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JAO PART II (Dept.Exam.)Gujarat Circle Result Declared- Congartulations to all -inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999

Namaskar-Congratulations for Passing JAO Part II EXAM.
To-Day BSNL Dept/ JAO Part-II Exam Result Declated by BSNL GJ Circle Office Ahmedabad

In Gujarat Circle TOAL 104 OC Canddates declared Passed
13 SC Category ---do-----
03 ST Category ---d0-----
TOTAL=120=00 candidates passed successfully
Result kept on BSNL Portal
In Rajkot folloeing candidates declared Passed-Congratulations to all
(1)P.H. Mavani
(2)R.B. Upadhyay
(3)Mrs. R.M. Vora
(4)M.A Parekh
(5)D.J. Joshi
(6)K.N. Vora
(8)J.D. Leuva
(12)A.K. Hindocha(ASHOK HINDOCHA)
(14)R.R.Bhatt M-9426201999-94262 54999-0281-2010015

Monday, March 29, 2010

BSNL Latest News by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999-9426254999 M-9426201999-9426254999 M-9426201999-9426254999
Defeat the retrograde recommendatiions
of the Sam Piitroda Commiittee
The much publliiciized Sam Piittrroda Commiittttee has submiitttted iitt’’s
rreporrtt.. The iimporrttantt rrecommendattiions off tthe commiittttee arre
rrettrrogrrade iin natturre.. Accorrdiing tto rreporrtts,, iitt has rrecommended 30%
strrattegic sttake salle, iinttroducttiion off a VRS tto cut tthe sttaffff sttrrengtth by
1//3,, scrrappiing off tthe 93 miilllliion GSM lliine ttenderr,, unbundlliing off BSNL’’s
llastt miille copperr,, ettc..
IIn the backdrop off BSNL’’s declliiniing marrkett sharre and prroffiitts,
Prriime Miiniistterr Manmohan Siingh appoiintted a tthrree memberr commiittttee,,
headed by Sam Piittrroda,, tto suggestt tthe ways and means fforr tthe rreviivall off tthe PSU.. The
ottherr memberrs off tthe commiittttee arre Deepak Parrekh,, Chaiirrman off tthe HDFC bank and P..J..
Thomas,, Secrrettarry,, DoT.. The commiittttee iis llearrntt tto have submiitttted iitt’’s 15 poiintt
rrecommendattiions tto tthe govtt.. iin tthe ffiirrstt week off Marrch..
The most iimporrttantt rrecommendattion off tthe commiittttee iis 30% sttrrattegiic stake salle,
as wellll as tthe iinducttiion off a sttrrattegiic iinvesttorr.. Outt off tthiis,, 10% money iis go tto tthe
goverrnmentt and tthe rremaiiniing 20% iis tto be used fforr iinttrroducttiion off a VRS.. The Commiittttee
iis llearrntt tto have arrgued tthatt tthe iinducttion off a sttrattegiic iinvesttor woulld brriing ““sound
managementt prracttiice and ttechnollogiicall experrttiise”” tto BSNL.. Thiis rrecommendattiion off
Piittrroda,, rremiinds us off whatt happened iin VSNL,, whiich was a PSU once.. Thrrough
diisiinvesttmentt,, Tatta was iinductted iiniittiialllly as a sttrrattegiic parrttnerr iin VSNL.. Latterr on,, VSNL
was prriivattiized and solld tto Tatta..
The ottherr rrecommendattiion off tthe commiittttee,, tto rrettrrench one llakh sttaffff tthrrough VRS,,
iis notthiing butt attrrociious. Allmostt one lakh emplloyees have allready rettirred siince tthe
iincepttiion off BSNL and anottherr 60,,000 arre goiing tto rrettiirre wiitthiin tthe nextt 5 yearrs.. As such,,
tthe mottiive behiind tthiis rrecommendattiion iis notthiing butt tto drrasttiicalllly rreduce tthe sttaffff
sttrrengtth,, befforre iitt iis handed overr tto a prriivatte // Mullttii Nattiionall Company..
The Commiittttee has allso rrecommended tto scrrap tthe 93 miilllliion GSM lliine ttenderr..
BSNL managementt has allrready actted on tthiis.. BSNL,, whiich iis allrready sttarrviing due tto non--
supply off equiipmentts, iis cerrttaiinlly goiing tto fface a crriisiis on account off tthe scrrapping off tthiis
ttenderr.. Thiis rrecommendattiion iis notthiing,, butt parrtt off tthe ongoiing conspiirracy tto kiillll BSNL,, by
bllockiing iitt’’s equiipmentt supplly.. We rrememberr a siimiillarr attttemptt made by tthe govtt.. iin 2007,,
tto scrrap tthe 45 miilllliion GSM lliine ttenderr,, whiich was ffrrusttrratted by tthe uniitted sttrrugglle by
BSNL’’s worrk fforrce..
The Piittrroda Commiittttee has allso rrecommended tthatt BSNL’’s llastt miille copperr shoulld
be unbundlled. BSNL,, whiich iis tthe marrkett lleaderr now iin tthe Brroadband segmentt,, wiilll
cerrttaiinlly llose iitt’’s prromiinence iiff tthiis rrecommendattiion iis iimpllementted.. Thrrough tthiis
rrecommendattiion,, one can cllearrlly see tthe rreall fface off tthe Piittrroda Commiittttee..
The Commiittttee iis llearrntt tto have giiven some ottherr rrecommendattiions,, whiich iincllude
ttiime bound solluttiion tto tthe IITS absorrpttiion iissue,, iinducttiion off prroffessiionalls ffrrom outtsiide tto
tthe ttop managementt,, segrregattiion off tthe Chaiirrman and Managiing Diirrecttorr postts,, ettc.. Butt
by and llarrge,, the rrecommendattiions off tthe Sam Piitrroda Commiittttee arre notthiing butt a rroad
map fforr tthe prriivattiizattiion off BSNL,, whiich has tto be deffeatted tthrrough uniitted sttrrugglle..
******** M-9426201999-9426254999

BSNL Latest News by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999 M-9426201999

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2. Sony Ericsson brings out an exciting family of phones under the comm 3. BSNL likely to net Rs 3641cr loss
4. Udupi: BSNL Employees Protest Against Unfulfilled Demands
5. BSNL Unlimited Broadband offer for customers during IPL season 2010 6. BSNL Offering Free WiMAX Services
7. BSNL officer caught accepting Rs8,000 bribe in Maharashtra
8. A pledge to support Planet Earth
9. Tobu neglected and ignored
10. Pallamraju launches BSNLs 3G service
11. Global telco vendors must hire Indians
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13. Now, you can dial a complaint against that errant cabbie
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15. Action against 54 government drivers for not using seat-belts 16. ValueFirst acquires telecom software firm, Packet Shaper
17. State posts 5.14 per cent growth in mobile subscribers
18. Bharti-MTN tussle on cards
19. Pirates of the broadband lines
20. Trai releases tariff draft for non-CAS areas
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23. Sit happens
24. KSA wins goodwill football tourney
25. Brand Power: Younger replacing the older
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1. Auditor submits report on Vodafone to DoT

NEW DELHI: The government-appointed auditor to examine the books of country’s second largest mobile operator Vodafone Essar on Friday submitted its report to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT).
A company spokesperson said Vodafone has received a copy of the report submitted to the DoT and said the company’s accounts are in line with statutory standards set by telecom tribunal TDSAT. Sources said the auditors have put some licence fee liability on different heads. However, the company feels these are covered under the definition of licence fee as decided by TDSAT. The DoT had last year ordered audits on telecom companies Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Essar Ltd, Idea Cellular Ltd and Tata Teleservices and Reliance Communications (RCOM) after the regulator Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) said the accounts s hould be audited every 3—5 years. - PTI

2. Sony Ericsson brings out an exciting family of phones under the comm

Mumbai, Maharashtra, March 26, 2010 /India PRwire/ -- INDIA: Living up to its brand promise of make.believe, Sony Ericsson today set off fireworks as its exciting new portfolio of phones was unveiled by Kareena Kapoor - its newly appointed brand ambassador for the region. Taking Sony Ericsson's entertainment heritage to new heights, the phones - including the much awaited XPERIA™ X10, XPERIA™ X10 mini, XPERIA™ X10 mini pro, Vivaz™, and Vivaz™ pro - combine rich graphics with intelligence capabilities.
Further building up the excitement quotient, Sony Ericsson also announced the roll out of an impelling marketing campaign with a barrage of new elements, including its association with the extremely talented and beautiful Kareena Kapoor. Another interesting aspect of the company's upcoming campaign will be the greater emphasis on digital and social networks marketing, which is in synergy with what today's evolving consumer wants.
Speaking on the launch of the new phones, Hirokazu Ishizuka, Corporate Vice President & Head of Asia Pacific region, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication said, "As a brand, we have evolved. The proliferation of social and digital media is changing the consumer experience with mobile phones and the new portfolio we present today really takes communication entertainment to the next level."
"Being one of the most widely-followed youth-icons, Kareena matches the level of energy, vibrancy, passion and fun associated with Sony Ericsson, and thereby elevates the aspiration value of the brand. We are also extremely excited about re-energizing the digital space with Kareena, as we debut her social networking that will allow her to engage with the rapidly growing digitally-evolved fan-base over various social networking platforms," he added.
Speaking on her association with Sony Ericsson, Kareena Kapoor said, "I am very happy to be associated with Sony Ericsson. Having experienced the new phone - the XPERIA X10, I believe that Sony Ericsson truly represents the fusion of communication and entertainment in mobile device. I love my new feature rich Sony Ericsson XPERIA™ X10 that allows me to easily keep in touch with my family and friends, while keeping myself entertained on the go."
The new portfolio also introduces a new UX platform that creates a unique Sony Ericsson user experience by combining best-in-class entertainment features with signature applications, unrivalled integration of social media services and a rich graphical user interface. Among the many new features, the new phones introduce signature applications like Mediascape and Timescape™ that lets consumers organise everything in their phone in an intuitive way.
* Sony Ericsson Timescape™ manages all communication with one person in one place. Users can browse through their conversations the bright way to check out their Facebook™, Twitter™, photos, emails, and texts all in one go
* Sony Ericsson Mediascape is the smart way to get all the music, photos and videos one wants from their favourite friends and artists. It accesses content from everywhere - the phone, YouTube™, PlayNow™ - and presents all content in one place on the consumer's phone.
Reinforcing its promise of Communication Entertainment, Sony Ericsson has also partnered with regional and local content and application providers to deliver the latest in entertainment content for consumers. Highlighting one such exclusive partnership, Mr. Ishizuka said, "We have a signed a regional partnership with MTV, whereby the Xperia X10 users will have exclusive access to the MTV application that will provide them news feeds and other updates from the channel."
With India projected to become the second largest telecom market globally, Sony Ericsson sees immense potential in the region for its new portfolio. According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the number of telecom subscribers in the country increased by 3.5 percent in December 2009, in comparison to November 2009. It is estimated that by mid 2012, around half the country's population will own a mobile phone.
To tap the booming telecom market in India, Sony Ericsson has invested in multiple marketing campaigns that will help grow the brand's market share in the region. Commenting on this, Mr. Ishizuka stated, "Social media will play an important role in how we engage with our consumers here in India. Sony Ericsson recognizes the critical need to maintain consumer touch points that incorporate all digital/social media mediums that will give us an opportunity to engage create new and exciting experiences for consumers."
Sony Ericsson is also partnering with India's leading content and application providers to deliver the latest in entertainment content for consumers. This includes leading players such as Hungama, MTV India, UTV, Shemaroo, Electronic Arts, Indiagames, and Disney mobile among others, who will come together with the mobile phone brand to offer content and applications to Sony Ericsson users in India. The company already has over 200 active partners in India spanning across entertainment, functional and technical verticals, and it will continue to work towards growing this base to present its evolved Communication Entertainment portfolio to engage the Indian consumer, and excite them through various marketing initiatives.
A sneak preview into the world of Sony Ericsson's new superstars
Get set to be impressed with the awesome user experience of Xperia™ X10
XPERIA™ X10 is the signature phone in a family of phones to deliver a consistent user experience where communication truly becomes entertainment. Its new UX platform, and signature applications like Mediascape and Timescape™, lets consumers organize everything in their phone in an intuitive way. While the Sony Ericsson Timescape™ brings all communication together in one place so users can see at a glance text messages, missed calls, and Facebook™ and Twitter updates, Mediascape is the smart way to get all the music, photos and videos you want from your favourite friends and artists. It accesses content from everywhere - your phone, YouTube™, PlayNow™ - and presents everything for you. If you are the one who loves photos, then Xperia™ X10's intelligent face recognition is dedicated to you! With the capacity to recognize up to five faces in any picture, you can automatically connect photos of your loved ones with your social phonebook and all
other related communications with that person. MRP: Rs. 35, 795
Great things come in 'mini' packages - the infinite possibilities of the Xperia™ X10 mini & X10 mini pro
The Xperia™ X10 mini and X10 mini pro with slide out QWERTY keyboard, are compact versions of Xperia™ X10, and based on the human curvature design philosophy. The two sister mobile phones incorporate the signature application Sony Ericsson Timescape™ that manages all communication with one person in one place without having to open lots of different applications. To get groovy with your favourite music, let the "infinite button" on the interactive music player pull together all music content from the music store and YouTube™! It's also a smart way to search for new tracks from a favourite artist. So prepare yourself to enter the universe of an open and intuitive communication entertainment experience. MRP: Rs. 25, 695
The Xperia™ X10 mini and X10 mini pro with slide out QWERTY keyboard, are compact versions of Xperia™ X10, and based on the human curvature design philosophy. The two sister mobile phones incorporate the signature application Sony Ericsson Timescape™ that manages all communication with one person in one place without having to open lots of different applications. To get groovy with your favourite music, let the "infinite button" on the interactive music player pull together all music content from the music store and YouTube™! It's also a smart way to search for new tracks from a favourite artist. So prepare yourself to enter the universe of an open and intuitive communication entertainment experience. MRP: Rs. 25, 695
Unleash the movie director in you with the high definition Sony Ericsson Vivaz™
With Sony Ericsson Vivaz™, communication truly becomes entertainment with high quality HD video. You can produce and broadcast your most memorable experiences with the latest video capture and sharing features. Record spontaneous moments with a dedicated video button that lets you shoot video instantly with continuous auto focus for the perfect film. Review your creation in the standby panel or online via Wi-Fi on the 3.2 inch widescreen, and if it's praise-worthy, don't forget to upload your favourite video via Wi-Fi onto YouTube™ and Picasa. Want more? Enjoy easy access to social networks such as Facebook™ and Twitter, and music on the Sony Ericsson media player. For your best moments, snap out your Vivaz™, and capture life's moments in high quality with the 8.1 MP camera!
Let your fingers do the magic of speedy social networking with the Vivaz™ Pro
Stay ahead of everyone else through faster typing on your email, Twitter™, Facebook, blogging and chat with the all new Sony Ericsson Vivaz™ Pro, which adds a QWERTY keyboard to the touch screen offering to deliver a user experience optimized for messaging and entertainment. Like it's big brother Vivaz™, the Sony Ericsson Vivaz™ Pro also allows consumers to produce and broadcast their best experiences in HD video, viewed on the 3.2" 16:9 wide touchscreen. Go innovative with the open platform that allows you to personalize their entertainment experience by downloading great applications through PlayNow™ and the Symbian Developer Community.
'For the online version of this release and to access images, videos, and more product information, please visit:'
Product images:
Notes to Editor
About Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson is a 50:50 joint venture by Sony and Ericsson established in October 2001, with global corporate functions located in London and operations in all major markets. Our vision is to become the industry leader in Communication Entertainment; where new styles of communicating through the internet and social media, become entertainment. Sony Ericsson offers exciting consumer experiences through phones, accessories, content and applications. For more information please visit:
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Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication India recent press release(s)

Sony Ericsson redefines Communication Entertainment
Communication Entertainment proposition builds on Sony Ericsson’s leadership in music, imaging, gaming, content services and applications to deliver unlimited opportunities for consumers to share

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3. BSNL likely to net Rs 3641cr loss

NEW DELHI: This will be a summer of discontent for BSNL, which is confronting the possibility of a 30% disinvestment at a time when its estimated losses for the financial year ending March 31, 2010 are hitting a staggering Rs 3,641 crore.

BSNL's performance has been under the lens for some time, forcing PM Manmohan Sigh himself to intervene to prevent BSNL from sinking further. The DoT and BSNL renewed an MoU on March 15 for the third consecutive year, which allows the DoT to monitor BSNL's performance quarterly against predefined revenue targets.

According to projections in the MoU document, BSNL's total income for the year ended March 31, 2010 is estimated at Rs 32,539 crore, down from Rs 35,812 crore in 2008-09. This is Rs 9,556 crore less than the MoU target of Rs 42,095 crore. However, net profit is crashing. BSNL's swift decline from a net profit of Rs 10,183 crore just a few years ago in 2004-05, is alarming considering that it comes amid an overall industry boom (see chart).

When contacted, BSNL's CMD, Kuldeep Goyal said, "the company is not in losses. He however, admitted that, "this (loss of Rs 3,641 crore) could be one projection".

BSNL, which is one of India's largest public sector units with over 3 lakh employees, is at the centre of a major union protest starting Friday over the visible mismanagement of the company. An indefinite nationwide strike starting April 20 has also been firmed up, which has the potential of paralysing services for BSNL's roughly 59.45 million subscribers.

Speaking to ToI, G L Jogi, general secretary of Sanchar Nigam Executives Association said the company's performance and growth lifelines were being choked by incompetent management and bureaucratic red tape.

Growth has been further paralysed by the recent cancellation of an order to procure 93 million new GSM lines. "We have no equipment for the east or north and only marginal surplus capacity for the south and west. Our protest signifies the failure of all attempts at reasonable persuasion with the telecom ministry and BSNL management," says Jogi. Apart from performance issues, the unions are against disinvestment, retiring of 1 lakh workers through VRS.

Sam Pitroda, who led a 3-member committee including HDFC chairman Deepak Parikh and DoT secretary P J Thomas for revamp of BSNL made these recommendations to the PM recently.

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4. Udupi: BSNL Employees Protest Against Unfulfilled Demands

Udupi, Mar 27: The District BSNL Employees and Officers United Forum staged a protest in front of Telecom Centre here on Friday March 26, seeking redressal of their grievances and meeting of their demands.

The protest was staged to put pressure on the union government to withdraw its proposal to allow foreign investment in telecom sector, to include Indian Telecom Services (ITS) officers functioning under the department of telecommunications with BSNL, to withdraw the implementation of compulsory retirement in the guise of voluntary retirement benefits, opposing the initiative of outsourcing of basic facilities in BSNL, demanding supply of adequate essential technical accessories to BSNL and to fulfill the demands of the retired BSNL employees.

On this occasion, the United Forum also has given a call for an indefinite strike from Tuesday April 20, in case the union government fails to fulfill their pending demands by then.

Shashidhar, H D Pai, Purandar Shetty, Ganapathi Samaga, Govind Nayak, Mukundan, M A Poojary, Guddappa Nayak, Satyanarayan Upadhyaya and others were present.

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5. BSNL Unlimited Broadband offer for customers during IPL season 2010

IPL fever is in. There is a mad rush about this game across the country and marketers are keen to cash on it. There are various schemes etc keeping the IPL in mind and almost all marketers are rolling out new schemes to be a part of the IPL.

So what makes BSNL special among marketers so that the new scheme that it has doled out becomes special? Well in a sense nothing really; however what makes it special is that usually BSNL is perceived as a slow moving organisation. With introduction of new scheme this however is set to change and people thus have sat up and taken note of the new development.

This surprising announcement by BSNL might also be an attempt to counter the offer from Airtel for free connection up grades of up to 2 Mbps till the IPL is on. So the battle is on fast and furious in the airspace and even entities like BSNL are keen to cash in to its demand.

A customer who takes a new connection from BSNL before March 31st would be able to make unlimited downloads at a speed of up to 2mbps. This speed would be offered for the first 15 days following the connection. However, after 15 days, the plan would be reverted to the one that the customer had chosen initially. The minimum period for the customers to hire this available scheme would be a period of one month. This would also include the free download period as well.

For the new connection, BSNL would not charge any registration fees. They however, would have to pay Security Deposits for the opted plan and it would be reflected in the first bill that is received by the customer.

This surprising announcement by BSNL has raised great expectations in the market. It has now to be seen how many customers take the connection from BSNL before 31st March. This would also perhaps indicate the success of BSNL over Airtel.

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6. BSNL Offering Free WiMAX Services

BSNL is currently offering free WiMAX services in India. It will last until April 15, 2010 . Customers won’t be charged any monthly fee or modem rental fee for 30 days from the date of activation. It will offer free downloads of 400 MB and there is a security deposit of Rs2000. The money will be refunded if the customer is not interested in continuing the WiMAX service.
BSNL Wireless Broadband offers flexible pricing plans and rates for usage. The network is adjustable as service and customer demands grow. The network is backed up by BSNL’s reliable hard line backbone network. BSNL offers mobile WiMAX services in rural and urban areas in India.
BSNL’s marketing effort to get subscribers is a bold effort and should help get subscribers for BSNL’s WiMAX services. It should be interesting to see what kind of impact this has because India is such a burgeoning market for WiMAX.

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7. BSNL officer caught accepting Rs8,000 bribe in Maharashtra

Nashik: A telecom officer was caught in Nashik, red-handed by sleuths of the Anti-Corruption Bureau for accepting a bribe of Rs8,000 from a contractor, ACB officials said.

Haribhau Laxman, a junior officer with the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) was held yesterday taking the amount from a contractor to settle his bill for laying a few pole less network at Parner in Ahmednagar district, they said.
ACB laid a trap after contractor and complainant Premshankar Dubey approached them, officials said in a press release in Nashik.

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8. A pledge to support Planet Earth

A woman walks down steps that feature a painted promotional design of Earth Hour. Earth Hour 2010 is on Saturday and is a global call to turn off lights for 60 minutes in a bid to highlight Global Climate Change. (AP Photo)
Morung Express News
Dimapur | March 26
Earth Hour 2010 will be on March 27 at 8:30pm - 9:30 pm (local time). Climate Change Leaders of Nagaland, organizations from all sectors and an expected part of the civil society have been preparing to make this year’s Earth Hour more successful than 2009’s. A global act to fight against Global Warming, Climate Change and to raise awareness about prudent use of energy resources, people across the world will show their solidarity by switching off power and equipments for one hour.
The goal of Earth Hour is to maintain a low carbon economy in addressing the problem of Global Warming and also prove that humankind has every possible chance to take action against climate changes. “Earth Hour will bring together people from all walks of life and unite countries across the planet to show the world we can work together to resolve the issue of Climate Change,” said Earth Hour Co-Founder and Executive Director, Andy Ridley.
Earth Hour 2009 remains as a successful global event with millions of people all over the world observing it. It was also successful in India, where approximately 5 million people turned off the lights and saved 1000 MW of power in just 1 hour. The WWF is hoping that Earth hour 2010 will reach huge millions of people and will become a successful global event than the year 2009. Nagaland joined Earth Hour in 2009 with the support of Government of Nagaland, Kohima Municipal Committee (KMC), Dimapur Municipal Committee (DMC), NEZCC, and Youth Action for Rural Development (YARD) and Music Task Force.
The response from churches, schools and civil society were overwhelming and reassuring like the campaign by school children of Mokokchung, NBCC giving out circulars to all churches across Nagaland, acoustic concerts by various local artistes in Dimapur and Kohima, youth organizations, household campaigns and prayer meetings in Tuensang.
Climate Change Leaders of Nagaland informed that currently Airtel and BSNL are the sponsor networks for Earth Hour and the telecom companies will be sending out two SMS on Earth Hour day so as to reach out to as many people as possible. BSNL representatives are reported to be ‘extremely enthusiastic’ and are trying to negotiate to the rest of north east states as well.
A CCL also revealed that through the advertisement ‘Green Dreams’, there has been a good response and especially from churches. A particular church organization even called up asking how and what information could be announced during evening service. An option for those people who really feel that they cannot totally ‘Switch off’ is to at least switch off ten non-essential lights.
Also, it was let known that Jakhama Students’ Union observes social work on a Saturday of every month with the intention of eradicating polythene bags and to sensitize people on water scarcity; related to deforestation and also on polythene bags that cause blockage of water passage.
CCL also informed that the Dimapur administration has been very responsive to the Earth Hour initiative and has taken ten posters and streamers to give out to the public. CCLs will also be handing out posters and streamers to schools in Kohima and to the Chief Secretary, Secretariat Kohima.
A note issued by Rev. S. Vitoshe Swu from the Western Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu (WSBAK) has also informed all the members of the churches under WSBAK to join hands in observing the Earth Hour by switching off the lights in their respective residences for one hour on March 28 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
CCLs are working with a zero budget but trying to reach out to people and hence “initiative is very important” a CCL mooted and added that changing of people’s mindset is very important to bring about green issues to Nagaland.” On the effective result of observing Earth Hour, the CCL remarked, “In the long run it will get into people’s consciousness and added that it is not only about March 27 but how we can save energy everyday.” With the severity of climate variation badly affecting the land, it is time for one to act and make few changes in life styles by making use of natural resources sensibly.

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9. Tobu neglected and ignored
Tobu area comprises of more than 20 villages sharing international border with Myanmar. It is far away from its state capital Kohima. Since inception every intellectual have turn a blind eye to this backward area and the innocent people are left only to enjoy their dreary life, totally out from every reach.
It is now more than 50 years since the existing Tobu sub-division was recognized by the state government. Many great political and sincere bureaucrats have come and gone playing their role in various capacities but leaving aside the far-flung backward people, still suffering, no way to go and blame but to keep on crying over the curse of darkness. We too appreciate many development taking place in Nagaland and many new good things coming out in this prone implementations. But why the people coming here are made not even aware of their basic necessities. It is amazing to remark upon the functions of various government offices with no head of departments and their negligence in discharging their duties.
I think it is appropriate to mention some of the few major services through which the people are benefited here; such as the only depended Government hospital existing without doctor and proper medicines, PHE department with no water supply, power department with not even a BSNL office, not even a single telephone connected etc and many others. In this manner people are deprived of their necessities despite of their hue and cry.
Now at this paralytic juncture leaving aside the other habituated and accustomed problems, coming to the present context of the changing world, life is dead without electricity. The sun and the moon has become the only source of light for us. People are also aware of the computerized or say mobile world where nothing could be worked out without power. And it is overwhelming distress to see that there is not even a single line wire connected with electricity in the villages of Tobu area till today.
People are existing but leaving under the curse of darkness and to show the impact of power failure for instance just to get one Xerox copy we have to travel 150-200 kms spending hundred and thousand of rupees and how can they survive tomorrow? In this way we are totally ignored and cut-off from every facilities. Had there been a concern government yesterday, then we have seen the world today. And it would be a miracle for us to see light if the responsible government and the department give us a chance to be a part of your development for better Nagaland.

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10. Pallamraju launches BSNLs 3G service

Kakinada: Union Minister of State for Defence M M Pallamraju today launched BSNLs 3G service at a function held here in the evening.
Describing the 3G service as a revolution in communication, he complimented the BSNL for being in the forefront in launching the innovative service and also for rendering effective and reliable landline telephone service and internet facility through broadband connection.
He also complimented the industrial houses and educational institutions for sponsoring laptops to students under the BSNLs novel scheme to spread internet facility through broadband to rural areas.
Stating the Software technology Parks of India (STPI) had ushered a new era in spreading the software technology in Kakinada by creating employment avenues to the engineering graduates in East and West Godavari Districts, Mr Pallamraju asked the BSNL authorities to strive for percolating deep into rural and interior areas the advanced technologies.

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11. Global telco vendors must hire Indians

NEW DELHI: Global telecom gear makers like Nokia Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and others, which maintain and manage mobile networks of
cellphone companies here, must only employ Indian engineers, a government directive said.

“The operation and maintenance of telecom networks should be entirely by Indian engineers and dependence on foreign engineers should be minimal or nil within a period of two years,” the communications ministry said in a notification posted on its website. The government said it would amend licence conditions soon to add the new norms.

Communications ministry officials said new rules were drafted, after the government agreed to demands by intelligence agencies to tighten security norms for the industry that is witnessing an influx of foreign companies and executives.

India is the world’s largest market for telecom gear makers and offers a $150-billion opportunity to vendors over the next five years. All telecom gear makers combined have several hundreds of foreign employees on their rolls in India, according to rough estimates. The new norms may slow down telecom companies’ expansion to rural India.

The networks of India's largest phone firms — Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Vodafone, Tata Tele and Idea — are being managed by either Sweden’s Ericsson, Finland-based Nokia Siemens, China’s Huawei or Paris-headquartered Alcatel-Lucent. Reliance Communications has outsourced its GSM network management to China’s Huawei while Loop Telecom has tied up with another Chinese firm, ZTE, for its GSM rollout across India. The directive also adds that all foreign gear makers will have to manufacture core telecom equipment locally or mandatorily transfer technology to Indian manufacturers within a three-year period.

Security threat

In the interim period, all imported equipment will have to get security clearance from the technology arm of the communications ministry.

“In case of non-compliance of the transfer of technology clause, the vendor/service provider shall be penalised. Criminal proceedings would also be started in this case,” the directive said.

All major vendors, including Ericsson, Huawei, Motorola, have manufacturing units in India, but these are small plants that largely assemble finished products. The new norms will force these companies to upgrade their existing plants, or transfer technology to domestic manufacturers.

The home ministry has repeatedly warned that equipment vendors may install back-door entries, remote logic facilities and also design Trojan horses in networks and hardware they sell to telcos here. This could be used to remotely bring down the network or to monitor the voice and data traffic on it, security agencies have said. The agencies are particularly concerned about Chinese vendors such as Huawei and ZTE.

In August 2009, the government banned BSNL from sourcing mobile networks and other related hardware from Chinese vendors in any region that shared international boundaries. In the same month, facing intense opposition from telecom companies, the government failed in its efforts to limit Chinese telecom vendors to just eight states —Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh. The move was vehemently opposed by mobile firms benefiting from cut-rate Chinese products. As a compromise, it was decided that equipment suppliers must register with DoT, agree to monitoring by security agencies, and obtain clearance to operate from the home ministry.

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12. Working at cross purposes

T. N. Pandey
The income-tax law falls in the domain of the CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) and service tax that of the CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs). As the two wings come under the Finance Ministry, one expects no contradictions in the administration of the aforesaid taxes. But the CBEC has been taking a different stand with regard to taxation of services falling within its jurisdiction.
The CBEC, in the context of charitable institutions (Reference Code 07601/23.08.09), had said that exemption under the I-T Act on the ground of they being public charitable institutions is of no consequence/relevance for service tax purposes. This is quite surprising. Now, in the context of service tax on construction activities, inter alia, of residential houses, a contradictory approach is being taken again.
Section 23(2) of the I-T Act, 1961 provides that where the house property is used by the owner for residential purposes, its annual letting value shall be taken as ‘nil' for income-taxation. Further, the second proviso to Section 24 of the Act provides that in respect of such properties constructed after April 1, 1999, by borrowing, a sum up to Rs 1.5 lakh per annum will be allowed as deduction.
Also, under Section 80C(2)(xviii), a sum up to Rs 1 lakh each year can be claimed as deduction for repayment of loan taken to construct the property, including stamp duty, registration and other expenses.
Service tax provisions
The proposals in the Finance Bill 2010 are quite in contrast to the I-T provisions, which are intended to give incentives for housing for residential purposes. The proposals are:
To extend service tax to real estate, including residential units. The proposal is to levy service tax on sale of properties by builders to buyers, if any part of the consideration for the sale is received before the construction gets completed, that is, even before the certificate of completion is issued by the competent authority.
In other words, even in respect of incomplete properties, the construction activity would be considered as creating a taxable event.
Besides, in the proposed legislation there is no clarity whether the levy would apply prospectively to new constructions or also to existing but incomplete constructions, that is, where the bookings have been made and payments are being made in instalments? Whether, in respect of such properties also, after the notification is issued, the builders/developers/promoters would be liable for service tax. To do so, would be unjust.
The basic issue
However, the basic issue is whether in selling a house on outright payment or payment in instalments basis, any service is involved, attracting service tax? In other words, when the properties are sold, whether the sellers are engaged in selling goods or in rendering any service?
An oft-repeated axiomatic statement is that ‘goods' are not services. Hence, any transaction which tantamounts to sale of ‘goods' simpliciter cannot be considered to be involving an element of service.
The term ‘goods' is defined under Section 65(50) of the Finance Act, 1994 to bear the meaning assigned to it in clause (7) of Section 2 of the Sale of Goods Act, 1930, where, inter alia, it is defined to mean “every kind of immovable property.”
In BSNL vs UOI (2006 145 STC 0091 SC), the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court has laid down five tests to determine what could be considered as goods, namely: there must be goods available for delivery; there must be a consensus ad idem as to the identity of the goods; the transferee should have a legal right to use the goods; such legal right has to be to the exclusion to the transferor; and the owner cannot again transfer the same rights to others.
A builder, when he sells flats/buildings, cannot be said to be rendering any service and, hence, the proposed levy seems to be, prima facie, invalid.
It can, thus, be seen that there are two major issues:
Anomaly in the working of the two departments, that is, one giving concession to house construction and the other imposing tax on their construction, needs to be removed; and
The proposal to levy service tax on sale of residential houses is apparently invalid, and needs to be dropped.(The author is a former chairman of CBDT.)

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13. Now, you can dial a complaint against that errant cabbie

By Santosh Andhale
Posted On Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 02:10:02 AM

An ambitious plan is underway to bring respite to commuters who have to face rude, uncooperative taxi drivers. The transport ministry has announced that it will introduce a toll-free number for registering complaints against errant taxi-drivers.

The number will be displayed on the vehicles and inside, behind the driver’s seat, for the convenience of passengers.

All you will need to do is dial the number and lodge a complaint with the details of the taxi.

The transport department will take punitive action against the drivers with the help of traffic police. This plan was revealed by transport minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil, who added, “We are launching the project with BSNL and are waiting to finalise the number.”

What comes as a bonus is that, this toll free number will also be applicable for auto-rickshaw drivers who misbehave with passengers. In fact, it will be mandatory for both taximen and rickshaw drivers to display this number prominently on their vehicles.

One of the most common complaints by the commuters is that taxi and rickshaw drivers refuse to ply to certain destinations and also refuse to ply for minimum fare. According to Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Rules 177, refusal to ply to any destination is a punishable offence for which the traffic police can impose a fine ranging anywhere between Rs 100 -Rs 1,200.

Patil says, “If some commuters have issues with the cabbies, he can connect with the call centre and lodge the complaint. The commuter will be required to explain his complaint and quote the taxi number. With the help of traffic police we will trace the taxi driver and fine him based on the nature of the complaint. The action can vary from suspension of licence to monetary fine. We are also looking at the feasibility of other punitive measures.”

He also pointed out, “Complainant’s name will be kept confidential but to avoid any undue advantage and abuse of the facility, we will fine the drivers only after verifying the facts. The cabbies will have the right to defend himself.”

A L Quadros, secretary of Mumbai Taximen’s Union said, “We hope the issue is discussed in detail with us before the service is launched.”

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14. New BSNL Broadband Users Get Unlimited Downloads
While private playersare doing all they can to cash in on the recent IPL fever, BSNL, who never seemed least interested in the cashing in on any phenomenon has thrown a surprise and has announceda plan that might just make all you BSNL broadband users happy. Even though existing users would not be benefited by these offers, they can always hope for something on these lines would be introduced for them as well.

BSNL has revealedthe details of a new plan for broadband service that can be availed by users taking a new connection from BSNL. Under this offer, all users who register for the service before March 31 will enjoy unlimited downloads at speeds of up to 2mbps.

BSNL also adds that they will not charge registration charges for these new connections. Note that BSNL will offer speeds of up to 2mbps for the first 15 days on these connections. After the 15 day period, the plan will revert to the one that the customer had originally chosen. Users who chose a plan that offers less than 2 mbps, will get a speed upgrade for 15 days after which the speed will drop. The user will need to pay SecurityDeposit for the opted Broadband Plan and the ModemSecurity Deposit (in case Modem is taken on hire basis from BSNL). These would reflect in the first bill you receive. BSNL has also informed that the minimum period of hire for customers who avail this scheme would be one month. Head to the BSNL website for more information on this.

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15. Action against 54 government drivers for not using seat-belts

In a drive against those not using seat belts, the traffic control branch of Pune police took action against the drivers of 54 government vehicles, in the last three days.
These included vehicles from the police department, Army, Ammunition Factory, State Social Welfare department, Irrigation department, Health department, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), Agriculture department, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL), Meteorological department, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and others.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (traffic) Manoj Patil said in a press release that a special drive was launched on March 22 against the drivers of government vehicles who are not using seat belts while driving.
Patil said that as per motor vehicle rules, it is mandatory for the drivers on four wheeler vehicles to use seat belts or safety belts while driving. The rules are meant for the safety of drivers and passengers.

The traffic control branch of Pune police has fined 84,658 persons in the year 2009 for not using seat belts while driving. And since January 2010 till date, the traffic police have taken action against 11,014 drivers for the same reason.
Traffic police claimed that the drive has given good results as it has reduced the number of deaths and serious injuries during the road accidents.
As many as 10 drivers and 10 passengers died in 18 fatal road mishaps involving four wheelers in the year 2008. The number had reduced in 2009, when two drivers and seven passengers were killed in similar road mishaps. w-9426201999

Saturday, March 27, 2010

BSNLEU Latest News by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999 M-9426201999 M-9426201999
[27.03.2010]JAC meets Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications Shri Gurudas Kamat :- The Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications, Shri Gurudas Kamat invited the leaders of the JAC for talks on 26.03.2010. The meeting took place at Sanchar Bhavan at 1100 hrs. BSNLEU was represented by Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary and Com. P. Abhimanyu, Dy. General Secretary. The issues contained in the strike notice served by the JAC were discussed.

At the outset the Hon’ble Minister stated that he was a votary of the Public Sector. He said that he wanted a strong BSNL so that the whole country need not depend upon the private telecom companies for communications.

The leaders of the JAC conveyed their strong opposition to IPO, VRS and Unbundling of last mile copper in BSNL. They urged upon the Minister to ensure uninterrupted equipment supply, immediate absorption of the ITS, revision of pension in IDA scales etc. In his reply the Hon’ble Minister stated that the issues raised by the JAC in it’s strike notice were receiving the attention of the govt. and that appropriate actions would be taken.

While we appreciate the gesture of the Hon’ble Minister of State, for inviting the leaders of the JCA for talks, within a few days of issuing the strike notice, we would like to inform our Comrades that he was not able to offer solution to any of the issues raised by the JAC. Hence, CHQ requests our Comrades to go ahead with the preparations for the indefinite strike in full swing and unleash a powerful campaign together with other constituents of the JAC to make the indefinite strike a success.

[26.03.2010]PRESS RELEASE:- Dharna on 26.03.2010 <>

[25.03.2010]Dharna on 26.03.2010:- Organise Massive Dharna on 26th March, 2010 at All Circle / SSA Hqrs. Protesting Against Non-Settlement of ITS Absorption, VRS, 30% Disinvestment, Unbundling, Outsourcing and Demanding Immediate Procurement of Mobile Lines and Pension Revision.








[23.03.2010]Notice for Indefinite Strike from 20th April, 2010 Called by JAC & Note on the Demands <>


[22.03.2010]Revolutionary Greetings on BSNLEU Day to All Comrades from CHQ !

Let Us Strive Hard to Protect and Advance Workers Interests.

Let Us Take Our Mighty Organisation to New Heights.

Workers of the World Unite !

BSNLEU Zindabad !


[20.03.2010]A letter to GM (SR) - Personal up gradation of qualified and officiating JTOs — Submission of additional note to the item No. 10 in the agenda of the 23rd National Council <>

[20.03.2010]A letter to GM (SR) - Regularisation of left out casual labour—Submission of additional note to the item No. 9 in the agenda of the 23rd National Council <>

[19.03.2010] Wage Revision to DOT: - Wage revision proposals has been forwarded today, 19-03-2010 to DOT for approval after the approval of BSNL Board.

[19.03.2010] CITU Conference Supports BSNL Strike: - CITU Conference being held at Chandigarh from 17th March 2010 has extended its full support and solidarity to the strike of BSNL Workers proposed on 20th April 2010. Earlier, Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU, spoke in detail about the struggle against BSNL disinvestment, retrenchment under VRS etc. and sought support from the Central Trade Unions.

[19.03.2010] CONTINUOUS STRUGGLE TO SAVE BSNL - AIBDPA Circular No.01 <>

[18.03.2010] Special concessions/facilities to Central Govt. Employees working in Kashmir Valley in attached/subordinate offices or PSUs falling under the control of Central Government <>

[17.03.2010] High Lights of the National Council meeting held on 16-03-2010 <>

[16.03.2010]PRESS RELEASE:- One Day Strike by BSNL Workers on 20.04.2010 <>




















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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

promotion Policy Order Issued-Congratulations to all-inf, by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999 M-9426201999






ORDERS COPY <> <> <> <>

<> <> <> <>


[23.03.2010]Notice for Indefinite Strike from 20th April, 2010 Called by JAC & Note on the Demands <>


[22.03.2010]Revolutionary Greetings on BSNLEU Day to All Comrades from CHQ !

Let Us Strive Hard to Protect and Advance Workers Interests.

Let Us Take Our Mighty Organisation to New Heights.

Workers of the World Unite !

BSNLEU Zindabad !


[20.03.2010]A letter to GM (SR) - Personal up gradation of qualified and officiating JTOs — Submission of additional note to the item No. 10 in the agenda of the 23rd National Council <>

[20.03.2010]A letter to GM (SR) - Regularisation of left out casual labour—Submission of additional note to the item No. 9 in the agenda of the 23rd National Council <>

[19.03.2010] Wage Revision to DOT: - Wage revision proposals has been forwarded today, 19-03-2010 to DOT for approval after the approval of BSNL Board.

[19.03.2010] CITU Conference Supports BSNL Strike: - CITU Conference being held at Chandigarh from 17th March 2010 has extended its full support and solidarity to the strike of BSNL Workers proposed on 20th April 2010. Earlier, Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU, spoke in detail about the struggle against BSNL disinvestment, retrenchment under VRS etc. and sought support from the Central Trade Unions.

[19.03.2010] CONTINUOUS STRUGGLE TO SAVE BSNL - AIBDPA Circular No.01 <>

[18.03.2010] Special concessions/facilities to Central Govt. Employees working in Kashmir Valley in attached/subordinate offices or PSUs falling under the control of Central Government <>

[17.03.2010] High Lights of the National Council meeting held on 16-03-2010 <>

[16.03.2010]PRESS RELEASE:- One Day Strike by BSNL Workers on 20.04.2010 <>






















Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BSNL Broad Band Promotional Scheme-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999 M-9426201999

Promotional scheme allowing “15 days Unlimited Free Download” to the New customers Registering their Broadband connection upto 31.03.2010.

Posted on: 23-03-2010

Promotional scheme allowing “15 days Unlimited Free Download” to the New customers Registering their Broadband connection upto 31.03.2010.
• All the customers registering their new Broadband connection till 31 st March 2010 under any BSNL Broadband Plan of up to 2Mbps speed (limited/unlimited) shall be provided unlimited free download at 2Mbps for first fifteen (15) days , irrespective of the speed of the plan applied for.

• The customers applying for Limited Plans shall not be charged for their download for first fifteen (15) days of activation of their Broadband connection and those applying for Unlimited Plans with download speed less than 2 Mbps shall get the benefit of increased download speed upto 2 Mbps.

• The scheme of free download shall terminate automatically after the first 15 days after which the connection shall be reverted to the registered plan, and change in Plan, if any desired by the customer shall be noted and implemented as per existing provisions.

• No Installation charges shall be payable by the customer for the BB connection registered upto 31.03.2010, as the same stand already waived off upto 31.03.2010

• Security Deposit for the opted Broadband Plan and the Modem Security Deposit (in case Modem is taken on hire basis from BSNL) shall be taken in three monthly installments starting from the first bill for the BB connection registered upto 31.03.2010

• Usual Monthly Plan charges for the opted Broadband plan and Fixed Monthly charges for the Modem (in case Modem is taken on hire basis from BSNL) shall be payable during the promotional period i.e., 15 days free download period.

• Minimum period of hire for customers availing this scheme shall be a period of one month including the free download period . M-9426201999

Joint Action Committee Of BSNL Association/Union-Notice to CMD-BSNL-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999 M-9426201999 M-9426201999
JAC//2010 23..03..2010
The Chaiirman & Managiing Diirecttor
Bharatt Sanchar Niigam Liimiitted
Bharatt Sanchar Bhawan
New Dellhii--110001
Sub:: Nottiice ffor IIndeffiiniitte Sttriike ffrom 20th Apriill,, 2010
IItt iis herreby nottiiffiied tthatt tthe Executtiive and Non--Executtiive emplloyees off BSNL wiillll go on
IIndeffiiniitte Sttrriike ffrrom 20th Aprriill,, 2010 fforr settttllementt off tthe ffollllowiing demands::
1.. Settttlle IITS Absorrpttiion iissue
2.. No Diisiinvesttmentt // No Prriivattiisattiion off BSNL..
3.. No Rettrrenchmentt // No VRS
4.. No Unbundlliing off Lastt Miille Copperr & Ottherr IInffrrasttrructturre..
5.. No Outtsourrciing
6.. IImmediiatte Prrocurrementt off Mobiille Liines
7.. Ensurre IIDA Pensiion Reviisiion tto BSNL Rettiirrees..
A notte on tthe demands iis herrewiitth encllosed..
IItt iis allso iinttiimatted tthatt One Day Dharrna wiillll be orrganiized att Corrporratte Offffiice,, Ciirrclle and
SSA HQs on 26..03..2010 iin supporrtt off tthe sttrriike demands..
Copy tto:: ((1)) Hon’’blle Miiniistterr off Communiicattiions & IIT,, New Dellhii
((2)) The Chiieff Labourr Commiissiionerr,, Shrram Saktthii Bhawan,, Raffii Marrg,, New Dellhii
((3)) The Secrrettarry,, DoT,, Sancharr Bhawan,, New Dellhii..
((3)) The Diirrecttorr ((HR)),, BSNL,, Bharratt Sancharr Bhawan,, New Dellhii..
((4)) The GM ((SR)),, BSNL,, Bharratt Sancharr Bhawan,, New Dellhii..
Note on the Demands for Indefinite Strike
from 20th April, 2010
1.. IITS Absorptiion
The iissue off absorrpttiion off IITS Offffiicerrs iin BSNL iis nott yett settttlled,, adverrselly affffecttiing tthe
day tto day devellopmentt and expansiion pllans.. IItt iis unprrecedentted tthatt mostt off ttop llevell
offffiicerrs arre on deputtattiion tto BSNL fforr aboutt 10 yearrs.. The assurrance giiven tto tthe Joiintt
Forrum tthatt tthe absorrpttiion iissue wiillll be settttlled by Decemberr,, 2009 has nott been
iimpllementted.. We wantt iimmediiatte settttllementt off tthiis iissue..
2.. No Diisiinvestment // No Priivatiisatiion of BSNL
IItt iis rreporrtted tthatt BSNL Boarrd has deciided tto diisiinvestt 10% sharres off BSNL.. The Sam
Piittrroda Panell iis allso rreporrtted tto have rrecommended 30% diisiinvesttmentt.. The uniions arre
compllettelly opposed tto diisiinvesttmentt and prriivattiizattiion off BSNL whiich iis nott iin tthe iintterrestt off
tthe counttrry and BSNL Worrkerrs.. The assurrance giiven tto tthe Joiintt Forrum earrlliierr durriing tthe
prroposed sttrriike off 6th Januarry,, 2006 tthatt ttherre wiillll be no diisiinvesttmentt // prriivattiizattiion shoulld
be honourred..
3.. No Retrenchment // No VRS
The rrecommendattiion off tthe Sam Piittrroda Commiittttee tto rrettrrench one llakh worrkerrs tthrrough
VRS iis vehementtlly opposed by tthe uniions.. IItt iis tto be menttiioned tthatt tthe goverrnmentt and
managementt had assurred tthatt no VRS wiillll be iimpllementted iin BSNL.. Morre tthan one llakh
worrkerrs have allrready rrettiirred siince corrporrattiisattiion and 60,,000 morre arre goiing tto be rrettiirred
wiitthiin tthe nextt ffiive yearrs.. The siix llakhs worrkerrs iin DoT iin 1986 has now been rreduced tto
tthrree llakh and ttherre iis no need fforr rrettrrenchmentt.. IIn ffactt,, rrecrruiittmentt iis tthe necessiitty iinsttead
off engagiing conttrractt worrkerrs..
4.. No Unbundlliing of Last Miille Copper and Other IInfrastructure
We demand tthatt tthe goverrnmentt and BSNL managementt shoulld honourr ttheiirr earrlliierr
commiittmentt tthatt ttherre wiillll be no unbundlliing off BSNL iinffrrasttrructturre as allso valluablle llastt
miille copperr.. Thiis iis hiighlly iimporrttantt fforr tthe brroad band connecttiions ettc.. as unbundlliing wiillll
rresulltt iin llosiing tthe advanttage off BSNL iin tthiis arrea..
5.. No Outsourciing
Outtsourrciing iis nott tthe panacea tto iimprrove marrkett sharre and ffiinanciiall viiabiilliitty.. The exiisttiing
3 llakh manpowerr shoulld be maxiimum uttiilliized compllettelly avoiidiing outtsourrciing..
6.. IImmediiate Procurement of Mobiille Liines
The BSNL Boarrd has now deciided tto scrrap tthe ttenderr fforr 93 miilllliion GSM lliines whiich wiillll
compllettelly sttarrve BSNL off mobiille lliines,, whiich iis verry much rrequiirred fforr tthe expansiion off iitts
serrviices.. We demand tthatt mobiille lliines be prrocurred iimmediiattelly wiitthoutt any dellay so tthatt
ttherre iis no capaciitty crrunch..
7.. IIssues of BSNL Pensiioners
The Reviisiion off Pensiion off BSNL emplloyees who rrettiirred befforre 01..01..2007 has nott been
orrderred so ffarr.. Earrlliierr,, 50% IIDA merrgerr fforr tthese offffiiciialls werre rrejjectted.. Therre can nott be
any diiscrriimiinattiion iin pensiion bettween tthose who rrettiirred befforre 01..01..2007 and afftterr..
Reviisiion off Pensiion on IIDA scalle shoulld be settttlled wiitthoutt ffurrttherr dellay..
========= M-9426201999

SNEA-CHQ-ND Latest News-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999


Flash news.

INDEFINITE STRIKE W.E.F 20.4.10. ----- DHARNA ON 26.3.10.


JTO to SDE DPC: Gradation list particualrs received from A&N, AP, BR, CGH, CHTD, GUJ, HR, HP, J&K, KRL, KTK, KOL TD, MP, MH, RAJ, UKD, NETF, NTR, STR, STP, UP(E), UP(W), QA, WB, WTP circles. To be received from NE-II, JKD Circles.


MODIFIED (as per latest DPE orders) IDA ARREARS CALCULATION >>>>>>>>

Accommodation at SNEA BHAVAN, NEW DELHI:>>>>>




Accomadation in "SNEA BHAVAN" Trivandrum Contact N.A.Abraham Circle Secretary 9447001177 / 04712337352(O)/ 04712311177(R). Book your room in advance.

SNEA(India) dedicates the year 2010 for the growth & development of BSNL

LAST UPDATED ON 24 th March 2010 14:19 Hrs.

CWC meeting at Manali --- Attention of CSs and CWC members List of CWC members may be mailed to CS, HP Circle --

24 th March 2010G.S Writes to CMD BSNL regarding Serious unresolved issues relating to CDR <<<>>>

23rd March 2010
Indefinite strike w.e.f 20.04.2010.

Joint Forum of Non Executive and Executive Unions / Associations met at New Delhi on 22.03.2010 and reviewed the trade union programmes. The meeting come to the conclusion that the serious issues like ITS absorption, disinvestment, unbundling, VRS etc may not be able to settle with a one day strike. The joint meeting unanimously resolved for indefinite strike w.e.f 20.04.2010. Joint Action Committee formed with Com. N. T. Sajvani (NFTE-BSNL) as Chairman and Com. V A N Namboodiri (BSNLEU) as convener.


1. Settlement of ITS absorption issue.

2. No Disinvestment / Privatisation of BSNL.

3. No Retrenchment / No VRS.

4. No unbundling of last mile copper.

5. No outsourcing.

6. immediate procurement of GSM equipments.

7. IDA pension revision.

Notice for C.W.C <<<<>>>> We understand from CS of HP (Host circle) that some Circles want to bring extra comrades than are eligible to attend the CWC meeting. All the CSs are requested to ensure that the participation is strictly restricted to eligible CWC members according to paid up quota. Host Circle has made boarding / lodging arrangements accordingly only. CS may kindly note that CWC at Manali is expected to be a serious mind boggling session on very crucial issues, not a picnic.

One Day Dharna on 26.03.10 and one day token strike on 20.04.10:

Joint Forum of Non Executive and Executive Unions / Associations met at New Delhi on 15.03.2010 and discussed the Sam Pitroda Committee report and its recommendations. Joint Forum come to the conclusion that the total failure and mismanagement of the affairs in BSNL by its top Managers at different level lead to the the intervention of Hon. Prime Minister and formation of the committee.

While opposing the negative recommendations listed below, it has to be ensured that Jt. Forum is not opposing all other positive recommendations and sweeping reforms in the report like bringing professionals into the Board and top management, complete ITS absorption, Managed capacity, change in procurement policy etc. We are fully endorsing those recommendations and demanding its speedy implementation. Some vested interests within BSNL and DoT are propagating that the BSNL employees are opposing the entire Sam Pitroda recommendations and they want to stop the entire reforms by this.

Almost all the Unions / Associations of Joint Forum participated in the meeting. Joint Forum unanimously resolved for one day Dharna on 26.03.2010 and one day strike on 20.04.10 demanding:

a) immediate repatriation of all ITS officers who are not opted for BSNL

b) No disinvestment

c) No retrenchment through VRS

d) No unbundling of last mile copper

e) immediate procurement of GSM equipments

f) No outsourcing through Managed Service Model and

g) IDA pension revision.

20th March 2010Updates on Case at Hon. J&K High Court on Promotion to Adhoc STS: The case listed for 15.03.10 but couldn't taken up as the lawyers were on strike. The case adjourned and again taken up on 17.03.10. On that day also the lawyer for the applicant was not present. Our lawyer (Association impleaded in the case) and counsel for BSNL pleaded for immediate vacation of the stay and stated that the lawyer for the applicant is deliberately not attending the court in order to delay the same. Same strategy is adopting by the lawyer for the last few months. Hon. Court considered our argument and posted the case for the next day. The case came up on 18.03.10, 19.03.10 and 20.03.10. But today also the senior lawyer for the applicant not present in the court. Our lawyer as well as the counsel for BSNL strongly pleaded for the vacation of the stay as BSNL already given an undertaking in the Hon. Court to abide by the quota on promotion. Hon Judge also convinced on our argument and asked the lawyer present in the court whether they have anything to add on this. The Junior lawyers pleaded for some more time as the senior lawyer is pleading before some other bench. Till the adjournment of the Court, the senior lawyer could not appear before the bench.

LDCE for JTO(T) to SDE(T): <> <> <>
Vacancy years: 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10.

Approx no of vacancies: Above 5000 including carried over vacancies.

(Since limited vacancies only are available in the seniority quota of 67%, all the JTOs interested in functional promotions are requested to appear in the LDCE. CSs / SSA Secs / Branch Secs and office bearers are requested to give wide publicity to this among the JTOs and ensure that all the JTOs are appearing in the LDCE. Association ensured that a) LDCE held in OMR basis, b) scheme changed, no descriptive type questions and only objective type questions, c) all the vacancies upto 31.03.2010 got notified and d) syllabus again got revised in January)

Eligibility: 3 years service as on 01st July of the vacancy year.

Online registration of application:05th April to 28th April, 2010.

Date of examination: 04th July, 2010 (Sunday). (Advance technical Paper (General): 10 AM to 01 PM, Advance technical Paper (Special): 02 PM to 05 PM).

Both papers are objective type, negative marking 1/4th of mark.

Clarification on Employees transfer policy >>>>>
Association met Sam Pitroda on 17th March:

Association had a very free and forthright exchange of views with Sam Pitroda for about 45 minutes on wide ranging issues covering very complex and virtually irretrievable situation that BSNL is in today, the recommendations of the committee, the implementation part of the acceptable recommendations of the committee, the broad disagreements that Association has vis-a vis certain recommendations, so on and so forth.

Association, while expressing its total unanimity on the issue of complete transformation of the present process of leadership induction through redundant mechanism of PESB, structure and composition of the Company, suggested by the committee and other positive recommendations, also candidly conveyed its disagreement on disinvestment, VRS, outsourcing etc.

Association conveyed that inordinate and deliberate delay by the Govt. in not resolving the critical issue of absorption of ITS in BSNL has adversely and irreversibly affected the growth of BSNL and the total mismanagement and anarchy that the Company finds itself in today is largely because of non resolution of this key issue. Mr Pitroda was in agreement with our opinion on this crucial issue.

Sam Pitroda strongly felt that the recommendations of the committee have not to be seen and analyzed in an isolated and limited but in a holistic manner. All the recommendations read together only convey tangible meaning in terms of achieving the broad objectives for which the committee was constituted by Hon’ble PM. Massive and sweeping reforms on all the fronts like inducting quality high grade talent from the open market to lead the Company at the top, procurement policy, strategies for optimum and effective exploitation and utilization of the huge workforce, introducing innovative processes in the Company, HR policies, prudent investment policies, keeping political and bureaucratic interference at bay, giving the Company a new direction etc etc. were the need of the hour to keep the Company alive, Pitroda felt. He was of the opinion that labour in BSNL is a great asset but how much of it is needed is an issue. He does not want to see the labour on the streets but a very discreet and attractive package to reduce the numbers can always be considered.

Pitroda said that he has completed the job of defining future blueprint for BSNL in the stipulated time frame after intense consultations with top BSNL Management, bankers, investors, industry analysts keeping a close and consistent watch over rapid sector developments, leading consultants, some imminent officers having retired from DOT and BSNL. Now it is left to the PM to take a final call on the recommendations of the Committee and recommendations need to be meticulously analyzed by talented professionals. Present BSNL board, Pitroda is of the firm view, by any standard is not really equipped to evaluate and decide on the recommendations.

To begin with, the Govt. should go ahead with appointing about 50 quality telecom professionals from outside, pay them salaries comparable to the top class executives of the leading telecom companies, utilize some of them as heads of Circles and others in the Corporate office handling key policy matters. An imminent and outstanding person capable of withstanding political and bureaucratic interference should take over as Chairman etc etc. On all these issues, Govt. has to finally decide. On being asked whether he has in mind any specific person to lead the Company, Pitroda said that enough high quality talent is available in telecom sector at the moment and it is only a question of spotting and deciding.

Pitroda underlined the great need of trade unions playing a key and leading role in getting involved to enforce the whole set of reforms in the Company which alone will save the Company from completely collapsing. At the moment, the Company is plagued by total mismanagement and operating inefficiency, does not have a direction and a vision, lacks professionalism and is virtually in a mess. Trade unions must aggressively step in to play a pragmatic role in drastically transforming the Company and defining its new direction.

Association clearly and firmly spelt out the grounds on which it feels that VRS, disinvestment, outsourcing etc will not improve the performance of the Company and thus need to be opposed.

Sam Pitroda was extremely cordial and frank in expressing his opinion on wide ranging issues and wished BSNL all the success and good luck. He also while concluding impressed upon us (associations and trade unions) to continue our efforts relentlessly to bring BSNL out of the imbroglio in which it is caught at the moment.

We thank Com Jayati Ghosh, member knowledge commission, and Comrades of our Gujarat circle for helping us to meet Sh Pitroda.

<> <>


UNITED FORUM writes to GM(SR) regarding views on membership verification of Executives’ Association in BSNL as resolved in the joint CHQ office bearers meeting >>>>>

LDCE for JTO(T) to SDE(T) notified. Examination consisting of two papers will be held on 04th July, 2010. Online registration of application from 05th April to 28th April, 2010. <>

18th March 2010Shri. S. C. Mishra takes over as Member (Services), Telecom Commission. <> <>


The following four important resolutions were unanimously adopted.

A) Resolution on Membership verification: >>>>>

B) Resolution on immediate repatriation of unabsorbed ITS officers: >>>>

C) Resolution on the recommendations of Pitroda Committee: >>>>>

D) Resolution on settlement of pending HR issues: >>>>

18th March 2010Congratulations! It is learned that the pay anomaly of 2005 batch JTO is cleared by Management Committee yesterday. Now it will be sent to BSNL Board for the final approval. Our sincere thanks to CMD BSNL, Dir (HRD), GM (Estt) and GM (EF) for their earnest help. Our earlier communication on the subject. >>>>>>> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>

17th March 2010Meeting with GM(Estt), BSNL CO: GS along with AGS met GM(E) to have the latest status on a) pay anomaly of JTOs of 2005 batch, b) approval of pay scales of JTOs and SDEs (E1A and E2A) and c) Training allowance. GM(E) informed that as promised to the Association earlier all the cases are processed by the Estt section.

a) Pay anomaly of JTOs of 2005 batch and those got promotion and joined after 01.01.07. Management Committee Note prepared and the same will be discussed in today's MC meeting.

b) Approval of pay scales of JTOs and SDEs (E1A and E2A): As assured to the Association, BSNL requested DoT to delink the approval of E1A and E2A pay scales from E9A as the pre revised E1A and E2A pay scales are already approved by DPE. Association further pursue the matter with DoT/ DPE.

c) Training allowance: On revision of perks, the training allowance was reduced from 15% to 7.5% which resulted in recovery of huge amount. Association strongly taken up this issue with DIR (HRD), GM (SR) and GM (E) and requested to ensure that there is no recovery on account of revision of Training allowance. Accordingly Management Committee Note prepared and the same will be discussed in today's MC meeting. It is proposed to revise the training allowance from 7.5% to 11% sothat there will be no reduction in the allowance.

16th March 2010General Body meeting SNEA(I) at Kolkatta:
GS addressed largely attended General Body meeting of Kolkatta TD in the A/N of 12.03.2010 explaining all the developments relating to the growth of the organisation and cadre issues at the central level. GS highly appreciated the reformist measures like ensuring timely attendance of Executives by CGM, KolTD and assured him and other CGMs present in the meeting that SNEA(I) will play the role of change leaders to enforce badly needed reforms in Kolkatta to transform work culture and drastically improve quality of services and customer interface. Association would never be found wanting in this regard. GS assured all the CGMs and urged upon them to introduce more reforms. CGM / Kol TD, CGM WB Circle, CGM / ETR and CGM / ETP also addressed the General Body meeting. Com. Tapas Ghosh, C/S gave an introductory speech.

State Executive Committee meeting of West Bengal State Branch:

The State Executive Committee meeting of WB State Branch was held on 13th and 14th March at DIGA, WB about 200 KM from Kolkatta. GS addressed the State Executive Committee members in detail, elaborately apprising them of all the developments concerning the viability of BSNL and the career growth of the cadres. GS appealed to all the participants of the State Executive Committee to play a frontal role in improving very bad quality of GSM services in Kolkatta and improving the customer interface and work culture. GS heavily came down on rampant corruption in WB Circle and urged SNEA(I) of WB to play a role model in arresting the growing menace of corruption mainly in the form of temporary advance, diesel purchase etc. No body can accept WB Circle incurring a huge loss of about 400 Crores in this competitive era when the very existence of BSNL and our bread and butter is threatened. WB has a fundamental responsibility to drastically bridge the huge losses it has been making due to extremely poor quality of service, rampant corruption and poor work culture. GS urged upon the com of SNEA(I) working in WB Circle to take on the serious challenge of reducing the huge losses that WB Tel Circle has been and is expected to incur.

BSNL community throughout the country cannot afford WB Circle incurring such a huge loss.

15th March 2010Lunch Hour demonstrations held throughout the country under the banner of Joint Forum. Large number of Non Executives and Executives participated in the demonstrations at all the places. Congratulations to all.

Sam Pitroda Committee appointed by Hon. Prime Minister had submitted its report to the Hon. PM. The Govt sought the views of BSNL Board on various recommendations of the committee. CMD, BSNL called a meeting of SNEA(I), AIBSNLEA and BSNLEU (BSNLEU couldnot attend the meeting as their CHQ office bearers are out of Delhi) on 12th March and briefed on the various recommendations of the Committee and BSNLs views on the recommendations as various conflicting paper reports are appearing in the press regarding BSNL Boards decision on disinvestment, VRS etc. Some of the recommendations such as unbundling of last mile copper, disinvestment, VRS etc has to be opposed as it will not solve the problem faced by BSNL. There are some positive recommendations also such as induction of professionals, completion of ITS absorption in a time bound manner, change of procurement policy, introduction of managed capacity, induction of young talents etc. BSNL Board submitted the following views on various recommendations.

Recommendations of Sam Pitroda Committee
BSNL Boards view

Enhance the quality of Senior Managers by inducting 30 to 50 professionals from outside on Market rate.

Bifurcate the CMD post and post separate Chairman and MD/CEO. Appoint an eminent person as Chairman.
It is up to Government. BSNL has no objection.

Composition of BSNL Board has to be changed. --- from within BSNL only one member should be there in the Board and remaining members should be professionals from outside.
Partially agreed, Business heads like CFA, Mobile, Enterprises, HR, Fin also should be Board members

Complete the ITS absorption in a time bound manner.
Agreed, Govt. has to decide the time frame.

Interaction from Ministry should be through Chairman / Board only

CTO & CIO should be appointed.
Since business heads are acting as CTO, separate CTO not required. CIO and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) to be appointed.

Reduce the staff by 1 lakh though VRS
Within 5 years, 60000 employees are retiring at an average on 12000 per year. So even without VRS, the target population is getting retired. VRS will involve following challenges:

1) Stiff opposition from Unions and Associations.

2) VRS will give negative sentiment.

3) Good people will take VRS.

Still Govt feels that VRS is required, the area / cadre to be identified from which VRS has to be implemented and the entire financial assistance has to be borne by the Govt.

Disinvest 30% at appropriate time in stages
BSNL Board already approved 10% disinvestment through Employees Stock Option and Govt has to take a decision on that.

Unbundle last mile copper wire
Not agreed, BSNL will go for franchisee model to have maximum BB penetration.

3 years fixed term for the professionals appointed.
Agreed, to be extended to other appointments also.

Introduce performance based organizational structure
BSNL already initiated the process and GPMS introduced

Induct young talents in the organization.
Already process is going on

Advisory Board to be formed.
If it is formed, it may be in advisory body without any overriding powers.

Change procurement policy by introducing e-tendering etc.

Enhance market share by introducing new market strategy.
BSNL already initiated.

Explore new market expansion.

Provide 30 Million BB connections in 3 years.
BSNL explore all the possibilities.

For subsidiary company for infrastructure sharing such as tower etc. Form separate land bank.
BSNL already started sharing of passive infrastructure such as tower. In the case of land bank, first the land has to be transferred from Govt to BSNL.

BSNL board has not approved VRS plan: Kuldeep Goyal in an exclusive interaction with The Economics Times <>
13th March 2010Promotion from DE to Adhoc JAG: The DPC over and we are expecting the promotion orders shortly.

SLP at Hon. Supreme Court on seniority of 270 officers: The IA filed on the clarification issued by DoT on the promotion of 270 officers also along with others came up for arguments yesterday. In the IA, it was pleaded that DoT overstepped the "status quo" order by giving a direction to BSNL to promote 270 officers along with others. DoT further stated in the order that "however the promotion will be subject to the final outcome of the Supreme Court verdict on the SLP". Hon. supreme Court declined to intervene at this stage and dismissed the IA as DoT already stated that the promotion will be subject to the final outcome of the Supreme Court verdict. On our side senior lawyer A. T. M Ramanujam argued the case. Next date is 09th April, 2010. Most probably hearing on the SLP will be started on 09.04.10.

JTO(T) to SDE(T) DPC: Eligibility list particulars from UP(W), JKD, NE -II Circles and ALTTC, TTC Jabalpur, DNW, ETR, ETP, NCES, WTP, WTR and T&D units not received. All India Eligibility list preparation is under progress. CSs are requested to ensure that the gradation list particulars of the above Circles / units are reaching at BSNLCO urgently so that the list can be published by this month end.

JTO(T) to SDE(T) LDCE quota: The examination will be notified within a couple of days. The examination will be held in July.

ACP for Civil/Elect/Arch etc: The file returned by DIR (HRD) seeking some additional information on financial implications will be submitted back on monday by PGM (BW).

JTO(TF) to SDE(TF) LDCE quota: The examination will be notified within a couple of days. The examination will be held in July.

Clarifications issued on Time Bound Promotion Policy <>
12th March 2010GS takes up the issue of inordinate and incomprehensible delay in finalization of tenders for procurement of Transmission NMS and MLLN equipment <>

Tender floated in August & Sept 2009.

In Trans NMS, CET finalised the report by first week of January but not submitted the report till now.

Management not taking any action against the delay.

Suspected Vendor-Management nexus.

Causing a revenue loss of Rs.100 Cr per month.

11th March 2010Joint Forum Meeting:

Lunch Hour demonstration on 15.03.2010 at CHQ/Cirle/ SSA Level:

Joint Forum of Non Executive and Executive Unions / Associations met at New Delhi and the discussed the Sam Pitroda Committee report and its recommendations. Joint Forum come to the conclusion that the total failure and mismanagement of the affairs of BSNL by its top Managers at different level lead to the the intervention of Hon. Prime Minister and formation of the committee. All the Unions / Associations of Joint Forum participated in the meeting. Joint Forum unanimously resolved to:

demand a) immediate repatriation of all ITS officers who are not opted for BSNL,

b) immediate procurement of GSM equipments and

c) IDA pension revision.

and protest against a) 30% disinvestment,

b) retrenchment through VRS,

c) unbundling of last mile copper and

d) outsourcing through service model

10th March 2010BSNL Board approved the wage revision of Non Executives w.e.f 01.01.2007. Congratulations....

08th March 2010CEC of UP(E) Telecom Circle was held at Lucknow on 5th and 6th March '10. A well organised open session was held on 5th March 2010 on the topic "Strategic Action Plan & Future Road Map for the Survival of BSNL”. GS along with Com. Khan attended the CEC and around 400 comrades were present in the open session which started on a very colourful note. A marvelous Kathak dance was presented by the troupe from of Rashtriya Kathak Sansthan, Lucknow. Com. D.P.Tripathi welcomed all the participants in the open session. The CEC meeting was coordinated by S.C.Yadav, District Secretary of the host branch of Circle office ,Lucknow. Com. Pallab Bose, Circle Secretary gave the key note address. It was also attended by Shri Om Vir Singh CGMT UP(E) circle, Shri A.K.Purwar, PGMTD Lucknow, Shri H.R.Shukla GM(CFA), Shri G.C.Srivasatav GM(MS-P&D), Shri A.K.Srivastav GM(Admin) circle office, Shri D.K.Vaish GM(TS & TX), Shri V.P.Singh DDG(TERM) DoT, Shri Vinay Shahi GM(F) UP(E) and Ashok Kumar, CE(Civil) of UP(E) circle. The meeting was presided by Com. R.C.Tripathi & gave vote of thanks. Photo1 Photo2 Photo3 Photo4 Photo5 Photo6 Photo7 Photo8 Photo9

06th March 2010BSNL to scrap Rs 35000 Crore GSM tender: After dilly dallying for over 20 months, state-owned telecom firm BSNL on Friday decided to scrap its controversial Rs 35,000-crore tender to procure equipment for expansion of its mobile services. The BSNL board decided to accept the recommendations of the Sam Pitroda committee << PTI reports>>

Another Satyam? BSNL in another scandal?
BSE and NSE have received serious complaints from the company’s vendors. For the record, PISL is considered a preferred vendor by BSNL.

All payments from it were to be credited directly into an escrow account. But PISL — without informing Sojitz — altered the payment terms and directed BSNL to credit the payments into an individual account. And BSNL agreed on the same day,” a top Department of Telecom (DoT) official told TEHELKA on condition of anonymity. “We are still ascertaining as to what prompted PISL to open another account and BSNL to agree to the change without obtaining the written consent of the other three,” the official added

When Sojitz took up the matter with PISL, it claimed that BSNL had mistakenly sent the amount to another bank account. BSNL deposited a token amount in the escrow account to deflect suspicion from the PISL.

PISL furtively diverted payments in excess of Rs 186 crore to its own account. Now, the company is in a mess.

Months after the PISL-Sojitz fracas, BSNL has shortlisted VMCL, a sister concern of PISL, for the Rs 1,000-crore WiMAX Rural Tender Project II

In fact, DRI also rapped BSNL, saying some of its officials helped in hatching the conspiracy. But strangely BSNL — even after the DRI issued the first showcause notice to VMCL and PISL — decided to grant purchase orders worth Rs 480 crore to these firms. <>

04th March 201015 point plan to turn around telecom PSU BSNL by Pitroda Committee.
Retire or transfer around 100,000 employees.

Divest 30 per cent stake in BSNL to an Indian strategic investor or through an IPO.

Adopt an outsourcing model.

Eminent person from the private sector should be appointed Chairman, supported by best professionals selected from the market at market rates.

Separate the post of the Managing Director/CEO from that of the Chairman.

Change the board composition to seven directors and allow the Ministry to interact only through the board.

Four independent business units for fixed-line, mobility, enterprise and new business.

Tower infrastructure should be spun off into a new subsidiary to unlock the value through a strategic sale or separate IPO.

Separate subsidiary to hold undeveloped land bank.

Address the delays in buying network equipment -- BSNL should start using tools such as e-procurement, vendor rating and running contracts. <<<<>>>>

28th Feb 2010Govt may divest 30% in BSNL, up from 10% -----proposal to retire 1 lakh employees through VRS schemes <>
BSNL launches India’s first urban mobile WiMAX in Kerala <>
BSNL out of top-10 profit-making PSUs; ONGC is No 1 <>
CEC meeting of Punjab Circle held at Chandigargh on 02.03.10. All the SSAs attended the CEC meeting. GS in his address stressed the need for attitudinal change and improvement in the quality of service. He clearly informed CEC that it is the fundamental responsibility of JTOs, SDEs and DEs to reach out to the users and address serious issues of quality of services. GS acknowledged the failure on our part to address the critical issues of improving quality of service and customer interface,it is increasingly leading to loss of customer base and market share.These two issues need to be tackled on topmost priority. Today BSNL also facing problems on account of --- leadership issue in BSNL, no accountability, non performers and work-shirkers are not identified, BSNL top Management is not able to withstand political pressure in crucial policy matters which decide the future of BSNL such as tenders, all the prestigious projects such as CDR, ERP, GSM, NGN etc are getting delayed and Management not taking any concrete step to expedite their smooth implementation. Tenders are taking years together for finalisation and BSNL not even thought about e-tendering. Thought process and innovative ideas are completely missing in BSNL. Jt. Sec(N) Com. Inderjith Singh also addressed the meeting. C/P Com. Gurprit Singh presided and C/S Com. Amarjith Sigh addressed the meeting.

28th Feb 2010Report on General Secretary, Com. G. L. Jogi’s organizational tour of Maharashtra Circle: Veteran Leader and Ex- CHQ president Com. W. Seshagiri Rao also addressed the meetings. AGS, Com. M. H. Gombi, C/S Com. M. S. Adsul, C/P Com. S. V. Bhad and CWC members accompanied the GS.

24th Feb 2010: Grand General body Meeting at Kalyan:

Special General body meeting of SNEA(I), Kalyan SSA was held on 24th Feb 2010 afternoon to have latest updates from our beloved GS Com. G. L. Jogi and Veteran Leader, Com. W. Seshagiri Rao. More than 250 SNEA members including many of Ladies comrades attended the meeting, The huge gathering was blessed by senior officers/distinguished Association/union personalities including: PGMT Kalyan, Shri A. V. Kulkarni, GMD Kalyan Shri. Kishor Kumar.

It was mentioned that CDR project implemented in Kalyan without proper infrastructure/Technical support resulted in non billing since 18th Jan 2010.

PGMT Kalyan Shri A.V.Kulkarni in his brief address told that he will take along all the executives and will take utmost care of development issues.

GM(D) Shri Kishorkumar told that Kalyan is now gaining momentum and daily we are providing more than 250 connections. He also assured house that he had noted all the points raised by SNEA(I).

GS Com.G.L.Jogi in his about 2 Hrs address told house that at Kalyan being strongest division of SNEA you can pull up the person who is not performing who ever he may be. He instructed to set right DGM finance if he is working against BSNL interests. He shared his Australian experience during 1992 when trade unions of Australian Telecom there took over and brought back the 10% market share which was lost because of new reforms. He was shocked to know that in GSM segment BSNL is at bottom in Kalyan and appealed everybody to accept this as a challenge as we had in past overcome many challenges. GS replied all the HR issues raised like that of E1A & E2A pay scales which may come within next 3 months, pay anomaly of 2005 year recruited DR JTOs etc. Regarding EPF issue GS told that at corporate level this issue is settled and to be pursued at Circle/SSA level.

24th Feb 2010: Grand General body Meeting at Pune:

Special General body meeting of SNEA(I) Pune was held on 24th Feb 2010, evening to get latest updates from our beloved GS Com. G. L. Jogi and veteran Leader Com. W. Seshagiri Rao. More than 200 SNEA members attended the meeting. Meeting was attended/addressed by many of distinguished SNEA office bearers.

DS Pune Com. Vivek Wankhede in his brief welcome address welcomed all dignitaries at Pune and highlighted some of burning issues of Pune like Least concern of top management over development activities at Pune. The High end customers are neglected from long time, not getting permission from PMC for laying U/G cables. He suggested that different Task force groups should be formed.

GS Com.G. L. Jogi appealed all comrades to rise above the occasion and bring back the lost glory for BSNL. On knowing from DS Pune Com. Vivek Wankhede that in Wireless market BSNL is at Bottom in Pune he felt shocked and questioned the reasons for that. GS told that there is big and tremendous scope in city like Pune which is now Second after Hyderabad in IT overtaking Bangalore and is hub of Information technology in India. He told that issues like transfer from Urban to Rural have now become irrelevant and if we are not waking up now it will not be possible for BSNL to draw the salary for us after few months. He admitted that we have completely indifferent leadership, procedures have not been changed, No road map, No change has took place in attitude, He questioned that when we are having more than 500 executives in Pune, why we are lagging? On HR Issues he put light on functional and time bound promotion policy. Due to association intervention stringent conditions in time bound promotion have been removed. He touched various issues like MT recruitment, Transfer Policy, MTNL-BSNL Merger, which he said is not appears to be possible and can be only a political decision, ITS absorption, Regularisation of Officiating JTOs by one time personal up gradation, Regarding IPO, GS questioned the relation between bringing of IPO and improvement in performance. He demanded that BSNL should be led by professionals like Narayan Murthy or Kiran Karthik.

25th Feb 2010: Special General body meeting at Satara:

Special General body meeting of SNEA(I) Satara was conducted by newly elected District body of SNEA(I) Satara on 25th Feb 2010, afternoon to have latest updates from our beloved GS Com.G. L. Jogi and veteran Leader Com. W. Seshagiri Rao. SNEA members of Satara along with many of SNEA members of neighboring districts like Sangli, Kolhapur, Pune, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and Solapur jam-packed the conference hall. Meeting was attended/addressed by many of distinguished SNEA(I) office bearers:

C/P, C/S & AGS Com. M.H. Gombi briefed the house and assured full support to Satara comrades in carrying out Association activities. All the leaders appealed to maintain unity and solidarity towards Association.

Veteran leader Com. W. Seshagiri Rao hoped that under new District body SATARA will become SITARA. He advised to forget the past and look forward for bright future.

GS in his 90 minutes speech appealed for maintaining unity and appreciated Madam President Com. Mrs. S. G. Dongarkhe for showing courage and had assured that she will allow SNEA flag flying high at Satara. GS acknowledged the role of Com. W. Seshagiri Rao in big Achievements during his period like pay scale up gradation of JTO/SDE in 1996. He reminded that other associations numbering about 15 were making false propaganda during absorption and they were only behind to collect Rs 2000/- without any terms and conditions. We absorbed with dignity and after knowing all terms and conditions. He told that Association gained strength from struggle of that time.

GS also highlighted many of achievements of SNEA like: removal of JTS cadre to enable SDE to become directly STS, 50% of STS posts will be directly filled on regular basis, and 50% will be filled on Adhoc basis both the DPCs are already over and only due to court cases orders are pending, there are total 247 court cases on this subject of seniority list etc. GS also reminded that SNEA only raised issues like Tenders finalisation, purchase of GSM equipment, He appealed every body to just get involve in work, 3G spectrum was allotted to us but we are not able to make inroads into that segment where we are having monopoly.

Thereafter in interactive session members raised various queries on issues like: ITS Absorption to which GS replied that Managers must belong to company otherwise company will not grow, GS told that we will raise this issue through Joint forum, just like 2007 struggle.

Web site of SNEA(I) Satara was formally inaugurated by our General Secretary Com.G.L.Jogi today at 13-00 Hrs during special General body Meeting of SNEA(I) Satara. Site address is

25thFeb-2010: Special General body meeting of SNEA(I), Kolhapur was held on 25th Feb 2010 evening to have latest updates from our beloved GS Com.G.L.Jogi and veteran Leader Com.W.Seshagiri Rao. Almost 100% SNEA members of Kolhapur jam-packed the prestigious Mahalaxmi hall. Meeting lasted till 23-00 hrs of Night and was attended/addressed by many of distinguished SNEA(I) office bearers

Com.W.Seshagiri Rao appealed for working unitedly hard to take out BSNL from the mess it is finding now.

GS in his long marathon speech appealed for maintaining unity and appreciated Com. W. Seshagiri Rao for doing miracles during his tenure as GS from 1993 to 2003 and only because of his efforts JTO was classified as Group-B Gazetted, because of that we were able to get JTO absorbed as Executive unlike other streams. GS also told house that during last pay revision Com. W. Seshagiri Rao was so familiar with pay committee that it was become as his second home and every body from Peon to Chairman was known to him. GS also appreciated the spirit of Kolhapur comrades who even after passing of 22-00 Hrs of Night are still sitting in hall in full strength without food, He appealed every body to just get involve in work, Company belongs to us and we must have to work hard to bring revenue for company.

Thereafter in interactive session members raised various queries on issues like: Pay fixation/pay anomaly of JTOs who got posting / promotion after 01-01-2007, regularization of Offtg JTOs etc. GS replied that new scales for JTOs/SDEs i.e E1A and E2A are expected to come within next 2 to 3 months, there after pay anomaly cases will get settled as per new pay scales. Regarding Offtg JTOS he said that Association is going to demand one time personal up gradation of all left over TTAs who have been given First phase JTO induction Training to be promoted as JTO.

Before the General body meeting there was a Courtesy meeting at Inspection Qtrs between GMT Kolhapur Shri Deepak Tayal, DGM Kolhapur (Rural) Shri. L. M. Godi with High level SNEA delegation including GS, Com. W. Seshagiri Rao, AGS, Circle President and CS among others.

24th Feb 2010India adds 19.90 million new mobile users in JanuaryService Provider wise net additions during the month (Wireless)

Tata Bharati Reliance Vodafone Idea BSNL Aircel Uninor
14.97% 14.31% 14.08% 13.76% 11.42% 11.29% 10.10% 6.68%
Service Provider wise market share as on 31-01-2010 (Wireless)

Bharati Reliance Vodafone BSNL Tata Idea Aircel
22.33% 17.72% 17.27% 11.95% 11.07% 10.99% 06.06%

In wireline segment, BSNL holds a market share of 76.12% <<>

Scrap GSM tender, go for service model: Pitroda panel to BSNL:
"The Sam Pitroda committee has recommended that public sector Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) scrap its Rs 30,000-crore tender to procure GSM equipment for 92 million lines and switch instead to a managed services model on the lines of its private rivals Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar." A radical reform suggested by Pitroda committee -- management of network by suppliers -- a concept that BSNL management ought to have conceived long back. <>

BSNL Introduces 24 MBPS Broadband & Blackberry Services In India <>

24th Feb 2010GS writes to Com. Sitaram Yechury and Com. Nilotpal Basu, Hon. Members of Parliament regarding immediate Procurement of GSM equipment to save BSNL. --- If retender happens, it will take another 2 years and by that time entire market will be captured by private operators. >>>>>

Report on General Secretary, Com. G. L. Jogi’s organizational tour of Maharashtra Circle:

C/S Com. M. S. Adsul, C/P Com. S. V. Bhad and CWC member and former C/S Com. A. R. Manani accompany the GS.

Special General body Meeting at MH Circle office, Mumbai: On 23rd Feb Evening MH Circle office branch arranged a grand General body meeting at BSNL administrative building, Mumbai. This meeting was attended by more than 250 members of SNEA(I) working under MH Circle office, WTR, WTP, DNW, Civil, Electrical wing at Mumbai. Large number of comrades of WTR, who came from various parts of Mumbai attended the meeting.

Among others Ex- GS and veteran leader Com.W. Seshagiri Rao, and Asst. General Secretary Com. M. H. Gombi addressed the General Body.

Almost all Unions/Associations leaders/representatives working at MH circle office attended and felicitated GS and other distinguished dignitaries.

GS in his more than 2 hour long speech narrated history of Association and achievements of association during last 25 years. He termed the period of Com. W. Seshagiri Rao as GS (From 1993 to 2003) was the Golden period of the Association as well as the cadre. He touched all HR related issues like forthcoming DPC from JTO to SDE, from SDE to DE, finalisation of Group-A R/R, regularization of 280 Group-A Officers, removal of Stringent conditions in CR evaluation for Time bound and Functional promotions, Reforms in conduction of next LDCE by changing pattern to OMR basis, no descriptive type questions, result will be made available within days, de-linking of E1A, E2A pay scales from E9A, E9B pay scales, removal of discrimination of 2005 recruited JTOs pay fixation, many reforms in Civil/Electrical wing, for Promotion from SDE to EE Eng.Degree criteria will be removed for the Executives recruited upto 1994. GS also made every body to realize that this year BSNL is going to make losses of about 2500 to 3000 crores. He appealed every body to concentrate on work and output. He motivated everybody by saying that in the past, we had accepted and overcome many challenges. This also we have to accept as a challenge and we have to overcome it.

There after in interactive session in which members raised various queries regarding: finalization of Tenders, Civil & electrical approval for Infrastructure at Mumbai, etc.

21st Feb-2010: Special General body Meeting of SNEA(I) Dhule: SNEA(I) Dhule conducted a grand General body meeting today evening to have an up to date CHQ information from GS Com.G.L.Jogi. GS started interactive session with Dhule comrades first and he told all executives to keep themselves update about information regarding our connections and private operators connections at Dhule, Criticized GMT Dhule for not holding interactive sessions with Executives and not keeping them informed. GS told Dhule comrades to involve fully, form parallel management and force management to act. On the query from DR JTOs about long pending EPF issue, GS told very clearly that this issue was settled long before in 2005 at Corporate office level now it is to be settled at Circle/SSA level. C/S Com.M.S.Adasul informed house that already this issue has been taken at MH Circle office with concerned Finance wing officers and mater will be settled on top priority basis. GS Congratulated Dhule comrades for making Dhule 100% SNEA branch.

21st Feb-2010: 6th SSA Conference of SNEA(I) Jalgaon:

6th SSA Conference of SNEA(I) Jalgaon was held on Today i.e the 21st Feb-2010 at Jalgaon. Open Session of the Conference was attended and addressed by among others the following distinguished leaders: General Secretary, SNEA(I) Com.G.L.Jogi and GMT Jalgaon, Shri A. L. Patel.

GMT Jalgaon Shri A. L. Patel in his speech appreciated Jalgaon Executives and told that only because of their excellent contribution, today Jalgaon is viewed with good image throughout Maharashtra. He also congratulated all Jalgaon members for achieving 80% of given targets till now and hoped that remaining targets will also be achieved.

GS in his address told management to share information and get involved field units in framing policies, he cited example of Australian Telecom in 1992 and Japan Telecom for getting involved and conducting combined meetings of employees from lowest cadres with the top most executive of company in framing policies. GS informed that out of 243 SSAs 208 SSAs are loss making to maintain current market share we have to provide 3 Million lines every month. Commenting on ITS management he said that ITS officers can not say NO to Political pressure/interference. He told that forget about 2G in 3G also where there is No competition and we got spectrum, we are not doing much. He appealed to keep CSC open from 08-00 hrs in morning to 08-00 Hrs of Night. GS praised Director HR Shri Gopal Das ji for finalising Group-A RR which were lying pending since last 30 years.

Thereafter in Interactive Session members raised some of their doubts/queries over: BSNL-MTNL merger, Misuse of BSNL MRS scheme, AMC of New Technology switches, EPF issue of DR JTOs etc.

20thFeb-2010: Special General Body meeting at Nashik:

Special General body meeting of SNEA(I) Nashik was held on 20th Feb 2010. Actually meeting was scheduled to be held from 18-00Hrs, but because of heavy traffic Jam, GS reached about 3 hrs late than scheduled time, but this delay has not lowered the spirits of brave and active comrades of Nashik. All comrades including Lady comrades remained in Hall till the end of meeting, even after national anthem, GS personally tendered his apology and appreciated spirit of all comrades specially ladies comrades. He told them after the meeting that in his long career he had not seen ladies in general body meeting which commenced 3 hours behind its schedule that also during Late Night Hours. More than 200 members of SNEA Nashik were present throughout the course of meeting which was attended by many distinguished Association/union personalities.

GS Com. G. L. Jogi in his own style presented the picture of BSNL before the house, where we were used to be about 4 years back and where we are today. He told in the presence of GMT Nashik that most of the Head of Circles/SSAs are not performing and accountability should be fixed -- other wise there should be change in leadership as we cannot wait for more time. Already BSNL has dropped to 7th position in Wireless sector from number two in 2006. He cited various reasons for that like: Corruption in high offices, Complete mismanagement, No Vision, No thought process, No road map for the organisation, lack of Professionalism, Lack of Accountability, lack of application, policy is being decided by Vendors, etc. because of these reasons he told we had lost total telecom market share from 60% to 12%.

In the Interactive Session of more than one hour members cleared their various doubts by asking queries on subjects like: Regularization of officiating JTOs, DGM Recruitment rules, ITS absorption, IPO, membership verification, Civil wing promotions, problems in implementation of CDR project, DR JTOs issue of pay scale revision, 2005 year recruitee JTOs pay fixation discrimination etc.

20thFeb-2010, Special General Body meeting at Ahmednagar:

Special General body meeting of SNEA(I) Ahmednagar was held on 20th Feb 2010 which was attended by more than 150 members of SNEA Ahmednagar. Many office bearers of Sister organizations at Ahmednagar also attended the meeting.

GS in his two hour mind blowing speech appealed Ahmednagar comrades to form parallel management for that he asked to form various monitoring committees. He appealed for change in work culture, customer care etc. He reveled various shocking truths that about 35% of our revenue is spent towards wage bill. He also put light on various HR related issues in which he told that there are so many court cases lying pending in various courts regarding DPC for STS and seniority list disputes which delays the DPC. There after in a Hour long interactive session members raised various queries which were satisfactorily replied by GS.

19thFeb-2010, Grand General Body meeting at Aurangabad:

GS Com. G.L. Jogi arrived Aurangabad on a whirlwind organizational tour of Maharashtra Circle. In the first meeting at Aurangabad, Bhaurao Chavan Auditoriuam was jampacked with SNEA comrades. Comrades and activists from neighbouring Latur, Parbhani and Nanded SSAs also attended the General Body meeting. Office-bearers from other sister oganisations also attended the meeting.

GS in his 2 hour long marathon address explained all the key issues related with development of BSNL, HR & Career progression of Executives. In his address GS told that it is the total failure on the part of management, they lack vision, approach --to steer the company in the competitive environment. He shared his experiences of Australia & Japan where Trade unions took active role in revamping their Telecom organizations. He also shocked the house by telling that the losses during current financial year are going to be as high as 2500 Crores and the operational loss will be much higher. In the second part of his speech GS put light on all HR issues pending at Corporate office, like revision of pay scales of JTOs and SDEs, issue of fixation benefit to JTOs of 2005 batch who have been appointed after 01-01-2007 which SNEA pleads very strongly at HQs. Thereafter in a one hour interactive session GS replied all the queries made by members regarding Transfer Policy, relaxation in marks in last LDCE exam, ITS absorption, IPO,VTM work, next LDCE, DPC from JTO to SDE and from SDE to DE etc.

23rd Feb 2010General Secretary tours Maharashtra Circle: Our Ex- GS and veteran leader Com. W. Seshagiri Rao also will address the General Body meeting.
24.02.2010, 1130 Hrs: General Body meeting at Kala Brahma Hall, Telephone Bhavan, Kalyan.

24.02.2010, 1730 Hrs: General Body meeting at Udyan Prasad Karyalaya, Sadashiv Peth, Pune.

25.02.2010, 1130 Hrs: General Body meeting at Conference Hall, Telephone Exchange, Pawai Naka, Satara.

25.02.2010, 1800 Hrs: General Body meeting at Kolhapur.

23.02.2010 evening: Combined General Body of Circle office, WTR and WTP, Mumbai at 2nd Floor, Conference Hall, Santacruz West, Mumbai.

21st Feb 2010We are extremely thankful to Com. Jayati Ghosh, Prof:(Economics), Jawaharlal Nehru University and member of Knowledge Commission headed by Sri. Sam Piroda for helping us to meet Sri. Sam Pitroda in early March, 2010 by promptly mailing our views on the future set up of BSNL.

Even though Sri. Sam Pitroda has communicated to her that the committee has submitted its report to the Hon. Prime Minister on 09th Feb: 2010, yet he has expressed his willingness to meet us in person in the first week of March. We are looking forward to this meeting and shall express our views , particularly on the key issue of leadership of BSNL to Sri. Sam Pitroda.

We are hereunder reproducing the exchange of communication between Prof. Jayati Ghosh and Sri. Sam Pitroda. >>>>>>

20th Feb 2010Case at Hon. J&K High Court: The came up today again but no hearing took place. The case adjourned to hear after two weeks.

Prime Ministers Office forward the letter written by GS to the Hon. Prime Minister on "Continuing story of systematic and well planned destruction of BSNL" to Secretary, DoT for appropriate action. >>>>>

Case at Hon. J&K High Court: The case filed against Adhoc Promotion to STS cadre was listed for hearing yesterday. But due to lack of time the case didn't came up yesterday. The case is adjourned for today -- 20.02. 10.

General Secretary tours Maharashtra Circle:
GS Com. G. L. Jogi addressed General Body meeting at Aurangabad, Maharashtra on 19.02.2010. Comrades and activists from neighbouring Purbhani, Nanded and Latur SSAs also attended the meeting.

GS will address the General Body meetings at Ahmed Nagar at 11.30 Hrs and Nasik at 18.00 Hrs on 20.02.2010. On 21.02.2010, GS will attend GB at Jalgoan at 11.00 hrs and Dhule at 17.00 Hrs.

19th Feb 2010GS addresses to secretary DOT regarding CGM/J&K – a classic instance of non performance- revival of prepaid mobile GSM services<<>>

18th Feb 2010Important meeting with Respected Comrade Sitaram Yechurry, MP, and Comrade Nilotpal Basu, on the crucial issue of immediate procurement of GSM equipment.

Com V.A.N.Namboodiri, GS/BSNL EU, GS/SNEA(I), along with AGSs, Com Khan and Sebastin, Com Vivekanand Tripathi, BPCL, Com Mukul Kumar, President, Indian Oil and Com Manoj Sharma, finance wing of Indian Oil held extensive discussions with the above mentioned stalwarts and apprised them in detail about dangerous situation already being faced by BSNL because of non availability of equipment, menacingly growing Management- vendor nexus and extraordinary political interference. How BSNL has been driven to present plight due to total mismanagement, lack of accountability, non availability of equipment and vendors deciding the policies of the Company.

Com Sitaram Yechury and Com Nilotpal Basu were quick enough to understand the actual reasons leading to continuous decay of BSNL. With elaborate statistical data and other important inputs, both the stalwarts were informed how deliberate attempts were being made to continuously derail BSNL because of non availability of equipment and vendor driven policies.

After a detailed discussion, we were categorically assured by both the stalwarts that the issue would be adequately focused in the coming session of the parliament and majority MPs would be informed about the manner in which the policies of the government and the total mismanagement and lack of accountability is contributing towards rapid decline of the Company. We have been asked to prepare bullet point brief outlining the ills seriously afflicting the Company. We are already on the job of preparing the kind of brief that is required by them and which shall be circulated by them amongst MPs. Raising of the issue in the coming session of parliament on top most priority has been assured by both the stalwarts. In the year 2007, we vividly recall how great and timely efforts of Com Sitaram Yechury in seeking urgent intervention of Hon’ble PM resulted in saving of scrapping of tender by 50%.

18th Feb 2010Bihar Circle is continuing scaling of unprecedented and unparalleled heights in wireless growth because of exemplary, inspiring and qualitative leadership of S.C.Mishra and committed and untiring efforts of all employees and executives of Bihar/BSNL. This unparalleled and commendable feat of S.C.Mishra and his team should open the eyes of CGMs like J&K etc. as to how Managers can bring about unbelievable turnaround.

Following figures compiled by COAI clearly establish as to what human endeavour and commitment can achieve. Bihar Circle added 623933 new GSM connections in the month of Jan.,2010 and secured a distinguished and unique no. one position in the GSM segment on all India basis. These are not manipulated figures as contended by some people who are unwilling to digest positive developments due to inherent negative attitudes and thinking.

Aircel is no 2 in GSM in TN circle. Why thousands and thousands of our Comrades in TN circle with abundant available equipment and talent cannot outrace Aircel. This is an excellent opportunity for comrades of our TN Circle to get inspired, assess their strength and reinforce their conviction to overtake Aircel in the coming months. Is it really difficult, let alone impossible? Let Comrades of TN Circle emulate their fellow Comrades of Bihar and take on the task of reaching that distinguished no 1 position. People of TN would salute our comrades of TN/BSNL for achieving this outstanding feat. It is just a matter of application and getting totally involved, just forgetting all other issues. Let us take on the challenge right now and not waste time in debating issues. We have had enough of it.

Distinguished and par excellence Performance of Bihar Telecom Circle in GSM segment for the month of Jan.,2010.(An eye opener for all of us if we are interested in opening our eyes)

Total Mobile Connections provided by all operators in Bihar Circle (LSA) in Jan’2010
Total Mobile Connections provided by BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) in Jan’2010
Ratio All 11 Pvt. Operators vs BSNL in Bihar Circle (LSA) in

Percentage market share captured by BSNL in Bihar Circle (LSA) Jan’2010


1.BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) added total 623933 new GSM connections in the month of Jan’2010 and secure 1st position among all Telecom Operators as well as all Circle (LSA) in India. Aircel securing 2nd position 519054 new GSM connections added in Tamilnadu Circle (LSA).even in Bihar Circle 4-5 Private Telecom Operators provided new GSM connection in FREE of Cost along with Talk Time but minimum cost of BSNL new GSM connection is Rs.54.

2. In the month of Jan’2010 BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) succeed capturing the market share 33% and all existing 11 Telecom Operators only captured 67% market share in Bihar Circle(LSA).

3. Out of every 3 new GSM customers subscribe 1 BSNL GSM connections in the month of Jan’2010 in Bihar Circle (LSA).

4. BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) maintained 2nd position in Bihar Circle (LSA) having GSM connections 4165628 at the end of Jan’2010.

5. National growth rate over the previous month (Dec’09 to Jan’2010) was 3.65% in case of all Operators and 3.9% in case of as a whole BSNL & 7.49% in Bihar Circle (LSA) in GSM sector( in case of all Operators) whereas growth rate of BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) was 17.6%.

6. BSNL has added 22.31 lakh GSM connections during the month of Jan’2010. This works out to 16.04% of the total connection added in the country is 139.02 lakh during the month of Jan’2010.

7. In this month, BSNL has continue in 4th position as an operator with Market share of 15.08 %( 59454630) just 0.11% less than Idea whose market share is 15.19 %( 59887404) and standing in 3rd Position.

8. Total GSM subscriber base reached 394349733 at end of Jan’2010 in India.

Group Company wise % market share - Jan2010

Sl. No.
Name of Company
Total Sub Figures
% Market Share

Bharti Airtel

Vodafone Essar




Reliance Telecom


Loop Mobile



All India

Source: Cellular Operator Association of India

18th Feb 2010CVC takes cognizance by forwarding our complaint to Sr. DDG(Vig), DOT for necessary action. The matter was raised by our Association regarding procurement of obsolete EDWAS Cordect-WLL broadband project in Tamilnadu Circle amounting to 33.3 crores.<<<>>>

17th Feb 2010Association impleads in Hon. J&K High Court for lifting of stay on Adhoc STS promotion: Our Association got impleaded in the Hon. J&K High Court were Adhoc STS promotion has been stayed by the Hon. Court almost six months back. The Associations prayer in the impleading application is to get the stay vacated and hear the case on merit.

GS visited Bihar Telecom Circle on their Circle Conference on 16th February 2010. Com. Ranjan Kumar, Com Ratish Kumar and Com. Vivekananda have been elected as President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively for the new term. Com. Ramesh kumar is elected as CWC member.

GS addressed the delegate session of Bihar Circle which was attended by all the SSAs except Sasaram. Later in the evening a general body meeting attended by comrades of Patna and adjoining SSAs was addressed by the GS, explaining developments on all the issues particularly those of growth of services in Bihar.

GS wholeheartedly congratulated all the comrades of SNEA(I) in Bihar and also the CGM, Bihar Circle for their great efforts in bringing about a drastic change in growth of mobile services.

Bihar Circle is expected to add about 5 lakh GSM connections in the month of January despite severe capacity constraints in terms of existing being loaded upto 150%. This is an incredibly remarkable effort of all the employees of Bihar Telecom Circle.

GS also inaugurated the professionally designed new website of SNEA(I), Bihar Circle. The website is innovatively designed and has all the modern features relating to information.

16th Feb 2010The 9th All India BSNL Cricket Tournament has been over at Ahmedabad. And ODISHA BSNL CRICKET TEAM has lifted the CHAMPIONS TROPHY 2009-2010 by winning all the matches in a row. The team was represented by Senior SNEA(I) comrades namely Com P K Sahoo(Circle President, Odisha), Com B K Das(Ex-CS as Captain), Com D C Pradhan, Com S K Nayak and Com K N Mishra (Manager) with magnificent contribution of each member in every match. <> The attached Photograph is regarding the PRESENTATION OF THE TROPHY by Ex-National Test Player Shri Anshuman Gaekwad.
What an unbelieavably shocking response from CGM J&K Circle regarding starting of frozen prepaid mobile services in J&K?

More than one month before Hon’ble Supreme Court lifted the restriction imposed by Home Ministry for providing prepaid mobile services in J&K Circle. While Airtel and Aircel have been on their toes and running from subscriber to subscriber, including their chief executives, for revival of their frozen prepaid customer base and within a month have been able to revive 60,000 and 50,000 respectively, BSNL was yet to take off as on 16th Feb.,10.

When GS learnt about this serious development, he immediately contacted CGM/J&K to know the reasons for such a serious situation. GS was shocked at the response of CGM/J&K when he flatly told GS ---- what he can do. GS also reacted strongly and reminded CGM/J&K that he is the leader of BSNL in J&K and is expected to lead it aggressively and professionally and not make such demoralising remarks. Our AGS, Com Khan, also apprised PGM(Mobile)/J&K about this serious issue and urged upon him to take immediate action for revival of prepaid connections of BSNL. After this development, we understand that BSNL has revived about 14000 prepaid connections till the evening of 17th Feb.,10.

We do not want to blame anyone for this serious and unpardonable lapse but our SNEA(I) unit of J&K for virtually sleeping over such an important and crucial issue for more than a month and not taking CGM and other senior officers to task for their continuing failure to act fast. We cannot understand how our SNEA(I), J&K Circle went into a deep slumber for more than a month when the situation demands them to maintain extraordinary alertness and complete involvement in making the things move. This is really sad and unfortunate on the part of our comrades of J&K Circle. We believe and trust that in future such a serious lapse will not be allowed to occur by our comrades of J&K Circle.

We have serious doubts whether the concerned Director(CM) of BSNL Corporate office is even aware of such a threatening development. While the top most executives of Airtel and Aircel are vigorously campaigning from door to door to capture the prepaid market, our top managers of J&K are tossing files here and there in their Air conditioned Chambers and loosing precious time, unmindful of the manner in which the interests of BSNL is getting tottally destroyed.

16th Feb 2010Posting on promotion from JTO(E) to SDE(E) >>>>>>>>>

Transfers in the cadre of SDE(E) >>>>>>>

SDE(E) have been allotted slot for training in ALTTC Ghaziabad in three batches i.e from 19-Apr-10 To 24-Apr-10, 21-Jun-10 To 26-Jun-10 & 22-Nov-10 To 27-Nov-10. Earlier we had pleaded this to GM(Elect.) on this issue.

16th Feb 2010MT rect cases: The BSNLs application for transfer of all the cases related to MT recruitment came up for hearing on 12.02.2010 at Principal CAT, New Delhi. Hon. CAT allowed the BSNLs plea and ordered the transfer of all the cases to Principal CAT.

Deferred option (CDA/IDA option) case: In TA 115 of 2008, Hon CAT, Ernakulam Bench in its order dated 14.12.2009 directed for consideration of the DoT Headquarters which has issued a provisional direction vide letter No.I-I(04)/2005 PAT (pt) dated 24.9.08 to process the pension cases provisionally as per the orders of BSNL till a clarification is issued by them for the pensioners retired earlier to this order also. >>>>>

147 seniority case -- Seniority and promotion order quashed by Hon. CAT, Ernakulam bench: In its order dated 05.2.2010 in OA No. 86/2009, Hon. CAT, EKM ordered: "The impugned seniority at Annexure A-7 and the Annexure A-32 promotion order issued based on the Annexure A-7 seniority are hereby quashed and set aside. Respondents are directed not to disturb the seniority of the applicants and similarly situated individuals by interpolating the seniority of the combined competitive exam passed individuals (147), whose seniority has to be below that of those who had passed in the qualifying examination prior to 1996." <>

15th Feb 2010CEC of Gujarat Circle & District Conference of Ahmedabad District was held at Ahmedabad on 13th February 2010 in a grand fashion and around 600 to 700 people were present. GS along with Com. Khan and Jt Secretary(W),CHQ Rakesh Mehta attended the CEC and District Conference. Open session was graced by CGM Shri Sat Pal, PGM Ahmedabad Shri Bhandari, GM(A) Shri V.K.Sajnani, GM's of Ahmedabad Shri Tripathi, Shri Bhorai, Shri Nageshan, Chief Engineer(C) Shri Kishen Singh and other senior officers. Circle President Shri B.G.Patel ,Circle Secretary Shri A.N.Bhavsar and other comrades from various districts also attended the open session.<>

15th Feb 2010SNEA(I) Assam Circle's 3rd conference was held on 13th -14th February 2010 at Silchar, Assam. The open session was held on 13th Feb'10 and Circle Secretary V. Nath presented the Key note address. Com. K.Sebastin AGS , CGM Shri N.N.Banejee, GM Silchar Shri Sriram, Dy. Commissioner Kachhar District H. Debmohanta graced the open house session. GS addressed open session live from Ahmedabad via web conferencing for almost about half an hour. Com. V.Nath, Com. H.P.Dutta & Com. Sushant Saha were elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle treasurer respectively for the new term and Com. Manoj Karki was elected as CWC member.

12th Feb 2010Association's views conveyed to Shri.Sam Pitroda on the key issue of inducting high quality technocrats and professionals in the BSNL Board for its immediate revival from the present condition - Hindu News >>>>>>>>>

10th Feb 2010 Interview of GS published in Telecom live <<>>. GS clarified on matters relating to structure of organisation, crucial leadership issue vis-a-vis BSNL and oudated process adopted by PESB for selection of the board, declining profits and market share, proper use of huge trained technical manpower by finding suitable ways, e-tendering, no unbundling of copper, no disinvestment, merger of BSNL & MTNL for synergy of operations, delay in various vital projects affecting health of BSNL etc.

10th Feb 2010GS writes to Secy(T) Shri P.J.Thomas requesting him to consider according of approval to IDA pay scales decided by BSNL board for E1A and E2A for JTOs and SDEs respectively and equivalent cadres in BSNL w.e.f 01.01.2007 -- case of 14500 Executives in BSNL reg:- <<>>

10th Feb 2010BSNL giving obsolete Tech contract? << Times of India>>>The validation failed several times --- Validation committee reconstituted with GM(BB), BSNLCO to push through the deal for the purchase of obsolete equipment in the name of Broadband ----This issue was brought into limelight by our Tamil Nadu Circle Comrades .

09th Feb 2010Pay anomaly of 2005 batch: Most probably the proposal for extending 30% fitment to all the 2005 batch JTOs will be considered by the Management committee tomorrow.
08th Feb 2010Association writes to Shri Sam Pitroda who has been assigned the challenging task of defining future road map of BSNL to pull it out of the deep crisis that it is in now and urges upon him to address and sort out the key issue of deciding the leadership of the company to bring it out of the present morbid state. Top leadership of the company under any circumstances should not be from within the ITS because of the complete failure of ITS management to act as change leaders, catalysers to introduce innovative processes and systems in the organisation so as to motivate and lead the huge workforce to a clearly defined goal.

Assn. further pleads with Sam Pitroda that unless the key, fundamental and contentious issue of leadership is addressed and resolved, any other recommendation of the committee to transform the organisation would be rendered infructuous because of complete failure of ITS management to govern, lead and deliver.

Assn. brings out clearly lack of vision, mismanagement, rampant corruption, political interference, inefficiency of highest order, stale thinking process, lack of accountability, uninterrupted and huge jumps of non-performers on career front, lack of professionalism, lack of sense of belonging of front line managers towards the organisation as the main reasons for crumbling of the organisation.

Induction of charismatic stalwarts from outside to head the organisation and decide his team of board of directors shall be the key to the revival of the company.<>

Case at Hon. High Court of J&K: On, the case listed at Hon High Court and argument took place on the jurisdiction of the court. Advocate for the applicant argued on some rules which permits filing of the case in High Court instead of CAT. After argument Judges directed BSNL to file a reply on the subject. Most probably the case will be again listed in the 3rd week of February.

05th Feb 2010United Forum of BSNL Executives' Association writes to CMD, BSNL regarding non settlement of long pending HR issues such as 1) Regularization of STS officers, 2) fitment with 78.2% IDA, 3) pay anomaly of JTOs of 2005 batch, 4) Adhoc promotion to STS & JAG etc. ------ Our grave protest and resentment and warns trade union actions in the event of non -settlement of the issues.<>

AGSs Com. A. Chandra Sekhar and Com. A. A. Khan met PGM(BW) and discussed the following points: 1) Promotion from JTO(C) to SDE(C) -- Requested to initiate the DPC process for available vacancies under seniority quota, 2) posting under LDCE quota -- Requested to complete the posting process. 3) publishing of long longest stay particulars of SDE(C) -- agreed for the same. Association suggested implementation of computerised Measurement Book for field units. PGM(BW) welcomed the suggestion and assured to issue instructions in this regard.

Further we met PGM (Electrical) and requested to issue necessary instructions to release training programme on promotion linked departmental training cum examination for SDE(E). PGM(E) after consulting concerned authorities at ALTTC assured that training schedule will be issued next week. Further we met PGM(Arch) and discussed the pending transfer issues.

It is learnt that DPC for JTO(E) to SDE(E) is completed for 37 posts.
On 04.2.10, GS along with AGSs met Member (F), DoT for a courtesy call and enquired about the latest status of revision of IDA pension. Member(F) informed that she had already written a DO letter to Secretary, Dept of (Expenditure) for expeditious settlement of the case. However we shall be meeting Member(F) shortly for an elaborate discussion on other important issues like contribution of pension by BSNL on actual basic, not on maximum of the scale and finalization of E1A and E2A pay scales already approved by the BSNL Board.

We met GM(Estt), BSNL on 04.2.10 and given some additional inputs to process the pay scales of JTOs and SDEs.

We met GM(P) and discussed the submission of file related to ACP. He assured that it will be sent to DIR(HRD) within a day or two.
Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) has lost the bid for managing telecom networks of Ethiopian Telecommunications Corp (ETC).<<>> BSNL had bid aggressively for the contract, but lost to France Telecom. Although BSNL had made a financially better offer than France Telecom, it didn't qualify on some other criteria including operational criteria --- poor performance in the domestic market.

04th Feb 2010Approval of pay scales of JTOs and SDEs: GS along with AGSs met Director (SU I), Shri. Brijesh Mishra and discussed at length the issue of approval of pay scales of E1A and E2A as recommended by BSNL Board. During the course of discussion we were able to gather some vital inputs that will help us to expedite the settlement of the issue, Since the issue is extremely important given the fact that the pay scales of new JTOs and their Time Bound Promotions are directly linked with the finalisation of the scales, we shall be vigorously pursuing the case further with BSNL Management and DoT.

"We are being handcuffed by unnecessary government red tape and vested interests which are destroying BSNL at its core", says G L Jogi --- <> Telecom minister A Raja gives joint secretary level officer P K Mittal who is also a government representative on BSNL's board his marching orders. He was one of the key officers investigated by the CBI in the 2G spectrum scam case. Mittal recently also raised questions on the multimillion dollar tender for GSM lines.

Associations radical and innovative Pleas to Hon'ble Prime Minister to spot and induct the best talent from within and outside BSNL to lead BSNL for the first time sparks off a lively,healthy and unprecendented debate.

Rewiring BSNL: The call for a professional management team to revamp BSNL could set a healthy precedent for other PSUs. Editorial in Buisiness Line. Business Daily from THE HINDU group of publications. Thursday, Feb 04, 2010. <>

03rd Feb 2010Unions want BSNL managed by professionals <>
Firm views of SNEA(I) conveyed to Hon'ble PM to induct rarest of rare talent to lead BSNL, not through existing redundant mechanism of PESB,reflected by media

Raja defends BSNL's post-bid negotiations with vendors <>
02nd Feb 2010Pay anomaly of JTOs of 2005 batch: In continuation to series of earlier discussions and regular correspondence that we have had with Director(HRD) on the important issue of removing the pay anomaly of the JTOs of 2005 year on justified and genuine grounds by extending the benefit of 30% fitment to all the JTOs of 2005 year of recruitment, regardless of their date of joining, GS has clearly brought out that due to this anomaly the difference in basic pay as on 01.1.2007 is Rs 5220/- , and even if the E1A pay scale is approved, the difference in basic pay will be Rs. 2770/- . The losers are further to suffer the ignominy of a recurring two-year lag in their Time Bound Promotions throughout their career also. << Letter>>

In continuation to our several discussions with DIR(HR) and GM(Estt) on this issue, GS along with AGSs met GM(EF), Smt. Aruntadi Panda, and discussed the issue in detail. We pleaded with her to resolve the genuine issue at the earliest and take a positive stand on the issue. Further we discussed and suggested three to four workable proposals by which the issue can be resolved in totality by extending the benefit of 30% fitment to all the JTOs of 2005 year of recruitment.

Issues related to JTOs recruited as Dept outsider from TTA Cadre: In the meeting with GM(EF), Smt. Aruntadi Panda, we discussed this issue further. On the basis of our earlier meetings and discussions with GM(Estt) on the issue, the file has moved to GM(EF). The issues include a) counting of past service as TTA for all the purposes including pension, b) TA/DA and salary during training period, c) accounting earlier E/L & HPL etc. we will pursue the matter further.

Editorial January'10

END OF THE ROAD- our bread earner enters internecine Red zone.

(Credibility and reputation of our beloved Company nosedives, hits rock bottom and is at its lowest ever ebb. Worst and unabated political and bureaucratic interference, continuous market drubbing, inefficiency of highest order at all the levels, growing indiscipline, total lack of accountability and leadership, unprecedented indecisiveness, mismanagement, rampant corruption and complete lack of transparency plague the Company.)

We are in the RED ZONE. Our beloved Company, our sole bread earner, is expected to post staggering loss this fiscal year for the first time. The great pangs of pain and agony await us at our doorsteps. It is undoubtedly going to be an agonizing and distressing journey from now onwards. How do we henceforth traverse our future journey full of thorns is something that has no doctored prescription. In the highly crowded and competitive market how do we go about?

The journey is in no way going to be different from the way a patient suffering from terminal illness getting intermittent heavy doses of powerful pain killers which relieves the pain temporarily. Have we now reconciled to get doses of pain killers from time to time or even now we have some strength left to look forward towards undergoing rarest of rare surgery that takes us out from terminal illness from which people rarely come out. People with extraordinary determination and rare toughness of mind do survive even from terminal illness. Are we that stuff? Only future will tell. So far, we have not demonstrated anything of that kind. The tragedy is that we became the victims of terminal disease even though the disease markedly showed its signs as early as five years before. We ignored and neglected the early and clear symptoms of terminal disease invading and crippling us. Probably we allowed it to paralyze us.

As GS of this Association, I have no hesitation in acknowledging my complete personal failure in not being able to lead successfully in averting this grave and deadly situation and live up to the trust, confidence and expectations reposed by you in us. Leadership receives accolades as well as brickbats. And today, I take your brickbats for the present virtually irretrievable debacle in the spirit in which it has to taken. For the first time bewilderment and despondency have overtaken us, and we really do not know what to do, where to go, how to go. Was it our failure to lead you in the right direction with the right strategy or the failure to get committed support from the grass root to implement our strategy is something debatable and we leave it to you to analyze and judge for you are in the best position to judge.

How do we fulfill our responsibility towards our family, particularly the younger generation within us, who have a long way to go in the company, our Country (because BSNL is being seen as an institution in which the hopes of millions of our Countrymen to get reasonably good service at affordable prices are enbedded) shall be multi million dollar question because getting monthly pay packets shall be a trying, tiring and an arduous task for us, let alone getting our cadre upliftment which shall be nightmares. Nevertheless, all said and done, despite our big failure in not being able to prevent onset of present grave crisis, we shall resolutely go ahead and leave no stone unturned during the brief period we have at hand (because this my concluding term) to see whether we can succeed in staging what would undoubtedly be a remarkably miraculous come back.

Meeting with GM(Pers): GS along with AGSs met GM(Pers) and discussed 1) Regularization of STS officers – We told GM(P) that Management has to take a final decision on this issue immediately as hundreds of officers are retiring without getting the eligible promotion. We are unable to contain the resentment of our members on this important issue. 2) Adhoc promotion to JAG – BSNL has filed appropriate reply in Jaipur CAT on the lines of the reply it had filed in Allahabad CAT regarding holding of examination for recruitment of DGMs. The case at Jaipur CAT is coming up for hearing on 11th Feb.,10. However, Comrades start making hectic Country wide Organizational preparations to defeat the sinister moves of the BSNL Management to stall our functional career growth on flimsy and baseless grounds. The hold up is a motivated one, stemming mainly from narrow ITS fraternal considerations. We thought that good sense will prevail and BSNL Management will act in positive manner to settle three major issues i.e promotion to Adhoc JAG, regularization of about 2500 adoc STS and promotion of about 2500 TES Gr B to adhoc STS. In the name of so called legal stalemate, Management is delaying issuing of orders, thus depriving hundreds and hundreds of our Comrades retiring every month of their promotion to JAG, regularization to STS and Adhoc promotion to STS. While promotion of unabsorbed ITS officers is continuing unhindered against the posts of BSNL, we being part and parcel of BSNL are being deprived of functional career upliftment in every possible manner in the name of legal stalemate. We have to get ready to fully expose this conspiracy and deliberate attempts to settle scores with us because of our tough stand on issues of financial viability of BSNL, holding the Management completely responsible for the present mess. Get ready for a prolonged organizational struggle to secure justice. Struggle which we wanted to avert because of the precarious situation in which BSNL is in at the moment is being forced on us by unreasonable and sinister designs of BSL management. We stand committed to defeat and expose this discriminatory and prejudiced stand of BSNL management.

Meeting with GM(CA): GS along with AGSs met GM(CA) and discussed the pension contribution of Employees absorbed in BSNL. The recent order on pension contribution is silent on the pension contribution to be done by BSNL. On implementation of VI pay commission report, FR 116/117 is modified to the extent that now the pension contribution has to be done on actual basic pay for the Central Govt. Employees, instead of on the maximum. BSNL is of the opinion that the same rule is applicable for BSNL also and accordingly, CMD BSNL has taken up the matter with Member (Fin), DoT. It is learnt that since DoT is not in a position to give a clarification on its own, it has referred the matter to Dept. of Pension & pension welfare.

1st Feb 2010 What a commendable effort of Bihar Comrades - a truly unbelievable and highly inspiring one.
Hats off to S. C. Mishra, CGM Bihar Telecom Circle and his entire team of determined and committed BSNL in Bihar for achieving this glorious and unbelievable feat. Bihar Circle is a glaring example of what can be accomplished through hard work, determination and team work. Bihar Circle is a model of excellence and a manifestation of how hard work, dedication and devotion pull off miracles and defeat powerful private operators. What is even more fantastic is that Bihar Circle is all set to overtake Vodafone in the Month of Jan.,10, even though the final data is yet to come. What a performance - we are left dumb founded and spell bound in conveying our feelings to the heroes of Bihar Circle and the great leader, rather crusader, S.C.Mishra. What an astonishing and totally incredible feat is achieved. S.C.Mishra and the entire telecom fraternity of BSNL Bihar undoubtedly deserve loudest of applause, standing ovation and a red carpet reception.

We believe all shut eyes in all other parts of BSNL in the Country will open at this miraculous performance of Bihar, and excuses and alibi in not being able to deliver shall disappear once for all and pave the way towards inching forward in a confident, determined and tough manner to accomplish the unparalleled achievements of dearest stalwarts of Bihar. Heroes of Bihar, don’t look back, keep on going from strength to strength, occupy a highly envious and sustained position in telecom and keep on reminding and inspiring us to come close to you. Your par excellence performance has come at the right time to give us badly needed confidence and motivation to continue our struggle and realize our goal. We are confident of not letting you down and living up to your high expectations.

Mobile Connections provided by all operators in Bihar Circle (LSA) in Dec’09
Total Mobile Connections provided by BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) in Dec’09

All Operators vs BSNL in Bihar Circle (LSA) in Dec’09
Percentage market share captured by BSNL in Bihar Circle (LSA) Dec’09


Performance of Bihar Telecom Circle in GSM Connections in the month of Dec’09

BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) added a record number of 449122 new GSM connections in the month of Dec’09 and secured unbelievably distinguished 2nd position in India on Circle (LSA) basis. Airtel securing 1st position just marginally managed to overtake BSNL Bihar by just 3369 connections and that too in a highly potential and widely spread AP Circle (LSA), adding 452491 new GSM connections in AP Circle (LSA). Why can’t BSNL defeat Airtel in AP lock, Stock and barrel when a tiny Circle like Bihar came very close to overtaking Airtel.

In the month of Dec’09 BSNL, Bihar Circle (LSA) succeeded in capturing the market share of 31.5%, and the rest 11 Telecom Operators only captured 68.5% market share in Bihar Circle(LSA).

Out of every 3 new GSM customers being presently added in Bihar, I subscriber is captured by BSNL, Bihar.
BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) is elevated to 2nd position from 3rd position, raising its GSM tally to 3541695 at the end of Dec’09.
National growth rate in the month of Nov’09 and Dec’09 was 3.57% & 5.99% whereas in Bihar Circle (LSA) in the GSM sector growth rate was 14.5%.
6. BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) is one of the Circles, out of 5 Circles, where BSNL has No.2 position in terms of number of mobile connections viz. Bihar, Haryana, Himachel Pradesh, Orissa and Punjab Circles.

7. BSNL has added 19.62 lakh GSM connections during the month of December 2009. This works out to 10.03% of the total GSM connections added in the Country during the month of December 2009.

8. In this month, BSNL has come down to 4th position as an operator with Market share of 16.18%. BSNL market share has decreased by 0.22% during the month of December 2009 and during 2009-10 (upto 31.12.2009) by 2.81%.

1st Feb 2010 JTO to SDE Eligibility list:

Gradation list particulars received from the following Circles:

Soft copy --- AP, BR, CHTD, Kol TD, GUJ, HR, J&K, KTK, KRL, MH, MP, NETF, STP, UAL, UP(E).

Hard copy -- A&N, AP, BR, CGH, GUJ, MP, NETF, NTR, QA, RAJ, STP, STR, UAL, UP(E), WTP.

The particulars not received so far from AS, HP, JKD, NE-I, NE –II, OR, PB, TN and

UP(W) Circles

Raja urges PM to clear, fast-track BSNL tender <<>> 3G auctions: DoT wings find fault lines<<>>

BSNL's Wimax services in rural India by 2010-end <<<>>>

BSNL exec unions question leadership >>>>>>(Courtesy TOI dated 1st Feb'10, New Delhi)