted 16th Aprriill,, 2010,,
iincorrporrattiing cerrttaiin modiiffiicattiions tto tthe BSNL MRS.. These modiiffiicattiions have nott sollved
the prroblems of tthe emplloyees.. Hence,, a ffrresh exerciise shoulld be under ttaken by BSNL tto
miittiigatte tthe sufffferriings experriienced by tthe emplloyees..
5)) Diisconnecttiion off concessiionall ttellephone connecttiions off BSNL emplloyees,,
proviided by MTNL..
BSNL has prrovided concessiional tellephones tto iitt’’s emplloyees. The same iis allso prroviided
to tthe BSNL employees rresiidiing iin Dellhii and Mumbaii,, thrrough MTNL nettworrks. BSNL has
iissued ellaborratte orrderrs iin rrespectt off modalliittiies fforr settttllementt off tthe biilllls fforr tthe MTNL
connecttiions.. Tiime and agaiin tthe uniion has been ttakiing up prrobllems connectted wiitth tthe
BSNL sttaffff rresiidiing iin tthe MTNL arreas.. Durriing tthe rrecentt montths,, MTNL has sentt biilllls tto
tthe BSNL emplloyees fforr exorrbiittantt amountts,, whiich arre saiid tto be outtsttandiing dues..
Reprresenttattiions giiven by tthe affffectted perrsons have ffallllen on deaff earrs.. Phones off a llarrge
numberr of employees have been diisconnected by MTNL due tto tthe non payment off tthese
billlls.. BSNL is rrequiirred tto ttake iimmediiatte and apprropriate acttiion to miittiigatte tthe sufffferrings off
tthe affffectted emplloyees..
6)) Grantt off 78..2 % IIDA iinsttead off 68..8% w..e..ff.. 01--01--2007
The Goverrnmentt off IIndiia as wellll as tthe DPE has iissued orrderrs fforr grrantt off 78..2% DA//IIDA
w..e..ff.. 01--01--2007.. Butt tthe non--executtiives ((allso executtiives)) iin BSNL have been grrantted
onlly 68..8% IIDA.. Thiis iissue was diiscussed severrall ttiimes wiitth tthe managementt.. IIn tthe sttrriike
agrreementt on 20th Aprriill 2010,, iin tthe prresence off tthe Hon’’blle Miiniistterr off Communiicattiions &
IIT,, iitt was assurred tthatt tthe iissue wiillll be diiscussed bettween tthe managementt and tthe uniions
and settttled wiitthout any diiscrriimiinattiion.
Alltthough morre tthan one and hallff montths have ellapsed no deciisiion tto tthiis effffectt has been
ttaken so ffarr.. The deciisiion iin tthiis matttterr be ttaken iimmediiattelly and orrderrs iissued fforr grrantt off
78..2% IIDA..
7)) Grantt off JTO scalle tto offffiiciiattiing JTOs
As perr orrderrs allll tthe qualliiffiied offffiiciialls werre iimparrtted ttrraiiniing and werre deplloyed tto offffiiciiatte
as JTOs.. Whiille exttendiing tthe beneffiitt off JTO Pay scalle,, tthe managementt rresttrriictted tthe
paymentt by iinvokiing tthe prroviisiions underr FR 35.. Afftterr tthe verrdiictt off CAT Errnakullam tto
grantt tthe JTO Pay Scalle tto tthe Offfficiiatiing JTOs tthe same was iimplementted lliimiittiing it tto tthe
Offffiiciiattiing JTOs off Kerralla,, wiitth a condiittiion tthatt tthe paymentt iis subjjectt tto tthe ffiinall outtcome
off tthe case..
As a rrouttiine,, tthe managementt used tto iimpllementt courrtt verrdiictts uniifforrmlly butt iin tthe iinsttantt
case iitt has been deniied tto siimiillarrlly pllaced emplloyees.. Allllowiing tthe Offffiiciiattiing JTOs off
ottherr ciirrclles tto rremaiin conttended wiitth tthe exttensiion off beneffiitts underr FR 35 needs
- 5 -
rreconsiiderrattiion on tthe ffollllowiing grround.. Allll tthe Offffiiciiattiing JTOs arre siimiillarrlly pllaced and on
equal ffoottiing.. The natture off dutties and rresponsiibiilliitiies diischarged arre one and the same
whettherr tthey work in Kerralla Ciirrcle orr elsewherre..
As perr Consttiittuttiionall Prroviisiions and underr tthe Law,, ttherre can be no diiscrriimiinattiion bettween
tthe same grroup off emplloyees who arre siimiillarrlly pllaced on equalliitty off sttattus and drrawll off
beneffiitts.. The verrdiictt off CAT Errnakullam may be exttended tto allll tthe offffiiciiattiing JTOs wiitthoutt
excepttiion underr tthe same tterrms and condiittiions tthatt werre applliied iin Kerralla Ciirrclle and tthus
the diiscrriiminatiion ended.
8)) Settttiing asiide penallttiies iimposed appllyiing proviisiions under FR
Cerrttaiin Diisciiplliinarry prroviisiions tthatt excllusiivelly goverrn Goverrnmentt Emplloyees underr FR
arre beiing iinvoked,, even now,, on BSNL worrkerrs att varriious pllaces.. IInsttrructtiions ffrrom
Corrporratte Offffiice allso do nott spellll outt underr whiich Rulle tthe prroviisiions orr conceptt iis beiing
appliied.. The local authorriitties,, jjustt tto contaiin tthe reacttion of rreprresenttattiive uniions,, appllies
tthe prroviisiions by usiing iitt as a sttiick tto beatt tthe worrkerrs..
Rulle 62 off P&T Manuall Vollume IIIIII orr prroviisiions underr FR werre iincorrporratted iin CCS
Conductt Rulle 1964 and arre operrattiive onlly on DOT Emplloyees on deputtattiion tto BSNL up ttiillll
tthe datte off rregullarr absorrpttiion iin BSNL.. Afftterr absorrpttiion as a Publliic Secttorr Emplloyee
tthrrough Prresiidenttiiall Orrderrs,, tthe prroviisiions underr FR arre nott applliicablle on tthem and tthatt
too when a separratte Conductt and Disciiplliinary Rulles off the PSU underr tthe guidelliines off
DPE allone iis made operrattiive.. As such when separratte BSNL CDA Rulles had come iintto
fforrce,, no puniittiive acttiion underr FR orr CCS Conductt Rulles 1964 iis jjusttiiffiied..
BSNL CDA Rulle carrrriies adequatte prroviisiions overr conductt and rrellatted penallttiies.. Therre iis
no prroviisiion iin BSNL CDA Rulles 2006 carrrryiing tthe conceptt off No Worrk No Pay.. Even ttherre
are courrtt verrdiicts decllariing thatt no penallty on a worrkerr can be iimposed outsiide tthe
premiises off tthe proviisiions conttaiined iin Conductt and Diisciiplliinarry Rulles..
As no penalltty tthatt iis nott coverred underr tthe Conductt Rulles can be iimposed,, allll tthe iimposed
puniishmentts off Diies--Non and Diies Non wiitth Brreak iin Serrviice by appllyiing prroviisiions off FR
17 & FR 17A,, afftterr decllarrattiion off BSNL CDA Rulles 2006 may be sett asiide..
9)) Proposed Sttaffffiing norms be wiitthdrawn and diiscussiion be helld wiitth tthe sttaffff
siide ffor deciiding tthe stafffing norms jjointtlly
The prroposed sttaffffiing norrms off non--executtiives ciirrcullatted by BSNL Corrporratte Offffiice viide iitts
lletttterr No..4--01//2010--Resttg datted 23--4--2010 arre aiimed att makiing non--executtiives surrpllus by
iignorriing tthe rrealliittiies.. IItt iis ttherrefforre rrequestted tto wiitthdrraw tthese prroposalls and evollve tthe
sttaffffiing norrms jjoiinttlly tthrrough diiscussiion wiitth tthe sttaffff siide.. The rreprresenttattiive uniion has
alrready given prroposalls in tthis rrespectt.
10)) IImpllementtattiion off Anomally Commiittttee Reportt wiitth regard tto
anomally//aberrattions in the wage reviisiion ffrom CDA tto IIDA scalles w.e..ff.. 01--10--
The wage rreviisiion ffrrom CDA tto IIDA pay scalles fforr non--executtiives iin BSNL wiitth effffectt ffrrom
01--10--2000 was iimpllementted as perr BSNL//26//SR//2002 datted 07--08--2002.. Botth iin tthe
agrreementt wiitth tthe applliicantt uniions datted 26--04--2002 (( parra 5 )) as wellll as iin tthe orrderr
datted 07--08--2002 ((parra 2..1..g )) iitt was assurred tthatt tthe anomalliies,, aberrrrattiions,, ottherr
harrdshiips and diiffffiicullttiies,, iiff any,, whiich may arriise iin pay ffiixattiion,, wiillll be settttlled
sympatthettiicalllly,, affterr tthese arre poiintted outt.
IIn tthe Nattiionall Counciill meettiing helld on 25th Januarry 2005,, tthe iissue was rraiised by tthe sttaffff
siide poiinttiing outt tthe anomalliies// aberrrrattiions wiitth tthe demand tthatt tthese be settttlled earrlly.. A
Commiittttee underr tthe chaiirrmanshiip off Srrii S..C..Miisrra,, Srr.. DDG((Estttt)) wiitth offffiiciiall and sttaffff
siide memberrs appoiintted tto llook iin tto tthe Prromottiion off Non--executtiives was enttrrustted wiitth
tthe ttask.. The commiittttee afftterr dettaiilled delliiberrattiions gave a rreporrtt iidenttiiffyiing tthe
- 6 -
anomalliies//aberrrrattiions and tthe metthods fforr settttlliing tthe same.. Thiis was apprroved by tthe
Managiing Commiitttee and BSNL Boarrd and was sent to DOT fforr apprrovall.
Afftterr a llong perriiod tthe ffiille came back tto BSNL wiitth cerrttaiin rremarrks tthatt stteppiing up off pay
on tthe anallogy off rremoviing underr CCS ((RP)) Rulles 1997 iis nott applliicablle iin tthiis case and
BSNL can deciide tthe iissue att ttheiirr end.. The Nattiionall Counciill whiich delliiberratted on tthiis
iissue deciided tto fforrm anottherr jjoiintt commiittttee underr tthe chaiirrmanshiip off Shrrii P..K..Miishrra,,
DGM ((Estttt)) tto ffiind outt tthe iimpllementtattiion off tthe assurrance giiven tto tthe sttaffff siide.. Thiis
commiittttee afftterr much delliiberrattion have submiittted its rreportt on 09-12--2009 rrecommendiing
settttllementt off tthe iissue by grantt of personall pay tto tthe seniiorrs to briing tthem on parr witth tthe
jjuniiorrs//jjuniiorrs iin tthe llowerr grrade..
Despiitte tthe ffactt tthatt iitt iis morre tthan 6 montths afftterr tthe rreporrtt iis submiitttted,, tthe same iis nott
iimpllementted so ffarr.. The dellay iis causiing much hearrttburrn tto tthe seniiorr emplloyees who
have gott wages much lless tthan ttheiirr jjuniiorrs//jjuniiorrs iin tthe llowerr cadrre..
The commiittttee rreporrtt iis tto be iimpllementted wiitthoutt ffurrttherr dellay..
11)) Acutte dellay iin sancttiion and paymentt off Pensiion tto BSNL rettiirees
Therre iis acutte dellay iin sancttiion off pensiion and paymentt off dues lliike grrattuiitty,, CGEGIIS,,
commuttatiion ettc.. fforr tthe rettiirred emplloyees iin many ciirclles.. The rrettiired employees are
compelllled tto apprroach varriious autthorriittiies lliike,, GM,, CCA ettc.. fforr settttllementt off cllaiims..
IItt iis onlly butt jjusttiice tthatt tthe rrettiirred emplloyees arre paiid allll ttheiirr dues as allso tthe pensiion
orrderr on tthe llastt worrkiing day off tthe montth iin whiich tthe emplloyee iis rrettiirriing.. The pensiion
prrocess shoulld sttarrtt suffffiiciienttlly earrlly,, say aboutt one yearr back,, so tthatt tthe paymentt can be
made on tthe rretiirriing day iittsellff..
12)) Reviiew off tthe Recruiittmentt Rulles
The Recrruiittmentt Rulles fforr varriious non--executtiive cadrres and executtiive cadrres arre ffrramed iin
such a mannerr tthatt tthose who arre nott haviing tthe prrescrriibed educattiionall qualliiffiicattiion arre
nott allllowed tto appearr fforr tthe examiinattiion fforr prromottiion.. Whiille we neiittherr rrequestt fforr
reduciing tthe educattiionall qualiifficattiion fforr outtsiiderrs orr fforr diillutiing tthe sttandarrd off tthe
examiinattiion fforr tthe Deparrttmenttall candiidattes,, we rrequest fforr allllowiing allll non--executtive
emplloyees iirrrrespecttiive off ttheiirr cadrre and iirrrrespecttiive off ttheiirr educattiionall qualliiffiicattiion,, tto
appearr and compette iin tthe examiinattiion fforr prromottiion tto varriious non--executtiive//executtiive
cadrres so tthatt even tthough tthe offffiiciiall iis nott haviing tthe educattiionall qualliiffiicattiion prrescrriibed,,
he can prreparre fforr and compette iin tthe examiinattiion.. Siince tthe exams arre nott helld rregullarrlly
due tto lliittiigattiion and ottherr ffacttorrs,, many offffiiciialls crrossed ttheiirr prrescrriibed age lliimiitt fforr
appeariing in tthe prromottion exams.. Therefforre rrelaxattiion iin age lliimiitt allso iis rrequiirred. IItt is
rrequestted tto amend tthe Recrruiittmentt Rulles accorrdiinglly..
13)) Non--Executtiive Promottiion Polliicy Order--Modiiffiicattiions requiired
The Orrderr iissued by BSNL Corrporratte Offffiice viide No..27--7//2008--TE--IIII datted 23--3--2010 on
Non--Executtiive Prromottiion Polliicy rrequiirres tthe ffollllowiing modiiffiicattiions tto confforrm iitt as perr tthe
agrreementt siigned by tthe Offffiiciiall siide and sttaffff siide on 30--10--2008 iin tthe Prromottiion
a) Opttiion has tto be prroviided forr fiixattion off pay on prromottion,, eiitther on datte off promottiion
orr on datte off nextt iincrrementt..
b)) The prroviisiion off grranttiing exttrra iincrrementt one yearr befforre rrettiirrementt,, iin case off offffiiciialls
who do nott gett Grrade--IIV prromottiion be conttiinued afftterr 23--3--2010 fforr tthe offffiiciialls who
optt fforr OTBP//BCR//Grrade--IIV.. Allll ottherr concessiions giiven by BSNL tto non--executtiives iin
rrellattiion tto OTBP//BCR//Grrade--IIV//ACP afftterr 1--10--2000 be conttiinued afftterr 23--3--2010 fforr
tthe offfiiciialls who optted forr OTBP//BCR//Grr--IIV//ACP.
- 7 -
c)) Prromottiion tto rresttrructturred cadrres //pllacementt iin hiigherr scalle on accountt off converrsiion
arre to be ttrreatted as postt based prromottiions..
d)) Postt based prromottiion on orr afftterr 1--10--2000 shoulld nott be countted as one off tthe ffourr
ttiime bound prromottiions underr NEPP..
ii)) Postt based prromottiion on 1--10--2000 shoulld nott be countted as ttiime bound
prromottiion underr NEPP siince tthe counttiing off tthe rresiidency perriiod iin a parrttiicullarr
IIDA scalle has to be starrtted witth 1-10--2000..
iiii)) Postt based prromottiion afftterr 1--10--2000,, butt befforre 1--10--2004--allll tthe concerrned
offffiiciialls be giiven ffiirrstt up grradattiion underr NEPP on compllettiion off tthe prrescrriibed
qualliiffyiing serrviice iin tthe currrrentt pay scalle afftterr such postt based prromottiion((iin case
off tthe offffiiciialls who do nott gett any prromottiion underr OTBP//BCR//Grr--IIV//ACP afftterr 1--
10--2000,, butt befforre such postt based prromottiion))
iiiiii)) Postt based prromottiion on 1--10--2004((iin case off tthe offffiiciiall diid nott gett prromottiion
underr OTBP//BCR//GR--IIV//ACP afftterr1--10--2000 and befforre 1--10--2004—tthe offffiiciiall
has tto be giiven ffiirrstt upgrradattiion as perr NEPP on 1--10--2004 and agaiin ffiixed iin tthe
postt based prromotted scalle as perr tthe prrescrriibed prrocedurre iin NEPP.. On
compllettiion off tthe prrescrriibed rresiidency perriiod iin tthe currrrentt pay scalle afftterr tthiis postt
based prromottiion,, tthe offfiiciall has to be giiven hiis second upgrradattiion as perr NEPP..
iiv)) Postt based prromottiion afftterr 1--10--2004—tthe offffiiciiall wiillll gett hiis ffiirrstt upgrradattiion as
perr NEPP on 1--10--2004iin case he diid nott gett any prromottiion underr
OTBP//BCR//GR--IIV//ACP afftterr 1--10--2000 and befforre 1--10--2004.. On compllettiion off
tthe prrescrriibed rresiidency perriiod iin tthe currrrentt pay scalle afftterr such postt based
prromottiion,, he has tto be giiven second upgrradattiion as perr NEPP..
v)) The LDC TA converrtted tto TOA on 1--7-2004 and prromotted tto Srr..TOA iin 2007 have
nott complletted tthe qualliiffyiing serrviice prrescrriibed iin NEPP fforr ttiime bound
upgrradattiion,, iin any pay scalle.. The converrsiion tto TOA and tthe prromottiion tto Srr..TOA
can nott be accountted agaiinstt OTBP//BCR//GR--IIV//ACP and hence shoulld nott be
countted as ttiime bound upgrradattiion as perr NEPP.. Hence tthey shoulld be giiven ffiirrstt
upgrradattiion underr NEPP on compllettiion off prrescrriibed qualliiffyiing serrviice off 4
years((since allll of them arre DoT rrecrruiitted) afftterr Srr TOA prromottion..
e)) IIn tthe case off tthe offffiiciiall who optts tto fforrgo tthe prromottiion allrready avaiilled iin orrderr tto gett
tthe ffiirrstt upgrradattiion as perr tthe NEPP,, tthe ffiirrstt upgrradattiion be giiven iin tthe same scalle
he gott on accountt off hiis fforrgone prromottiion..((Forr examplle,, tthe Srr.. TOA who gott
prromottiion tto NE--9 scalle ffrrom NE--7 scalle iin 2005,, iiff he optts tto fforrgo tthatt prromottiion iin
orrderr tto gett tthe ffiirrstt upgrradattiion on 1--10--2004 as perr tthe NEPP be upgrraded tto tthe
same NE--9 scalle on 1-10--2004,, siince rreverrsiion tto a llowerr scale can not be allllowed
wiitthoutt a dully giiven puniishmentt orrderr..
ff)) The opttiion prroviided iin parra 6..4 off tthe NEPP orrderr,, fforr ffiirrstt prromottiion as perr tthe NEPP
by fforrgoiing tthe prromottiion allrready avaiilled,, has tto be obttaiined ffrrom tthe offffiiciiall onlly afftterr
tthe Scrreeniing Commiittttee decllarres tthe concerrned offffiiciiall as ffiitt fforr tthe ffiirrstt prromottiion as
perr NEPP.((Ottherrwiise ttherre may be cases wherre tthe offficiial forrgoes tthe prromottiion he
allrready got,, butt wiilll fiind tthat tthe Scrreeniing Commiittttee has nott decllarred hiim ffiit forr ffiirstt
upgrradattiion as perr NEPP))
g)) Siince tthe NEPP orrderr datted 23--3--2010 rrequiirres severrall cllarriiffiicattiions//modiiffiicattiions,, allll
offffiiciialls be giiven chance tto rreviise ttheiirr opttiion based on such
- 8 -
14)) Opttiion ffor pay ffiixattiion on promottiion,, ffrom datte off nextt iincrementt iin tthe cases
where tthe promottiion datte was beffore 1--10--2000 and datte off nextt iincrementt
was afftter 1--10--2000
a) The DPE has issued orrderrs cancellliing such opttiion on tthe plea tthatt tthe opttiion iis nott
applliicablle siince tthe prromottiion datte was rrellatted tto CDA scalle and datte off nextt
iincrrementt was rrellatted tto IIDA scalle.. The DoT endorrsed tthiis orrderr and DoT Celllls arre
iimpllementtiing iitt.. Thiis iis agaiinstt tthe assurrances giiven att tthe ttiime off Corrporrattiisattiion..
Hence tthe iissue be ttaken up wiitth tthe concerrned autthorriittiies fforr rresttorriing tthiis opttiion..
15)) Holldiing off Screeniing Testt tto the Cadre of Seniior TOA
Siince 2007,, no scrreeniing ttestt tto tthe cadrre off Seniiorr TOA was helld.. As off ttoday ttherre arre
adequatte numberr off offffiiciialls wiitth ttwo cattegorriies Viiz.. TOAs appoiintted prriiorr tto 3..2..2001
butt nott qualliiffiied iin tthe scrreeniing ttestt and TOAs appoiintted afftterr 3..2..2001 on
compassiionatte grrounds.. Allll tthese offffiiciialls have complletted rrequiisiitte yearr off serrviice and
ottherr condiittiions tto get promotted as Srr TOA.
Viide Corrporratte Offffiice Orrderr No::15--1//2008--TE IIII datted 8..12..2008 wherreiin iitt was iinttiimatted
tthatt siince norrms fforr Seniiorr TOA cadrre arre yett tto be nottiiffiied,, tthe delliinkiing iinsttrructtiions
iissued viide lletttterr no:: 15--6//96 TEIIII datted 23..12..97 arre valliid..
Some ciirrclle has made rrefferrences on tthe subjjectt.. Forr iinsttance Tamiillnadu Tellecom Ciirrclle
has rrefferrred on 9..1..2009, 4..4..2009,, and 8..6.2009 on the subjjectt besiides a DO by tthe
CGM on 6..7..2009.. The questtiion rraiised by tthem iis whettherr tthe orrderr datted 8..12..2009 iis iin
superrsessiion off earrlliierr orrderr No:: 250--16//2004 Perrs..IIIIII datted 18..9..2006 and 20..8..2007..
IItt iis demanded tto iissue iinsttrructtiions fforr holldiing tthe Seniiorr TOA examiinattiion iin allll tthe
ciirrclles by iissuiing suiittablle cllarriiffiicattiions orr diirrecttiives wherre--everr needed..
16)) IIntroducttion of a comprehensiive and llong tterm procurementt polliicy
Grrowtth off Tellecom Secttorr iis unprrecedentted.. Whiille everry efffforrtt iis on iitts way tto rregaiin tthe
llastt sttattus iin wiirrelless segmentt,, due tto absence off prrocurrementt polliicy wiitth a llong tterrm
objjecttiive iitt iis ffearred,, may hiinderr tthe grrowtth off BSNL,, iin tthe giiven compettiittiive
On wiirre lliine segmentt,, tthe grrowtth iis verry sllow and iin some pllaces we arre rreverrttiing back
tto ourr monopolly perriiod by nott bookiing new lland lliine connecttiions on tthe grrounds off TNF..
Thiis iis prredomiinanttlly due tto non--avaiillabiilliitty off cablle paiirrs..
IIn one off tthe Mettrros,, as off 15..6..2010,, tthe waiittiing lliistt posiittiion iis as underr..
New Liines 918,, J Shiifftt 1842,, Locall Shiifftt 890,, Brroad Band 1131,, New Brroad Band 3601..
Allll tthe above cases arre pendiing fforr wantt off Cablle Paiirr.. IItt iis ascerrttaiined tthatt prrocurrementt
off cablle was nott ttherre due tto iinsttrructtiions ffrrom Corrporratte Offffiice.. When we ttallk off meett on
demand such a siittuattiion off makiing custtomerr tto waiitt on piipelliine may rresulltt iin depllettiion
and BSNL may be drriiven tto back bench on wiirre lliine segmentt allso..
Hence a comprrehensiive and llong tterrm prrocurrementt polliicy may be deciided aiimiing tto
prroviide any rrequiirrementt off tthe custtomerrs on demand and wiitthiin hourrs..
17)) Reviisiion off Pay Scalle off Offffiiciialls off Offffiiciiall Language cellll
Pay Scale rreviision off Hiindii cadrre Rajjbhasha Adhiikarii Juniiorr and Seniior Hiindii Trransllatorrs
off BSNL iis pendiing siince llastt one yearr,, wherreas Pay Reviisiion fforr botth tthe Executtiives //
Non Executtiives has been iimpllementted.. Parrlliiamenttarry Commiittttee on Offffiiciiall Language
and some Hon’’blle MPs have allso rremiinded tto yourr good sellff fforr earrlly acttiion..
- 9 -
The RR off Rajjbhasha Adhiikarrii,, Juniiorr//Seniiorr Hiindii Trransllattorrs arre equiivallentt tto DOT
RRs,, hence equall sttatus and pay scalles shoulld be giiven iin BSNL..
Befforre merrgiing iin BSNL Rajjbhasha Adhiikarrii ((ADOL)) was drrawiing 6500 pay scalle iin DOT
and accorrdiinglly pay rreviised as 9850 butt now ADOL off DOT iis gettttiing 8000 pay scalle att
prresentt hence ADOL off BSNL shoulld gett equall pay scalle..
We woulld ttherrefforre rrequestt you tto kiindlly iintterrvene iin tthe matttterr so tthatt tthe pay scalles off
Hiindi cadre Rajjbhasha Adhiikarii, Juniiorr and Senior Hindii Trransllattorrs arre rreviised att tthe
18)) Faulltts iin CDR biilllliing systtem and remediiall measures tto be ttaken tthere off
The CDR systtem iis iinttrroduced iin BSNL.. TCS iis engaged fforr an amountt off Rs..1200 crrorre
conttrractt fforr CDR Prrojjectt.. Whiille iimpllementtiing tthe prrojjectt many off tthe prrobllems
menttiioned bellow arre nott ttaken carre off rresulttiing a verry serriious siituattiion in the ffielld.. We
rrequestt tto ttake iimmediiatte rremediiall measurres on tthe ffollllowiing iissues::--
1)) WLL ((Fiixed Wiirelless)):: Whiille iinttrroduciing CDR Prrojjectt,, we werre ttolld tthatt CDR
Systtem wiillll be tthe siinglle poiintt off solluttiion fforr allll tthe serrviices lliike Land Liine,, WLL and
Brroadband ettc.. Butt now iitt iis llearrntt tthatt WLL wiillll nott be iinttegrratted wiitth CDR and
shoulld operratte on DoT sofftt.. Therre arre deffiiniittelly exttrraneous consiiderrattiions on whiich
deciisiion off nott iinttegrrattiing WLL iintto CDR iis based.. Land Liine and WLL serrviices arre
mosttlly iintter dependent serrvices and wheneverr Land Liine iis not ffeasible serrviice is
prroviided on WLL.. Even iin case off serriious iintterrrrupttiion iin Land Liine serrviices off tthe
vallued subscrriiberrs arre beiing ttemporrarriilly serrved wiitth WLL serrviices.. Morreoverr
converrsiion off Landlliine tto WLL iis a verry common phenomenon.. IIn case CDR iis
iimpllementted fforr each and everry countterr BSNL has tto prroviide ttwo computterrs fforr
accepttiing paymentts one fforr Landlliine and anottherr fforr WLL.. The collllecttiions off postt
offfiices allso arre rrequiirred tto be biiffurcatted and iinsertted iin ttwo diifffferrentt systtems.. Thiis is
iin a worrd a ttrroubllesome jjob..
2)) Revenue assurance modulle:: IIn CDR Systtem enttiirre Biilllliing iis ttottalllly dependiing
upon tthe CDRs rrecorrded iin Swiittch Room and nott based on Metterr rreadiings.. Butt ttherre
iis no mechaniism tto crross check whettherr allll tthe ffiilles have rreached Datta Centterr orr nott
ffrrom rrespecttiive swiittch IIn Charrges.. Therre arre no ttoolls avaiillablle tto tthe SSA tto check
whettherr alll the calllls made by a subscrriiberr arre billled orr not..
3)) Biilllliing Probllems:: IItt iis llearrntt tthatt iin case off any biilllliing compllaiintt SSA att bestt can
llodge tthe compllaiintt tto TCS fforr solluttiion.. No ttoolls arre avaiillablle tto tthe SSA fforr
corrrrecttiion off biilllls.. The SSA whiich has allrready miigrratted tto CDR iis ffaciing tthiis
prrobllems and tthe experriience off tthe concerrned SSA’’s arre verry biitttterr.. Even fforr a smallll
prrobllem TCS ttakes morre tthan ttwentty days ((Experriience off tthe SSA arre avaiillablle iin
tthe BSNL inttrranett porrttall underr diiscussiion board)).. We sttrrongly ffeell tthatt BSNL wiillll
deffiiniittelly llose iitts subscrriiberr base iiff compllaiintts arre nott settttlled att tthe earrlliiestt..
4)) Non--iissuance off regullar biilllls:: Many SSAs whiich have allrready miigrratted tto CDR
arre yett tto iissue biilllls fforr tthe montth ffrrom Febrruarry 2010 onwarrd w..rr..tt.. Landlliine,, PCOs,,
Brroadband and ottherr alllliied serrviices tto subscrriiberrs fforr tthe rreasons bestt known tto TCS
rresulttiing iin immediatte revenue loss,, ffuturre deffaultt paymentts and ullttiimatte migrattiion..
5)) Dellay iin conffiiguriing variious pllans and no proviisiion off area ttransffer:: As
BSNL iis ttottalllly dependentt upon Vendorr fforr any Pllan//Scheme conffiigurrattiion iin CDR
Systtem,, SSAs arre unablle tto llaunch tthe Corrporratte//Ciirrclle Pllans iin ttiime.. Therre iis no
prroviisiion tto deall wiitth ttrransfferr off some arreas off olld exchanges gettttiing diiverrtted afftterr
iinsttallllattiion off new exchanges..
6)) Portall paymentts – nott iinttegratted wiith CDR: IIt iis llearrntt tthatt BSNL Porrttall ffor
accepttiing Biillll paymentts iis nott iinttegrratted wiitth CDR systtem.. Ourr custtomerrs arre used
- 10 -
tto pay tthrrough BSNL porrttall and suddenlly wiitthdrrawiing tthiis ffaciilliitty crreattes conffusiion
among customerrs.. BSNL porttall integrrattiion wiitth CDR Systtem iis tto be worrked outt
iimmediiattelly otherrwise wheneverr a DoT sofftt SSA goes llive iin CDR tthe customers off
tthatt SSA wiillll no morre have tthiis ffaciilliitty..
7)) IIncorporattiion off LC Biilllliing & otther new serviices:: Prroviisiion fforr biilllliing Leased
Ciirrcuiitt Serrviices arre nott avaiillablle iin CDR Systtem.. So ffarr ttherre iis no iiniittiiattiion iin tthiis
rregarrd.. Thiis rresulltts iin niill vallue addiittiion siince useffull and pottenttiiall ffeatturres off DoT sofftt
arre nott beiing iimplementted iin CDR..
8)) No proper ttoolls tto generatte requiired iinfformattiion tto SSAs tto ensure//handlle
day tto day requiirementts:: CDR miigrratted SSAs arre ttottalllly dependiing upon tthe TCS
fforr accessiing any sorrtt off iinfforrmattiion rrequiirred by tthe managementt.. The exiisttiing
rreporrtts arre not meettiing tthe requiirementt,, ffor examplle,, AO Biilllliing iis unablle to give
iinfforrmattiion iin a parrttiicullarr montth as tto how many Biilllls arre tto be iissued and how many
have been iissued..
9)) Proper ttransffer off outtsttandiing:: IItt iis allso llearrntt tthatt outtsttandiing agaiinstt tthe
cllosed//llong diisconnectted numberrs arre nott goiing tto be miigrratted tto tthe CDR systtem
and iin case off worrkiing connecttiions iinsttead off biillll wiise outtsttandiing onlly tthe ttottall
amount wiilll be ttransfferrred.. Thiis wiillll deffiinitelly crreate severre diispleasurre among tthe
subscrriiberrs and ullttiimattelly llead tto mass surrrrenderr..
19)) Framiing off Conductt off Busiiness Rulles ffor tthe Nattiionall,, Ciirclle and Locall
The negottiiattiing counciills arre ffuncttiioniing iin BSNL fforr tthe pastt seven yearrs.. BSNL has
merrelly iissued orrderrs fforr tthe consttiittuttiion off tthe counciills att tthe Corrporratte Offffiice llevell,,
ciirrclle llevell and SSA levell.. Howeverr,, so ffarr no rrulles ffor tthe conduct off business off tthe
counciills att varriious llevells arre ffrramed by BSNL.. The JCM whiich was ffuncttiioniing att tthe
ttiime off DoT,, was haviing a consttiittuttiion fforr tthe conductt off iitt’’s busiiness.. BSNL may allso
ffrrame such rrulles iin BSNL whiich wiillll hellp iin tthe smootth ffuncttiioniing off tthe counciills..
20)) Removall off tthe metthod off sttandard off evalluattiion ffor enttiittllementt off ttiime
bound upgradattiion off payscalles under NEPP..
IIn parra 4..3 off tthe NEPP iitt iis sttiipullatted tthatt tthe evalluattiion fforr tthe Non--Executtiives ttiime
bound IIDA scalle upgrradattiions wiillll be as ffollllows::
1.. Frrom NEII-NE2;; NE2-NE3;; NE3-NE4;; NE4-NE5:: Gradiing crriitterriia--nott morre tthan ffour
2.. NE5--NE6;; NE6--NE7;; NE7--NE8:: Grradiing crriitterriia--nott morre tthan ttwo averrages..
3.. NE8--NE9;; NE9--NE10;; NE--10--NE11:: Grradiing crriitterriia--nott morre tthan one averrage..
Accorrdiing tto tthe earrlliierr schemes off OTBP//BCR//ACP,, tthe ttiime bound
upgrradattions//prromottions arre on tthe basis off seniorritty cum ffiittness onlly. The questtiion off
bench marrk arrises onlly when tthe promottiion iis on tthe basiis off meriit cum seniorritty..
Furrttherr,, iitt was agrreed by botth tthe parrttiies iin tthe agrreementt allso,, tthatt tthe ffiittness fforr tthe
IIDA pay scalle upgrradattiion tto tthe nextt hiigherr Non Executtiive IIDA scalle fforr tthe elliigiiblle Non
Executtiives wiillll be jjudged by prrescrriibed Scrreeniing Commiittttee//DPC.. Accorrdiing tto tthe
prresentt systtem off maiinttaiiniing off tthe ACR,, onlly tthe adverrse enttrriies wiillll be communiicatted
tto tthe offffiiciialls.. Siince ‘‘averrage’’ iis nott consiiderred tto be an adverrse enttrry,, tthe same iis nott
beiing communicatted tto tthe offffiicialls.. Above allll,, tthe Sttaffff Siide speciifficallly has nott
acceptted fforr any sttandarrd off evalluattiion iin tthe agrreementt tthatt tthey siigned wiitth tthe
managementt siide iin tthe Prromottiion Commiittttee.. Hence,, tthe metthod off evalluattiion off
sttandarrds iin tthe NEPP may be wiitthdrrawn and tthe upgrradttiion off payscalles underr NEPP
shoulld be done on tthe basiis off seniiorriitty cum ffiittness onlly..
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